Six Of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot

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Image description on Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: prosperity, growth, reciprocity, giving and receiving.

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot indicates that the sweet fruits you have been waiting for so long are now ready to harvest, yielding more returns than expected. Be sure to be generous during this period of abundance. This card also shows tolerance from someone. If you find yourself in this situation, accept help with gratitude and use resources wisely.

Image description on Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot

A white branch is in full bloom, stretching and paving the way on most of the cards. Six brilliant orange-yellow five-petaled flowers adorn the branches, displayed as ripe berries. While the Five of Pentacles shows degradation and deprivation, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot shows that growth can happen despite tough times. The background of the card is dark, but even so the branch can still bloom.

The Pentacles suit reminds us that there are countless different resources. Money is certainly one, but so are time, skills, and countless other gifts. This card asks you to check the resources you have and don’t have. There is an invitation here to practice gratitude for all that you have received. Only by really sitting at the level of what you have can you create the space to embrace more good.

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot can also be a reminder to make an authentic assessment of what you lack and how that gap can be closed. For example, if you are short on time, can you delegate or reschedule? If you lack resources, can you seek outside help and support? Likewise, this card is an invitation for you to be aware of what others have or do not have. As human beings, we can only truly grow and develop to our full potential when we support each other. When you have plenty, open your heart to give. When in need, open your heart to receive.

The message of Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot represents sharing. Usually, the card represents giving or receiving financial support. In some other situations, it means generosity in love and emotions. In the Waite-Smith Tarot, this card shows a standing person distributing pentacles to two kneeling figures while holding a scale in the other hand. This is a very literal description of the concept of give and take. This image also highlights another aspect of the Six of Pentacles, which is the distribution of power.

We all have inherent personal power that cannot be taken away, but unfortunately we are not all equal when it comes to financial power, political power, etc. Therefore, this card can highlight the importance of acknowledging the powerful forces at work for you on a small scale in your personal life, as well as on a broader scale in society as a whole.

One of the main themes in the Six of Pentacles in any deck is that of reciprocity. In a way, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot shows a more ‘worldly’ message about spiritual topics in the Justice card. The crux of this is that “whatever goes around, comes around.” If you take care of someone now, you will be taken care of when you need it. If you try to give power and dignity to others, the same will happen to you. It is not about giving with the expectation of receiving, but simply realizing that the balance of give and take is a natural truth in the universe.

In a reading, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot often speaks of the motivation of both giving and receiving. Do you have a lot of things? What is ripe and juicy inside you? How can you offer some of that good to the world? When you have a bonus, share it! Provide words of wisdom. Lend a hand. Support and encouragement. And on the other hand, where can you still put your feet up? Where can you find what you need? How can you graciously receive praise, assistance, and gifts? Cultivate the belief that giving and receiving are equally noble. Some days you will be in one location, and some days you will be in another. Learn to express one’s energy gracefully and you will bloom.

Meaning of Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot tells that you can be like the rich man, sharing your wealth and abundance with others. You have amassed a large fortune and are now able to provide financial support to those in need. You generously contribute to charity, donate tithing or fundraise and enjoy the good feelings of helping others. Even if you are not financially rich, you still give your time, energy, love, and support to those in need, knowing it would be greatly appreciated. Giving away your time or intellect is often as spiritually satisfying as giving money or gifts, and the invisible gift of your presence is also received.

You may also lend to someone on the premise that they will eventually pay you back when they are settled again. This is a loan built on trust and goodwill, knowing that if you give something away, it will come back to you. However, keep in mind that this exchange is about short-term solutions and not sustainable ones. So think about how you can financially support your family or friends in a way that encourages them towards independence.

On the other hand, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot foretells you may receive the generosity of others, so accept these gifts with gratitude. This will help you get back on your feet and eventually pay off the debt to the charitable organization or individual, with your time or your recovery assets. You will also need to identify ways in which you can become more self-sufficient in the long run. The risk of accepting charity is that you become dependent on it and unable to take care of yourself. Be aware that you don’t grow significantly more submissive or desperate as a result of the charity someone else is giving you.

Finally, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is a card that represents financial harmony. The inflows and outflows are balanced, and you are grateful for what you have and happily share it with those in need. The card indicates that you will receive help if you are having financial difficulties at this time. This support can come from your bank or loved ones in your life. If you are financially stable, you are the one to support others. In other cases, the card says that you should be proactive in all situations so as not to lose opportunities. Sometimes, it predicts financial instability that will make you miserable.

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot implies that you are in a safe position, so you can go to help others without worrying about affecting your stability. If you are in the position of a money giver, the card suggests that you have lived too long in poverty to know how great a generous gesture can be. You are comfortable helping others with the utmost respect and enthusiasm. If you are in the position of the receiver, the card says that you will recover from the exhaustion. The card advises that if you are in the position of the recipient, do not be self-deprecating or pessimistic, find a way to repay the favor in the future by making more efforts.

