Five of Swords – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: self-destruction, criticism, betrayal.

As a warning card, Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot depicts self-destruction. You will be drawn into another situation or an argument that you know must be stopped. Selfishness and a thirst for power will lead you to failure. You only get pain and discord as the results. A split worm – a grim black sword stabs this creature straight through the center. Two additional swords pierced the top half of the worm and two went through the bottom half. It is an image of harshness and malevolence.

Image description on Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

The Swords suit is related to communication, logic, and thinking. In all suits, the Fives represent the challenge or discomfort caused by the suit. In Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot, we see how humans sometimes bring others down – and themselves – through combat, hostility, and grit. This card can suggest environments that experience many power struggles and ethical issues. We are all human, and we have all succumbed to the effects of pettiness, harshness, and aggressive behavior from time to time. Recognizing these patterns is essential, as it is the only way to overcome them.

Wild Unknown gives the keyword “self-destruction” to this card. Although we sometimes face ugly behavior from outside sources, the truth is that many of us have overcome it on our own. Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to test your ability to speak for yourself and your options. Pay attention to the influence of your inner critic. If you don’t treat yourself with respect and honor, that is the place to start.

II. The message of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In the Waite-Smith tradition, this card shows a figure holding three swords. Two more swords lay sprawled on the ground behind him, and two more human beings could be seen in the distance. There is a feeling that the swordsman has “won” some kind of confrontation, but what is the cost? Humans like to be right, and if you don’t test yourself, you might appreciate being “right” above all else. The desire to “win” can lead us to betray our values ​​and principles if we let it. When someone’s primary motive is to gain power or show dominance over others, that is a red flag.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also speaks to one of the harmful effects of the ego, which manifests itself as destructive. Sometimes that vandalism is external and predicted by others. Other times, we sabotage ourselves. In a reading, this card may ask you to balance your own needs with the needs of others. Is there a way that everyone can win in this situation? Do not react and attack in an auto-pilot manner. Instead of becoming your own worst enemy, recognize destructive tendencies and change your approach.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also foreshadows loss. You will lose something by being careless. This is the stage when you have to fight to get what belongs to you. However, the card thinks that you will have to accept failure despite your best efforts.

III. Meaning of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The meaning of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is that you can have important things stolen. Be extremely cautious, this is not the time to brag about your wealth and glamor. The theft here is not necessarily in terms of property, but it means that an opponent can appear and take you down. The card warns the circle of friends, you can lose everything from money, position, fame just because of these people. On the other hand, this is a period of fierce competition. The Five of Swords often has a negative connotation, you will lose and accept the loss. However, the consolation is that what the opponent receives is not really meaningful.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot appears when you are in trouble, disagreement, or conflict, and you are going away with a feeling of sadness and loss. You may be annoyed and resentful because of the heated words you said and now wish you could take them back. Even if you win the argument or are a winner clearly, you still realize that you have lost as much (or more) as your opponent. This battle has caused you to lose trust, respect, dignity, and it isolates you. When you try to pick up pieces and put conflict behind you, you find it more difficult than you think. Others have lost faith in you and are keeping their distance from you. You will need to decide if your perspective is so important that you are willing to put your relationships in jeopardy or if you can compromise and deal with the problem.

The advice of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is to choose your battles. You may be tempted to fight any conflict to make sure you stay on track, to prove you are right, or to defend yourself when you feel challenged or threatened. However, most experts agree that choosing your battles wisely is a much better way of life than getting into every disagreement. Not only will it lead to a more peaceful life, but your interpersonal relationships will likely become stronger. The Five of Swords can often indicate that you are competing with others on the path to success. You see them as threats to your own happiness and so you seek to gain them at any cost.

If you have been involved in a conflict and can see it taking its toll, Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a suggestion to take a step up and apologize. The longer you contemplate or the more you try to prove yourself right, the more difficult the relationship will become. Be ready to say you are wrong and make amends. It makes no sense to try to justify your behavior, just let it go and move on. Find common ground with people you have fought with or seek forgiveness so you can let this go. The card can also indicate failure. It shows that, despite your best efforts, you still have the potential to get hit or become a loser. If you allow yourself to be disillusioned after such a loss, you will find yourself on a path to increasing ruin and torment. Accept your failure and learn from it. Be smarter and wiser next time.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also shows you participating in a conflict or realizing disagreement with others, leading to tension and hostility. Even though you believe you have won, you can still become a loser because you have hurt others and separated yourself. You try to act as if the conflict is in the past but other people have now lost faith in you and don’t want to be around you. You feel like everyone is against you and you have lost some of your companions. Is your opinion really important that it is worth putting your relationships in jeopardy?

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can also represent conquest. If you have made positives in the struggle, sooner or later you will accomplish the goal. On the contrary, however, you need to compromise between your interests and the wishes of the opposing parties. You will feel that there are many obstacles ahead, and you do not want to face them, even though it is necessary to achieve what you want. In general, you are in a scrabble and there is more going on than you think, and you will have conflicts of will with others. As such, the Five of Swords is a card that represents ambition but in a negative sense. You have too much ambition without regard to the consequences for yourself or others. The end result will be a loss for everyone. Either you get a merciless victory or be a bitter loser.

