Five Of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot

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Image description on Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: sadness, illness, material struggles, scarcity.

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is a card about difficult times. It can come in the form of illness, job loss, financial problems, or rejection. Above all, there will be anxiety reigning – so many worries happen. This excessive anxiety is actually very counterproductive and damaging. You must find a way to calm your mind during this difficult time and rely on meditation and intuition to find peace. Who knows roses can look depressed and wither? In the Five of Pentacles, a rose has the same pose as a human: crouched, tired, and worn out. A wilted red petal fell to the ground below. What was once a healthy, thriving flower is now struggling to move on.

Image description on Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

The background of the card is lined with black, giving the impression of a dark night sky or maybe a storm. The environment here is harsh and unforgiving. But in the top part of the card, five pentagrams form a half-circle of light. Perhaps this light is a reminder that better times may be closer than we think. Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot speaks of inevitable difficult times in the human experience: financial difficulties, poor health, and other disadvantages. We all have times when moving forward seems difficult. There are certain times when we are defective or lacking to some degree. Instead of being embarrassed when you are in trouble, be gentle with yourself. It does not help if you are always self-pitying, but it is important that you acknowledge that your struggles are well-founded.

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot suggests times of scarcity, but not only in a monetary sense. There are many ways to become poor. Sometimes, we lack material energy, necessary resources, social acceptance, and support. This can be a difficult card, but it is a useful time to redirect your attention to the light. Even if things seem difficult right now, consider that there are ways you can support yourself and steer yourself toward vitality.

The message of Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot refers to poverty in the financial reading. The card indicates insecurity and confusion regarding your business and financial situation. Sometimes it predicts an impending loss in the coming time, so you should better be prepared. This card is often considered one of the more tough cards in the deck as it shows the ways that poverty and illness can cause real misery in our lives. As humans, we like to solve problems and focus on the good. Sometimes that approach is helpful as this card indicates that you are focusing too much on scarcity and need to refocus on abundant opportunities. However, it is important that we respect and not ignore the very real difficult situations that may be reflected in this card.

When you encounter rejection and deprivation, it is natural for you to struggle. Validate and celebrate your difficult experiences – but don’t dwell on them and don’t make them worse than they really are. We all have times when our suffering is truly severe, but often Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot reveals nothing more than the inevitable bumps in the road. Keep your perspective and no matter how bad things seem, remember to do what you can to keep facing the light. In Waite-Smith Tarot’s description, this card shows two decrepit-looking people trudging through the snow. They are right outside the church windows – that warmth and comfort are very close at hand. One interpretation of this image may assert that they have been rejected by the church, but another may suggest that comfort and support are often closer than we realize.

In a reading, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot might ask you to see where you are experiencing deprivation. It is entirely possible that your lack is due to an outside source, but we are often the ones who bear the brunt of our own lack. Are you giving yourself the support, encouragement, and inner resources you need? It may also be necessary to look outside the box. The top half of the card is filled with white light – there is a good thing to look for if we remember to place our focus there.

If you are indeed in a situation beyond your control, the card asks you to remember that this will not last forever. Energy ebbs and flows. Hard times come and go. Do what you can and don’t forget to ask for help! Others want to see you grow. Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot can remind you to prioritize your spiritual wealth. We easily fall into the scarcity mindset, and life becomes very exhausting when we set up camp there. What will support you not only physically but also mentally? It is time to make choices towards those things. When you focus on seeing the potential, you will start to find resources in unexpected places.

Meaning of Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is a card of financial loss and poverty. You have been going through tough times, especially in terms of work, career, finances, and material possessions. You may have recently lost your job, home, or financial security. You no longer feel safe because all has been taken from you in a single stroke. Your ego can also be battered, especially since success is often correlated with financial wealth. Losing either can be a blow to your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. The advantage is that this is a temporary Minor Arcana card (rather than a more permanent Major Arcana card). This all shall pass.

In this time of need, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot indicates that you feel isolated and alone. You feel as if you have been left in the cold and you may be wondering, “Why didn’t anyone come to help me!?” It can appear as if no one cares anymore. However, you are too focused on your problems to notice the good thing aside. You may be waiting for someone to come and help you when you really need to take the initiative and ask for help. You need to swallow your pride or let go of your fear of rejection and reach out. Everyone is here to support you. Find them and let them know you need them.

Sometimes, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot highlights a ‘thoughtless mindset’. You are sabotaging your ability to create abundance because you focus only on what you lack. All you can see is what is happening. To shift this energy, look for evidence of what you have, even if it is very small or seemingly insignificant, and express gratitude for those blessings in your life. Over time, the positive aspects will continue to develop, and before long, ‘missing’ and ‘not having’ will be a thing of the past.

Similarly, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you fear you don’t have ‘enough’ or that you might lose something important to you – even if it has not happened or is unlikely. For example, you may live in fear that you will lose your job and will be left on the streets, homeless and helpless. If you always focus on all the negative things that can happen, then be careful, because your power of expression can start to produce results you don’t want. Instead, redirect your attention to what you have now and what you want in the future, so that your power of expression is put to good use.

