Daughter Of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: free spirit, foresight, optimism, confidence.

Wild Unknown Tarot’s Court cards feature the titles of Daughter (equivalent to the Pages in the Rider Waite Tarot tradition), Son (Knight), Mother (Queen), and Father (King). These titles are more in keeping with Wild Unknown’s natural world theme, and they are less hierarchical than traditional titles.

 Image description on Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Taro

Some readers may be having some trouble choosing to use snakes in this Wands suit. However, upon thinking more deeply about the matter, the snakes of the Chinese zodiac can be chosen. In this system, snakes are associated with the element of fire, which in turn is associated with the suit of Wands. Snakes also seem strong, forward-oriented, and independent. Perhaps this is how the connection is drawn.

Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a sweet and charming character. She is coiled around a blooming wand and her body forms the figure of number eight or lemniscate symbol (representing infinity). She looks graceful and versatile. She takes whatever suits her taste and incorporates it into her environment.

She is colored red and gold, making her stand out against the harsh black background. Her tail curves gracefully, giving her an artistic flair. She is a creative and original character, someone with limitless imagination. She lives life in her own fresh and original way – she is not bound by the status quo.

There is innocent confidence in this card. Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot moves not with a smug arrogance, but with a quiet assurance. She has a sweet belief that everything will work out for the best. The wand she rolls around is white and blooms with pink flowers. This adds to the view of the Daughter of Wands as an artist – everything she touches reveals beauty.

The Daughter of Wands is a free spirit, truly a visionary creature. She always waits until the end to settle down and start a family because she is always busy with her career. She can be very stubborn and much stronger than she looks. As with every other member of the Wands family, the daughter also has a dangerous enemy. This card also represents a woman going through a transformation and a mental breakdown.

II. The message of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Most decks use the Page title instead of Daughter, so you can think of these names interchangeably. Page is the one who starts the Court cards and takes a fresh perspective on her interactions with her suits. As such, the Daughter of Wands/Page of Wands represents a part of you that is intimately connected with your own instincts.

Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot moves around the world in a creative way, not because she is trying to do so, but because she has not been weighed down by the pressure to conform. As such, she shares some similarities with The Fool – both confident, but also a bit naive.

During a reading, Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot can remind you of your own artistic potential. Your life is a work of art. You are being asked to move on to something that aligns with who you really are. You have the power to make the world a better place. Let’s use your charm to your advantage and cultivate the belief that you already have what it takes to succeed.

Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot represents your curiosity and desire to discover and learn in the near future. You will be very excited about the tasks assigned to you, you will see them as new opportunities that bring a sense of excitement. You will almost enjoy them without knowing that every mission contains challenges.

III. Meaning of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot resembles The Fool in that she has a free and free spirit and is a representative of change and new beginnings. She has a real passion for life, although her understanding of this world is not yet fully developed. She is still unburdened by the burdens of the physical world, can come and go as she pleases, and is often encouraged to change wherever she goes. She is like a catalyst, inspiring change that seems impossible under any circumstances.

The appearance of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that you are embracing a lot of creative inspiration and just waiting for the opportunity to manifest, or, you are about to enter a new phase of life. The card represents creative sparks that arise within you unexpectedly, and you begin to move towards a new creative vision. Therefore, she encourages you to express yourself and your personality in an easy and relaxed way. Listen to your unconscious mind and do what your creativity tells you, even if you are so worried about being alone in a strange place. With perseverance and a balanced perspective, Daughter of Wands’ immature desires can turn into a beautiful creative vision that will change the world.

Similarly, Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot says you need to be positive and spontaneous but not too impulsive. Your enthusiasm impresses others, but if you become impatient or irritable or lose interest, you will ignore it all and waste time on your creative projects. With Daughter of Wands, you always seem to give everything a chance. If you have enough enthusiasm and passion, you will take every opportunity to start a journey and wait for the results. You don’t have to have a solid plan, it does not matter where you stand, just knowing that you are happy and excited is enough.

You enjoy being engaged and always involved in different activities and projects. You enjoy the freedom to choose what you will do today, and expect it to be different from what you did the day before. Usually, Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a messenger that brings you inspiration or unexpected news. It could be the birth of a child, a new idea or inspiration, or an opportunity where you can get involved and change the world, like a community project.

