Six of Swords – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s keywords: hope at last, travel, reeling, recovering.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a card that implies recovery from difficult times. Hope is coming to you, things will get better. It is important that you rest, revive, and surround yourself with the joy that comes from your friends. You can plan a trip, either short or long, even leaving the city for the weekend can lift your spirits.

Image description on Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

The six swords are in a pile at the bottom of the card. The scene seems dark and dreary at first and the tiny swords in the middle looks like a heavy rain. There are some difficulties now, but an arched rainbow overhead and a clear blue sky await the other side. When we consider Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot as the successor to the Five of Swords, a coherent story emerges. Five shows a picture of hostilities and battle while Six shows the aftermath. The healing process has begun, but there is still much work to be done on the road to recovery.

There are times when you are surviving longer than you are actually growing, and the Six of Swords is representative of those times. Stressful events can leave you reeling even after the actual event has passed. It is natural to need some space to rearrange oneself in such cases. Note that the swords here are giving themselves that healing ability. Instead of forcing yourself to just “get over” things, sometimes you need to just let yourself lie there in metaphors for a while! It is inevitable that you will eventually move from where you see it now and towards your own personal rainbow. Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to be patient with yourself as you navigate this bidding process.

II. The message of Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Decks based on the Waite-Smith divination tradition often depict this card by showing figures of people gathered in a boat. One man rows the boat while two others huddle together and wear tight robes. The boat carries them forward but also gives them a chance to rest and recuperate. Soon they will reach new shores, but for now, they are still a bit reeling.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is usually less related to major traumas and more to the micro struggles that affect us on a daily basis. It often shows up at times when you lack the mental, physical, and spiritual energy to engage deeply with life. Sometimes the best thing you can do on such occasions is trust that you are moving towards a more holistic realization.

You don’t need to rush yourself, but you also don’t need to focus on difficulties. Find ways to broaden your perspective of your experience. You are not always in the middle of this place, you are getting closer to the new land that awaits you.

In a reading, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot may suggest that the climax of the struggle is over, but now we are sheltering from the storm, hoping that the rains will eventually lead us to salvation. This card can be considered as an affirmation of how far you have come. You may still have a long way ahead, but you are on your way. Things still seem to change and you may not yet see your final destination, but you can choose to stay on track.

When Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot appears, you will have journeys in the future. This move does not have to be literal, you can move some areas of your life like work or relationships.

III. Meaning of Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The meaning of Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position refers to the movement, you may have trips away from home, even abroad at this stage. On the other hand, the card suggests that you are making progress even though you may not feel it. Everything is moving, albeit slowly, the things you wish for are being realized. However, in some situations, the card suggests that your life is moving in a direction you do not want.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you will need to make a frustrating transition because of your decisions. To move forward, you need to leave something important behind, and while you regret it, you know that this is the best option. There are times when you will be forced to give something away, and the process of letting go is often very challenging. However, the sadness of loss will soon be replaced by a change. Don’t be afraid to give away what you have in the present or the past, but look to the future to find the best and most lasting option. Although the decision will be extremely difficult, your life will turn to a new page. You need to realize that you are moving towards a better place in life. You are going through tough transitions but everything will work out in the end.

Don’t cling to the past or what you have left behind. Instead, see this as an opportunity to change your beliefs about yourself and become the person you really want to be. Sometimes the only way to solve life’s problems is to leave them behind and start over in a new place. You will feel like a coward, but that is the only method at this point. What matters is that you are on your way to a happier life. Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also shows that you should logically and objectively perceive where you are going. Plus, you can also use your intuition to guide you through things more easily and use your analytics when you have to make a complex decision.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can also indicate a state of depression or lethargy. You are trying to get through the long series of days, neither enjoying nor giving up. You may feel sluggish, lowered on energy, and somewhat depressed. Literally, the Six of Swords can indicate a water trip. It may be sad to leave everyone behind, but you know that this trip will lead you to a better world! You may also have to travel to a place away from friends and family to learn or experience a new horizon. Although regretful, you will certainly learn many new things.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you are in a state of transition, leaving the familiar and moving towards the unknown. You may move house, leave a relationship, change jobs, go through a moving ritual, or change your mind. This change can be self-made or forced, and you may feel heartbreaking leaving what is so familiar to you. However, you know that this move is necessary for your personal growth and development. The grief over what you have lost (or released) will soon be replaced by greater mental clarity and new acceptance of the change. As a result, you will become a better person.

Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also requests you to let go of whatever is holding you back, be it your past or present circumstances. Instead, look ahead to your future and choose the way that best suits your ability and long-term potential. You will need to make tough decisions and compromises along the way, consider it a rite of passage. You are moving towards a much better place in life, as long as you are willing to grow and let go of whatever you don’t need anymore. Don’t focus on what is left behind. Instead, use this as an opportunity to change your beliefs about yourself, away from who you used to be, and towards who you want to be.