In any case, there is a negative connotation. If you focus completely on winning your goal at all costs, you will lose your own morale and the reward can be nothing at all. Arrogance and pride often go with each other when it comes to a tough victory like this, and don’t think you are invincible. You overcame a challenge, and you have every right to feel proud, but know that there is always a higher mountain on the other side. Boasting that you are unbeatable only makes others cringe and try to prove you wrong. If you win by cheating or doing unethical tricks, beware of the revenge of others. The Five of Swords can involve a betrayal or surprise attack by someone you trust and don’t take precautions against. It could be an unfaithful partner or someone who is jealous of you and tries to sabotage you behind your back. Look at the other Court cards in the spread to get to know more about this person. Be careful who and where you place your trust at this point.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is also about failure. It shows that, despite constant efforts, you can be defeated. If you give up your dream after this failure, you will forever live in misery. Accept your failure, and learn from it, and your chances of success will increase dramatically. Alternatively, the Five of Swords can be viewed from a completely different angle – a pointless victory. You are tempted to fight to prove yourself right or to protect yourself when you feel challenged or threatened by others. However, most experts agree that choosing your battles wisely is better than fighting like crazy. The careful choice will bring a peaceful life and strengthen your relationship.

In terms of love, this is not the right time to start a relationship if you are single. In case you are in a relationship, Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position tells that the two of you are not thinking the same thing and your goals and concepts of life are different. However, an emotional breakdown will not happen. The most serious consequence is that the two of you will lose trust in each other. Your decisions can hurt the other person, whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally. The card advises that you should be careful when making decisions that may affect love affairs.

In terms of work, Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position does not bring good news. The card predicts that if your company is in trouble, the next period will make things worse. The card often refers to troubles at work arising because the company’s finances and capital are at a low rank. In addition, you are losing the will to fight because of the immediate defeats. The thing to do now is to fully prepare to stay awake before making any important decision. In addition, you should equip yourself with soft skills. A short training course will be a good idea.

In terms of money, Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means your financial situation is not too rich, however, you can still handle everything well. You are not too needy, but you will not have much money to squander. You are facing instability in your current job, so the financial resources tend to be narrower. The advice from the Five of Swords card is not to worry too much, you have not yet fallen into the most difficult situation. You will soon become financially stable if you have a reasonable spending and investment plan

In terms of health, at this stage, your health will be relatively fine. This is good because the current situation is quite troublesome, the loss should have made you depressed but fortunately, you are still strong enough to go through. Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position only warns that work-related issues can cause you stress, but the problems will soon be resolved. What you need to do is stay calm and get more rest. The card suggests that you are engaged in some kind of warfare. Even though you think you get the upper hand, you can still lose. You feel like everything is against you and therefore, you sink into loneliness and despair. Close friends may be leaving you at this point. You should review your actions and words uttered either unintentionally or intentionally in the past controversies to have a thorough insight and a more appropriate approach.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position also represents strong ambition. You risk almost everything to win without realizing that you are hurting others. However, because ambition is misplaced, you will fail, feel depressed, and have negative thoughts. The advice is that you should pay more attention to those around you, control your ambitions and accept the fact that you have lost so you can start over.

IV. Meaning of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position represents tensions and disagreements. You are slowly understanding that winning is not everything, you need to focus on your new goal and forget about this failure. In addition, you are learning to let go of blind ambitions and a negative lifestyle, which is very good. The card advises that you should quickly balance your emotions and learn from experience because your failure is not that bad. As a card of conflict, tension, and disagreement, the Five of Swords in reverse shows that you really want to end the battle now, so that you can forgive and forget, and then focus your energy to restore your relationships. The conflict is getting nasty and you realize that you might be the loser in this battle. Now you just want to let go of it all and move forward.

Meaning of Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

As such, the reversed Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot indicates that you are more open to change. The arguments are over and you are ready to look at the situation with a whole new perspective. You are ready to put down your sword and start negotiating, trying to come to a more effective solution. The return to the Four of Swords is necessary so that you can come out of tension and conflict. This is a good time to reach out to those you have disagreed with and make up for it.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse sometimes refers to a conflict in your life that you have been trying to let go of but keep clinging to you. Old wounds are recurring and you must experience fear and stress as you recall those memories. You are especially worried that history may repeat itself or that you may be hurt again. It is possible that you still have some recollections from past wars that make communication difficult and irritable. This may remain unresolved and is having a negative impact on building a harmonious relationship between you and your partner.

The reversed Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you that, sometimes, you should ignore other people’s opinions. You cannot please everyone and it is not that bad if you lose a few companions. Not everyone is willing to listen to your wishes and help you pursue your goals, especially when it affects their lives. And they will blame you for gradually being indifferent and cold to them because you are no longer by their side like in the past.

Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position speaks of times when you tried to argue to the end, only to realize that you would lose no matter what. You have pushed and forced, but whoever was on the other end was not listening. And they certainly feel the same way. Both of you are fighting to win at the expense of the other. And when you are in this opposite position, you are going to feel terrible – to win or not win. 

Sometimes, the reversed Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can represent the conflict in your life that you have been trying to stay away from but its consequence continues to haunt you. For example, it is still possible that your ex makes things difficult and prevents you from moving forward into new relationships. As long as conflict, tension, and raw emotions are going on, avoid this person or situation.

Similarly, the reversed Five of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position suggests that old wounds have healed and you are experiencing fear and stress related to that memory. You may be especially worried that history may repeat itself or that you may get hurt again. Work towards forgiving and forgetting so you can really move on. There may be lingering resentment after a recent or past argument with someone close to you. You have had some very challenging and heated conversations together, and you are still harboring negative emotions from these discussions. If the conflict remains unresolved, it can affect your ability to create a harmonious relationship.

The Five of Swords in reversed shows that after a period of conflict, you are ready to move on with your life and make positive change. Bring your energy back inside and stay active. Go back to the beautiful and soulful version and ask yourself: how can I help create a win-win solution? It could mean a compromise or it is time for you to move on with your life. This is your chance to apologize, beg for forgiveness, and make amends so you can move on and create a more fertile ground for new ideas and collaborations.

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