Ten Of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: burden, hard road, overextending, energetic mess.

Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is dominated by a black background that reminds us of heavy rain. The gloom is so dense that you can barely see the wands of darkness scattered around. It is hard to find the way forward when all you can see is a messy pile of wands.

This card is reminiscent of the cross purposes we saw in the Five of Wands. But the five wands still seem to have a fighting spirit. In Ten of Wands, the wands look almost abandoned, they are all over the place. They hit a dead end as they tried too hard.

Image description on Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot

The suit of Wands speaks of enthusiasm, instinct, personal energy, and movement. Dozens are about bringing the case to its logical conclusion. So in Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot, we see a description of burnout. What was once the excitement has become too much of a good thing. With no focus, the excitement basically exploded on its own.

This card reminds you that enthusiasm is not the only necessary ingredient! The fiery energy of the wand can lead to taking on more projects, quests, and storylines than you can reasonably take on. When you reach this maximum capacity, things get slow and heavy. Now it is time to prioritize and analyze so you can move on with the good stuff.

Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot is a card that is always very difficult to face. Mental or physical burdens weigh on your soul. It will gradually lead to loss of hope and depression. You simply cannot “step over” the boundaries you want. You don’t see the exit. If this card appears in response to someone or a situation, it is best to simply walk away. But if this card appears often, it means that you are attracted to negative things. You choose to walk the difficult path.

II. The message of Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

The Ten of Wands Waite-Smith Tarot shows a person hunched over, trying to move forward with a giant bundle of wands in hand. However, all of those wands obscure his view, so it does not look like they are making much progress! In some cases, the Wands suit represents energy that you have consciously chosen to bring into your experience. Being a geek is great until you find yourself with so many interests and passions and projects that you really get nowhere with any of them.

However, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot can also show experiences in which everything in life seems to happen instantaneously. You may feel like you are extinguishing the metaphors and this can be quite tiresome. In such cases, this card can be a kind of warning sign, reminding you to take breaks, delegating responsibilities, not expecting yourself to do everything.

In a reading, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot can be a sign that there is some energetic mess taking up space in your life. It may now be necessary to tie loose things and let go of things that no longer make you sighted. Reaffirm your priorities and as they say, be careful about biting more than you can chew.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, especially if you feel like you are fighting an uphill battle. Manage your expectations of yourself and others. It may also be necessary to adjust to a wider viewing angle. Instead of fixing all the clutter in your vision right now, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. An unobserved look may surprise you! The message that Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot wants to convey is hard work. When the card appears, it means you will have a lot of work to do. If you want to achieve your goal, your efforts must be many times more than the current one.

III. Meaning of Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The number ten represents the completion of a cycle. And so with the Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot, you have completed a cycle after a period of struggle. You are finally reaping your rewards after investing so much hard work and effort. You have completed a creative venture and fulfilled a dream or a major goal, and now you have to deal with any lingering consequences. However, the Ten of Wands shows that even after your goals are achieved, the responsibility and commitment continue to rest on your shoulders.

You are determined to continue to fulfill the responsibilities you have set for yourself to ensure continued success. The problem is that these responsibilities can become overwhelming and you are struggling to move on, like business owners who create a flourishing business but have to work 70-80 hours a week to meet the needs of their employees. The inspiration and creativity associated with the original goal or vision quickly disappeared, and things quickly turned difficult. So, letting go or reassigning some responsibilities is the best way for you to have time to enjoy life.

Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a reminder of the responsibilities we carry as well as the excess burdens that weigh heavily on our shoulders. We have spent way too much trying to make it all happen. As such, this card advises you to stop and reflect on your current work and lifestyle. Evaluating activities or tasks are important as they relate to your broader goal. You have to manage your schedule or prioritize methods to use your time on the tasks that really matter. Your goals need to be more productive while allowing yourself to rest and relax when you need to.

Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot also means that you are being suppressed by outside influences. You are overworked, overtired, and overzealous. At this point, you are taking on so much work that it is hard to handle all of it. While trying to get work done, you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and overtime activities. You need to stop working for a while. Otherwise, your time, energy, and working speed will be gradually drained. Then every commitment will turn into tension.

Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot informs that if you want anything, you will have to put in more effort in the coming time. The upcoming challenges will be extremely arduous and difficult as they require a lot of energy and effort. You will feel swamped by the overwhelming difficulties that come all at once. Ten of Wands implies that you will have to work and study hard during this period, but do not forget to take care of your health. You will do everything to achieve the goal because you are sure that success will come. However, the card also predicts that too much work and pressure will make you depressed and burned out.