Similarly, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position asks you to reflect on any emotional or mental baggage you may be carrying when moving from one stage to the next. You may still be carrying heavyweight swords from the past as you move forward, which can slow down your personal growth. These ‘swords’ can be memories, relationships, habits, behaviors, thought patterns, and beliefs that are no longer serving you. Decide what you need to bring and what you can leave.

In terms of love, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position heralds that you are about to meet your significant other if you are still single. So do not rush, just take the time to cultivate and develop yourself. If you are in a romantic relationship, the card suggests that the two of you are about to take trips together. Traveling together is an opportunity for both to foster affection and relieve the pressures of life. If the two of you are having an argument, the conflicts will soon end as long as you compromise and avoid hurting each other with offensive words.

In terms of work, if you are working extremely hard on a project or area, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position suggests that you will soon lose faith and the project will be ruined. This may sound bad but this is what has to happen, you will be back to normal soon. The card suggests that a new field can make you excited again. Long-distance business trips are also implied by the card

In terms of money, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces that your financial problems will be handled quickly in the coming time, so you can rest assured. Although there are changes in money, you should not spend too much. Save some in case something unexpected happens. Do not risk investing in new areas without regard to everything related. If you want to expand your business or invest, seek the advice of experienced ones. In addition, the card warns that you should be clear about money with people who contribute capital to the business.

In terms of health, Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says that your health will be surely affected by the loss. You feel hopeless and unable to get out. At this stage, you should be careful with stress because it can cause you to suffer from severe anxiety or depression. Do not live forever in the past because everyone is looking forward, you will be left behind if you forever regret the past. In case you are receiving treatment, the Six of Swords card suggests that positive signals will appear.

The Six of Swords card also announces a change. The card suggests that pain and loss make you feel exhausted. However, you will enter another stage in your life at this point. You will have to let go of the things you were attached to. You will feel pain but this pain will not last long. The only way to get out of deadlocks is to leave them and start over. You may feel that running away is cowardly, but this is the only way at this point.

IV. Meaning of Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you are trying to change and accept the challenge. This is a good signal for opportunities to appear. On the other hand, the card indicates that you are resisting the transformation of life. The changes are not what you want. The advice of the card is to think about things in a positive way. Instead of resisting change and wallowing in pain, you should get out on your own. What you need to do now is to move forward, not look back. If you keep looking backward, you will fail.

Meaning of Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

When the reversed Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot appears in a Tarot reading, you may be going through a personal/spiritual transition or a transference ritual so that you can let go of relationships, beliefs, or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you. This is a strongly personal journey, and you are working on your own to make it happen. You have determined what you must release to embrace a new way of thinking and are now making it a reality in your personal life.

Sometimes, the Six of Swords in reverse indicates that you know you need to make a change or transformation in your life but are reluctant to do so. You can hope that the problem will go away on its own and you will not have to agonize over this difficult decision. Or you can try to fool yourself into thinking you can handle it, even if you know deep in your heart it is time to move on. It is natural to want to avoid discomfort, but sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to grow as a fully capable person. That discomfort can be a positive sign that growth is happening, so feel that energy and let it encourage you to keep moving forward and expanding yourself.

In some cases, the reversed Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you are resisting change and transformation because you believe it was forced on you or you were not included in the decision. For example, your partner may have to move for work and you have to go with him or her. It is important that you focus on the benefits of the transition rather than the drawbacks. Where can you expect something and get personal value from it? Reaffirm yourself why you need to make this transition and how it aligns with your own values.

If you are trying to move on from the past but are still trying to do so, the reversed Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that there may be unfinished business, unresolved conflicts, or lessons that you need to understand before you can wholeheartedly move forward in life. What is holding you back from making this important transition? Find ways to solve those problems. There may be times when you doubt whether you are making the right decision by leaving the past behind, but this card gently encourages you to move forward, reminding you that the rainbow is waiting for you on the other side of the rain.

The Six of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that you are trying to escape from the past and make an important transition. However, with this card in reverse, it is clear that you are having some challenges walking away and the past is always clinging to you. You have many things to leave behind but they always haunt your mind, making you unable to go to new lands. Or sometimes, you doubt your decision. However, the Six of Swords encourages you to rest assured about your choice. 

Alternatively, you may be resisting this necessary transition. You may feel that you are not willing to make decisions and are forced by circumstances or other people. It is important to consider the benefits that you will gain rather than focusing on the limitations that you are experiencing. In a relationship reading, if the issue is a relatively new relationship, the Six of Swords in reverse indicates that you have not been able to let go of past connections and are burdened. You need to try to forget everything if you don’t want those unhappy memories to ruin the relationships you have now and will have in the future.

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