The meaning of Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is not a card with a positive one. The card contains loss. At this stage, your work and money may fall into a warning state. Financial problems will make you tired and stressed. The card also predicts loneliness is pushed to the extreme, you cannot find comfort in anything. Illness, poverty, emotional deprivation can all come at this time. The upright card also shows old debts, unpaid loans that will cause you trouble at this time. Besides, past mistakes are showing signs of haunting you. The advice is to try to keep the balance even though there are many difficulties coming, you need to overcome this stage.

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot often refers to a time of financial hardship, poverty, and adversity. It shows that you have suffered significant financial loss or even failure. This card shows different aspects of unhappiness and deprivation, including loss, poverty, illness, unemployment, and loneliness. If you are in trouble, don’t worry, the people around are always ready to help you. There is always a solution and there is always a way out. Open your eyes and see the road ahead or close your eyes and let the light within guide you.

Often, the cause of financial problems has to do with personal emotions – greed leads to loss, anxiety leads to mistakes, possessiveness leads to loneliness. By focusing too much on material things, you lose the development of the soul. You can become rich for a while but lose everything if you don’t learn anything. On a psychological level, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot can mean a difficult relationship between you and money and material things. If money is your main motivator in life and your measure of self-worth, you will feel anxious that you will lose everything that money can buy. So, in addition to looking at your actual financial situation, you should also pay attention to your attitude towards money. Are you concerned about money and wealth? Do you worry about never having enough or don’t have faith in your ability to build a life of prosperity and affluence?

In a world where success depends on financial wealth, the loss shown in Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot can be a blow to your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. This loss can happen in many ways, but although the cause can be external, this card often reflects that the loss is something you bought for yourself. This loss of wealth is often accompanied by a loss of morale. The Five of Pentacles can also talk about a time of loneliness and feeling abandoned. You may be excluded from an event and ostracized by others, therefore, you are in dire need of support and comfort from those who truly care.

In terms of love, although Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a good card. This will be the period when you and your partner quite get along and understand each other. Your efforts will make your significant other touch and pay more attention to you. Five of Pentacles in love usually represents the sublimation in a relationship, but you need to be aware that financial arguments may cause rifts.

In terms of work, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position signifies troubles in business. Contracts and business partnerships are not in your favor during this period. You can completely stand on the verge of bankruptcy if you are not careful. Be very cautious when investing or expanding the market during this period. The Five of Pentacles advises that you should research carefully before you want to change jobs.

In terms of money, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means serious financial declines. This is the period when you will be empty and fall into debt. Although you fall into a state of poverty, you still do not know how to manage expenses. As a result, the debt will gradually increase, making you miserable. The advice is to limit unnecessary spending and make a plan to avoid squandering your money. If you are not very knowledgeable about finance, you should seek the help of experienced people when deciding to invest or speculate.

In terms of health, unfortunately, Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position has never been a lucky card. This is a period of sickness and disease. Be careful when traveling and consuming strange food or beverages. Dangers are always lurking, so you need to be very careful. In addition, downturns in business and money leave you quickly exhausted and stressed. The card’s advice is that this is a sensitive period, so try to relax and be mentally strong to face obstacles.

Meaning of Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position has a positive meaning. The reversed card indicates the beautiful companionship that you currently possess will strengthen you a lot. The dark road ahead is slowly coming to an end. However, do not dream that all difficulties will end overnight. You will recover to your original state slowly and slowly. The reversed card means the end of difficult times, especially if you have recently suffered a major financial dump or lost your job. You might find new sources of income, a new job, or someone who has offered to help you while you are on your toes. You can start to feel that life is worth living again and regain your confidence. Finally, you may see a way out of your financial difficulties and your hopes renewed.

Meaning of Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Five of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can sometimes illuminate the persistence of inner and spiritual poverty. You may feel as though something is missing or completely out of place but are trying to put your finger on what it could be. You can also feel isolated and alone, even when you are surrounded by many people. As you reflect more deeply, you may realize that you have been too concentrated on material possessions and neglected your mental health. It can make you worry that you don’t have ‘enough’, especially when it comes to money and material possessions, and that you don’t deserve it because you are not rich. 

Perhaps you feel that you don’t deserve luxury or expensive items or that you cannot afford the things you really want. You may worry that if you spend your money now, you will not have enough for later. Or perhaps you are spending money on trifles, leaving a little for what you really want. Either way, this negative cycle will only make you feel more mentally unfulfilled and ’empty’. How can you get out of it? If you find that clinging to material things is harming your spirit and thinking, it is time to stop. 

Even if you only have a few cents to your name, you can still have a loving family or a strong spirit. Things may go bad right now, but if you hear this thought of poverty in your mind, stop for a moment and ask yourself if the affirmation “I cannot afford it” is the truth or just a limited belief. Realize that you have been focusing too much on material possessions and neglecting spiritual joy. Trust that the Universe is here to support you financially and mentally, especially as you are following your soul calling and purpose. When you really take something seriously, you make it happen. 

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