The upright Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot says that you will quickly overcome the period of hardship, you will soon achieve success. You will enjoy a happy and prosperous life after days of struggle. However, the card implies that all problems that occur are only carried by you, you are responsible for all. You have to take on many challenges from different sources, you must organize and prioritize your goals to balance the work and the time spent on it. On the other hand, Ten of Wands indicates that you have achieved success but still shoulder a lot of responsibility. You take those responsibilities as a challenge and keep trying to fulfill them, which is good for character building yet makes you pressured.

In terms of love, if you are in a relationship, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that you will feel more tired and stressed out than happy. It seems that you will be the one to take care of everything, and will even be a great spiritual support for your partner. There are times when you feel like you are the only one fighting for and saving the relationship. If you are looking for a partner, be aware that being warm and proactive can sometimes backfire, leaving your partner feeling inferior and passive in the relationship. You should have a frank talk with your partner to see if the relationship is salvageable. Ten of Wands advises that only when both work together, lower your egos, and let go of your stubbornness, can both of you be truly happy.

In terms of work, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position foretells a difficult period to come and all troubles arising at work can happen at the same time causing extreme confusion for you. Sometimes, you feel that you have tried your best but the results are not commensurate with the effort you put in. Your approaches to work are becoming ineffective and aimless. The card advises that you should focus on the main goals and avoid doing too many things at once. You can suggest to your boss about rescheduling the deadline so that you have time to focus on doing the main and most necessary things in an effective way. It is easier and more affordable for you to break tasks down and complete about 4-5 categories in a day than trying to do them all but not getting any done well. Try twice or even triple your current, you will see the path to success.

In terms of money, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position implies that this is not the ideal time to invest or spend comfortably. The economic tight situation is completely possible, you will have to support and adjust your spending plan. Ten of Wands predicts that in the coming time, there will be money that needs to be paid beyond the original plan, so you should save and prepare in advance for upcoming problems. Borrowing or lending is not advisable at this stage because you may lose more. You can ask for help from relatives or close friends in financial matters. They will also have a more objective view of your spending plan and give useful advice.

In terms of health, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright says that obviously, you cannot be comfortable and secure when under a lot of pressure from work and finances. You will fall into a state of depression, sadness, and self-blame for things that happen unexpectedly. If you are receiving treatment, complicated health developments will cause you more anxiety and stress. Sacrificing your health for work causes you to quickly burn out and become suffering in the long run. The card advises that you should rest more to regain balance. When things get out of control, you can completely take a week or two off to spend time with yourself. It is also a good idea to take a short trip and immerse yourself in nature so that you can regain your energy and organize your short-term thoughts and plans in a logical way.

IV. Meaning of Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

When in the upright position, Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot reflects that you have too much heavy burden. On the contrary, the Ten of Wands in reverse shows that the things you are carrying are really unnecessary. If you feel weighed down by your current circumstances, find different ways to lighten the load. Can you delegate certain tasks and responsibilities? Are you worrying about unrelated or unchangeable issues? Don’t be a martyr but be more realistic about your abilities.

Meaning of Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

If you are going through a challenging time, the reversed Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot says that you will pass this time soon and will feel relief. You are proactively identifying activities that are not working for you and are beginning to free yourself from unnecessary responsibilities. You may even be getting rid of old clothes or selling off old furniture to clear up clutter and simplify your life. This is a great time to reorganize everything and prioritize the needed ones. Sometimes, the reversed Ten of Wands implies that you are avoiding responsibility and making it even more difficult, causing others to bear the consequences from you.

When Ten of Wands Wild Unknown Tarot appears in the reversed position, it means that you are feeling too much pressure before the responsibilities to shoulder. The frequency with which you have to focus on work becomes too dense and this eats away at your energy and morale. You will have the feeling that the problems have no end, they go on forever and make you miserable. The card advises you to calmly review all problems and prioritize important things to solve first, never giving up your will. Are you taking on too many things that are beyond your responsibility and beyond your means? You don’t have to be the best, but be efficient and a rational thinker.

Sometimes it is you who sets up barriers around you. You don’t know how to say no, are always sociable, and always try to please everyone when you are the complete opposite, leading to you feeling overwhelmed and having no time and space for yourself. Your inner energy is dwindling and you are not as productive as you used to be. This is the time to focus on yourself, prioritize your needs, and pay attention to internal instead of external values. You have the right to be a little egocentric and concerned about your innermost feelings, still on a moderate level of course.

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