Ten Of Swords – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: rock bottom, melodrama, overkill, martyrdom.

When Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot appears, you are finally pushed to the bottom of the extreme. You let other people walk past you while you play the role of a victim. Could it be that you enjoy getting stabbed in the back and dramatizing so much that you cannot move forward without it? If not a dramatization, then what are you after? This is the time to find out.

Image description on Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

A bull lies across the bottom of the card, merging into the darkness below. One sword is pierced through both of his hollow eye sockets, and nine other swords pierce his body from above. It is not subtle! And that is not exactly the most pleasing image we have come across in the deck, is it? Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot, while undeniably one of the darker cards in the deck, has always made its readers appreciate the most. The Wild Unknown includes “melodrama” as one of the keywords and this seems appropriate. There are many swords that make you roll your eyes. This card can show ways that you can exaggerate situations and enter the “poor me” mentality.

A sequel is in the works between the Nine and Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot. Notice that in Nine we see the eyeball without a home. And now in Ten, we see a bull with empty eye sockets. This shows how naturally we progress from anxiety to panic attacks of self-defeating. There is also a sense here that you have nowhere to go but to go up. The damage has been done, the worst is over.

Since the Swords suit is suitable for the spiritual realm, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also suggests how you can think too much about things. We all have a tendency to sometimes make things more complicated, ridiculous, and boggy than they should be. When your thoughts become heavy, you become like a bull – suppressed by your own mind.

II. The message of Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In the Waite-Smith Tarot-based decks, this card usually shows a person lying on the ground with his face down while ten swords stab into his back. One of the person’s hands is visible and it is speculated that he is forming a trap to surrender. The sky is black but at the bottom of the card is a bit of yellow, suggesting that the darkest hour had passed. Dawn will surely come. 

While some of this person’s troubles may be real, it is easy to imagine them making a startling declaration of “poor me! I do everything for everyone! And I walk uphill both ways in the snow while I do it!” This card certainly asks you to consider how you can continue the drama at work in your life.

In a reading, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot often indicates that the storm of crap has passed. You have made it through the thick of it and things can only get better from here. Instead of obsessing over how terrible things are, train yourself to seek the light. Say no to drama and martyrdom! It is fine to be realistic about your struggles, but check yourself if you are exaggerating things. Ten of Swords is also a card of destruction. When it appears, you may be about to lose something very important. The message it gives is that things can end in the most terrible and cruel way.

III. Meaning of Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot often symbolizes an unexpected defeat or disaster, and this source of power is beyond your control. It crushes you without warning or showing any mercy. Sometimes, you will be able to change the course of an impending disaster, but most of the time you can only endure it. This card can also indicate a time when you were stabbed in the back or betrayed by someone you trust. You feel extremely hurt and shocked by such a betrayal.

As such, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is often associated with feeling like you are the victim in a situation. You feel helpless when something unexpected makes you feel like you are being attacked or stabbed in the back by someone else. You take the pity of others with a small sigh, “Miserable me!” You can even use this challenging time to portray yourself as a martyr and to show that you have put the interests of others before your own but have suffered. 

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also indicates a difficult experience of endings, loss, suffering, or deliverance. However, thank goodness you have a new awareness and a positive sense of relief that the hardships and sufferings will soon end and will develop into something new. The end will begin a new beginning, a rebirth, and recovery of the spirit. So while it may seem negative at first glance, the Ten of Swords is a card of hope and a sign that your troubles will soon end.

Moreover, this is the final test, and there is no more pain. This is the darkest moment before dawn. And everything will be bright again after sunrise. Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is about giving and accepting your current situation. You no longer resist change and even allow it to happen, even if it hurts and breaks you. You accept that there must be a change to create innovation, and you allow it to happen, not resist it. When this card appears after you have just experienced a painful situation, it is a signal that you will come out of the abyss and gain valuable and practical lessons. Deep under the surface of the Ten of Swords is the ultimate strength of the suit of Swords – your ability to analyze situations and reactions and learn lessons from failure. True wisdom does not come from without but from within.

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a sign that the pain and hurt you have endured is not in vain. The positive power within you can be used to learn from your pain and draw wisdom from your failures. It should be noted that the Ten of Swords is very similar to Death of the Major Arcana. It is not a dark sign of literal death but rather evidence of an impending change or an ending that you could not accept at first.

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot marks a painful but inevitable ending. For example, a relationship may end abruptly, your job may be shortened, or a contract may be broken. It is as if this ending has come out of the blue and rocked your world. You might never have expected it, but now it has happened, cutting to the core and leaving you feeling as though the world is crumbling around you. You are grieving this shocking loss and wondering if you will ever love, find work, or be trusted again.

When Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position appears in a Tarot reading, you may be the victim of someone else’s betrayal or deception. You feel pierced from the back and reeled from the actions of others. Your partner may have cheated on you, a coworker may have spread bad rumors about you, or a family member may have betrayed your trust. The pain is deep not because what they did was hurt, but because you know deep down that this marks the end of your relationship as you know it to them. Along with feelings of pain, you may be grieving the loss of a relationship.

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot may suggest that you are taking on the role of ‘victim’ in the hope that others will take pity on you and save you from despair. You cannot change the actions of others, but you can change the way you react. Even if you have been harmed or betrayed, you now have the choice to embrace yourself and move forward with your life instead of becoming weak and the target of anyone’s attack.