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot is a card that represents material harmony. You spend very well, and at the same time always share with those who are in trouble or need help. This card also means charity. You can be giving away your possessions or showing gratitude to someone who has helped you. If you are wealthy, you have accumulated a lot of assets and are able to provide financial support to people in need. You have lived in the dark long enough to see the light within, so it is time to help those who are in need.

The generosity of number six in terms of money and material is unlimited. If you help someone, you will be rewarded. Think about how you can financially support family or friends and encourage them to get on their feet. In the opposite case, the card says that you can get help from the charity of others. This will help you to move on and you will return wholeheartedly after overcoming difficulties. You also need to determine how to be self-sufficient in the coming time and not too dependent on it.

In terms of love, If you are still single, you will have many chances in the coming time, don’t be too hasty and you will find the right person. However, if you are in a relationship, you and your partner will usually have arguments. Both of you feel unbalanced and find yourself sacrificing too much for the other, this situation makes the two of you feel tired. Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises that you should calmly review your current feelings for each other and work together to find a solution if you want this relationship to last.

In terms of work, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces job stability in the coming time. If you are struggling and laboring with your current job, don’t worry as this phase will pass very quickly. At this point, you will get help from your colleagues or superiors. In addition, this is an appropriate period to correct mistakes at work caused by the past. Although it is quite favorable, it is not advisable to expand your business or invest in ventures.

In terms of money, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is meant to warn you of your greed in matters related to finances. The risk of profiting from someone else’s trouble will land you in legal trouble. The card advises that you should be satisfied with the current situation. Besides, at this stage, you also get help from loved ones financially, so don’t take the risk of borrowing.

In terms of health, your physical condition is at a fairly stable stage. However, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that bad health factors can come at any time, so you also need to pay attention. Besides, the card suggests that you are having an imbalance between your health and work. Because of the desire to do business and make money, you trade your time and health. The card advises that this situation should be stopped immediately. You need to get back to your normal circadian rhythm and maintain a healthy living style before it is too late.

Meaning of Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Meaning of Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot implies that any borrowed action during this period will be very difficult to recover. The card warns of the debts you are carrying. Be extremely cautious when engaging in investment or something related to money because you will incur huge losses. The reversed Six of Pentacles also warns of selfishness, you are ready to give but not in a way to help, but rather to show off your benevolence and material. The card in reverse reminds you to make sure that you are also giving to yourself. A little self-care goes a long way, especially if you have been in permissive mode for a long time. Consider buying a small gift or an item in your wishlist to show your appreciation for everything you have done; be it a massage, a lovely box of truffles, or simply writing a loving note to yourself saying “Thank you for everything.”

Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can show that while you give freely to others, you do not receive in return. For example, you might lend money to a friend but they will not pay you back. Or you help someone, but they don’t return the favor and show a lack of gratitude and appreciation. It is a one-way street and you may feel as though they are taking advantage of you. While you cannot change the other person’s response or force them to repay the favor (or the amount owed), you can learn from the experience and refuse to help such kinds of people in the future. Or, if you decide to offer to help them again, suggest an alternative way for them to pay you back to maintain a healthy energy exchange – be it cooking a meal for you or exchanging you a service.

If you are struggling yourself, be careful not to entrust yourself too much to those who seek your help. You may be inclined to spend or give more than you can afford. While a generous spirit is a wonderful quality, you need to make sure you can support yourself while helping others. The reversed Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position asks you to be mindful about taking on debt. You are prone to overeating and it could come back to bite you with ever-increasing interest rates or personal threats if you cannot pay it back on time. The reversed card sometimes reflects the selfish side of charity. Be careful that you are not trying to prove to others that you are abundant because you may be giving to the poor or needy. Aim to give altruistically instead of selfishly.

In a relationship reading, the reversed Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot shows that one partner is taking a lot but not giving much, thus creating inequality in the relationship. You need to be careful that your generous spirit is not taken advantage of and that you are not always the one to compromise for the good of your partner. Besides, the reversed card implies a one-way street in terms of charity. You can lend money to a friend or someone without expecting anything in return. Or you may be expecting your money back, but it just does not turn out the way you want it to. Be careful about who you lend money to, especially when your friends are in financial trouble. 

Though generosity is good, Six of Pentacles Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position just wants you to make sure that your finances are stable when helping others. And also be careful with the amount of debt you are borrowing. It also signifies that your interest rates are too high or even your life is threatened if your loan cannot be paid back within a specific time. Be wary, get-rich-quick schemes can make you spend money and only get worse. The reversed card sometimes reflects the selfishness of the charity. In some cases, people help others not out of charity or sincerely wishing others to have a better life but to spread their reputation for their own purposes and prefer to see themselves as better than others. Be careful not to become such a person and similarly, do not fall victim to such a person.

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