Daughter or Page news is nearly always positive and welcome as it is often associated with change and creativity. Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot can also represent someone you know or who is about to enter your life. She is a trustworthy person who is loved by you and will do everything she can to help you. She comes into your life to make a change, to help you see the world with a new perspective, and to guide you towards a new approach. You may think that Daughter of Wands is immature or childish, but she actually has a lot to teach you if you open your heart and listen to what she has to say to you.

The meaning of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position symbolizes the spirit of inquisitiveness and creativity. You see the problems in front of you as an opportunity to learn and cultivate. You come up with a lot of great ideas but lack the confidence to execute them. Sometimes, the card has a negative meaning, that is you are quite excited about a new job or task but quickly get bored and give up halfway. If problems become troublesome and challenges become harsh, you will want to shake them off.

When Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot appears in the upright position, you are possessing abundant energy and admirable fighting spirit. You are interested and curious about all the tasks assigned, but that interest quickly fades into contradictions. The card indicates your inner battles are preventing you from acting out of fear of risks. If you are strong and smart enough, you will realize this when you meet the Daughter of Wands card. You can completely overcome your limits and move forward with all your passion. Think carefully and awaken all energies. You can absolutely succeed if your courage is deployed in time.

In terms of love, Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position implies haste and impulsiveness. If you are not yet or are about to start a relationship with someone, remember that love is not always warm and sweet. Calmly learn and care for the other person with sincerity because exaggeration and flowery words in love often do not last long. Every couple has to go through ups and downs together in order to reach their destination peacefully. If you are in a relationship, then this period is the right time to do romantic things together. The attention from your partner makes you feel secure and content, let’s make small surprises for him/her in return. Take back and learn to give at the same time, sharing and trying together is the key to making your relationship stronger and more substantial.

In terms of work, this is a card with average energy when talking about your career. All the difficulties come unexpectedly, making you unable to react in time and the continuous troubles make you panic and don’t know how to get out. If you give up, everything will fall apart. You may be criticized or penalized for your irresponsibility and indifference. But if you persevere and do your best to deal with the situation, it will pass very quickly. If you feel that things seem to be beyond your control, you can consult with experienced people or superiors to find a reasonable solution. Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position implies that nothing is as beautiful as a dream, you have to face reality and learn to calm down after the difficulties you have encountered to become more mature.

In terms of money, several external factors are threatening your financial situation. Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises that any issues related to borrowing or investing during this period should be carefully considered. This is not a card that brings good signs with money, so being cautious and thrifty in spending will help you save a large amount of money. Set up a file or journal of spending or investing, this will help you control where your money goes and whether it is profitable or not. In the event that your investment market fluctuates, withdraw your capital to ensure you do not lose money. You can consider investing when the market has stabilized or switch to safer and more orthodox options.

In terms of health, the mental abundance and health of embarking on something new leave you with a great source of energy. You are wise to start everything with a mind of enjoyment. But very quickly, all this energy dissipates, leaving behind long-term fatigue and moodiness. Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that this is a period when you should calm down and take more care of yourself. Stay positive no matter what happens. Things that don’t go as expected are a very normal thing that everyone has to go through at some stage. The important thing is that you should think more openly and prepare yourself to adapt to the changes of life.

IV. Meaning of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot indicates that you have tried several new projects without success. You have a new vision and start a new hobby, project, with the belief that everything will turn out well, but you soon realize that you have taken the wrong approach and the results are not as expected. Maybe you have started to realize that you are not really focused on your goals and that is why you are not getting the results you want. Luckily, you have not gone too far and can easily back off from projects with limited results. Sometimes, setbacks can help in experiencing new lands and discovering what is right for you.

Meaning of Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Your eagerness to start something new has been negatively affected by the complexity, obstacles, and opposition, leaving you unmotivated and indecisive about the way forward. You get scared and wonder if you can really carry out your project or just add to the burden. The Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can describe an immature person with a self-image problem. This is a negative person, who is helpless and always plays the role of a victim. He/she never has anything nice to say and always lets people down. This person extinguishes your enthusiasm and confidence. Usually, this is a person who is superficial, shiftless, arrogant, uncooperative, impatient, or unwilling to make efforts.

The reversed Daughter of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot refers to the negatives that occur due to your lack of enthusiasm. You are not oriented on what to do next when facing difficulties. You quickly get absorbed in other interesting projects before completing the current one, which sometimes causes distraction and collapses the original plan. When you embark on a new project, you excitedly expect it to work out in a good direction, but turns out it doesn’t. The advice from the Daughter of Wands is to be highly focused when doing anything, dedication is only rewarded when you really take regard to and are serious about what you do.

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