In that way, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is about letting go and accepting your current situation. You no longer resist change but allow it to happen, even if it causes you pain and hurt initially. You realize that a change is needed to facilitate innovation and you allow it to happen rather than resist it. The good news is that the Ten of Swords marks the ultimate test – no more pain will come to you from that source. The darkest hour is before dawn, and you have to go through the full impact of what happened before you can move on and start over. Of course, it is not easy. However, this ordeal will absolutely not last forever.

Lift yourself off the ground and reflect on what happened to you, why, and what you can learn from the experience. As you do this, the hurt and pain will disappear, and you will soon see why all of this needs to happen so you can develop to your full potential. The pain and hurt you have endured are not without purpose. Use the positive power within you to learn from your pain and draw wisdom from failure.

The meaning of Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position refers to the fall. Work, career, relationships will be ruined at this time. The card also warns of poverty, debt, and loneliness. In some cases, the card represents physical weakness, you will have health-related problems. Depression or nervous instability can be an illness that will follow you. However, even in the worst-case scenario, you are still entitled to hope for a better future.

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot means a great disaster. You will be attacked by a huge force that you cannot predict. The swords represent wisdom, knowledge, and strength. However, in the end, you are still defeated. The pain you will have to go through is not physical or anything else but comes from your fear and sense of insecurity. You are almost overwhelmed by the difficulties, pressured, and forced to admit your failure. The card advises that the end is also the beginning. If you know how to get up after falling, you will receive many positive inspirations. Breakups are inevitable, don’t grieve too much as it is time to deal with things on your own.

In terms of love, this will be a difficult and exhausting period. You will have to deal with the emotional loss, pain, and tears that will come at this time. However, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position does not mention separation, you can rest assured that things are not at their worst yet. The advice is that both of you should work together to overcome this challenge. When you two compromise, all problems will be solved. You should talk and share more with each other so that you can empathize with the problems that the other is facing.

In terms of work, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that you will be stripped of all power and trust from your superiors. You will face the most unexpected things at this stage. This is the time when you need support and help from your colleagues. If you want to have your own business or invest in a new field, you should stop planning and wait until things are more stable. The card represents the downfall and disorientation, so you need to regain your form before deciding anything.

In terms of money, things do not bode well at this time. Debt and poverty are the things that Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says will happen to you. Old businesses will continue, but profits from them will decrease. In addition, the card implies that you will get large debts due to excessive spending and business risks. Besides, you should be careful with new contracts. Everything may be very compelling at first but the deep inside will not be what you see.

In terms of health, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position does not clearly show health-related problems, but much of the bad luck will come at this time. The pressure from work will make you fall into a state of depression. Even if you are receiving treatment and things seem to be improving, things will only get worse at this stage. The advice is that you should be prepared for the worst-case scenario, but do not despair because the card has not yet determined the severity of the problem. During this period, you should take more rest and spend precious time with your family.

IV. Meaning of Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position indicates a painful ending that must take place in order to gain growth and rebirth. The suit of Swords represents thoughts, plans, and attitudes, and this card is well suited for changing minds. This card suggests that there will be a re-evaluation or elimination of your previous attitudes about life, your view of yourself, and what you consider important, as well as your plans for the future. It is important to understand that your downfall may not be justified or fair but think about the things you really need to change to achieve a better position in life. Don’t end up stuck in pain, look ahead and see new directions for yourself.

reversed ten of swords wild unknown tarot

Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can also tell that you are resisting an inevitable ending because you are worrying too much about the damage it will cause you. However, what you are doing is delaying that inevitability and making it even worse for yourself. For example, a relationship may have come to an end but you are still obsessed with your ex because you don’t want to lose him/her.

Sometimes, the reversed Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can reflect a fear of ruin, even if it hasn’t happened yet. You always think about the worst-case scenario and plan for the worst, even if it does not happen. This only creates unnecessary fear and excess anxiety. You should return to the energy of the Nine of Swords and check everything to see if this is really bad. The Ten of Swords in reverse refers to an old situation that has ended badly. You are still carrying the wound in your heart without realizing its presence and unintentionally hurting yourself. This pain needs to be resolved thoroughly so that you can free yourself from those wounds. Although it will be extremely difficult to face that pain again, it is better to suffer once.

The reversed Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot affirms that immediate failures are inevitable, you have no way to avoid this tragedy. The only way out is to stand up and redo everything yourself with a strong spirit. Hurt is also a way to make you stronger. What has passed no matter how painful, the responsibility is not entirely yours. Forgive yourself and those around you and you will find inner peace. The reversed card indicates that you are resisting an inevitable change or end because you are not ready to face what is happening. However, the more you resist, the longer this will last, so it is time to tear the bandages (however painful it can be) and work it out so you can start over. Trust that everything is happening for a reason and although it may be difficult to understand what you are going through, know that it is leading to your personal growth and renewal in the long term.

Similarly, Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can represent an old situation that ended badly. You are still carrying the wounds from it but have buried them so deep that you don’t realize they are still present (and hurting you). These old hurts need to be addressed once and for all. It can be hard to re-learn, but it is the only way to release yourself from this pain and allow it to pass from your life. The reversed Ten of Swords encourages you to re-evaluate your circumstances and let go of any aspects of your life that are no longer serving you. Instead of burying a painful past, it is essential to look ahead and realize how these events free you to reshape your life and choose a new direction for yourself. You can free yourself from the past and create a new sense of self.

Finally, the reversed Ten of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can appear as a welcome sign that the pain and sadness you are feeling is coming to an end. When the card is reversed, the swords on the bull’s body appear to be falling off, freeing him from the pain and hurt he has endured. You are releasing the memories of the past and allowing yourself the opportunity to move forward with a sense of renewal and hope for the future.

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