The Empress – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: motherhood, sensuality, creativity, nature.

The Empress is a mother or goddess of the Tarot deck. Her energy pervades everything, that is, warmth, fertility, creativity, and sensuality in this world. Her strength comes from tenderness, compassion, and unconditional love. When this card appears, it can refer to a maternal relationship or a side of you that wants to be loved more. Empress also reminds you that this is the time when you need to reconnect with nature. So go out and enjoy the outside world.

Image description on The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot is described as a luxurious plant. A crescent moon is emerging in the night sky. The colorful tree stands out from the darkness around her. Remember that the High Priestess is also shrouded in darkness. The night time in Wild Unknown Tarot seems to be associated with the feminine realm, signifying mysteries and introspective energy.

The queen is at home in the sensual, life-sustaining energy of the natural world. This card is associated with nurturing in all its guise: anything from literally mothering a child, tending a garden, to cultivating a creative project. The Empress breathes life into the world around her. Even though it is night, the tree glows as if it is a safe haven for any creatures that need care.

This particular queen has no regrets about taking up space. Her branches and flowers spread freely across the card. She is completely at home in her own skin. She invites us to give ourselves that right to live in our own flesh and place ourselves on the life-giving earth. She cares about others, providing safety and nutrition; and she is also taken care of, taking nutrients from the earth and the sky. In this sense, the Empress Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to embrace your own role as both foster and adoptee.

The edges of the plants are all pink, red, and live purple. The color evokes flowers and fruit – an indication of the Queen’s role in creating and sustaining life. Note that this is a deciduous tree that goes through a repeating cycle of seasons of the year. The tree will color in the fall, shed its leaves in the winter, produce new leaves and bloom in the spring, and then bear fruit again in the summer. This is an appropriate way to express the life-affirming, cyclic energy of the Empress. She can also invite you to pay attention to your own natural rhythms. Much of this wisdom is achieved by paying attention to material things: your own breath and body, as well as Mother Earth and the stars. The Empress is not about force (that is the Emperor’s thing). Instead, she talks about flow. The Empress embodies the wisdom of dancing with the cycles of change within and around you.

II. The message of The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot is the archetypal mother figure in the Tarot. She is the ultimate caretaker and comforter. In some decks, this card is depicted by a pregnant woman, representing her role in giving and sustaining life. While the High Priestess is associated with spirituality in a more esoteric sense, the Empress shows that all aspects of the physical, mundane world are aspects of the spiritual. Experiencing the full range of sensual pleasures available to us on this planet is another way to connect with the divine, and the Queen reminds us that sensuality can be as sacred as prayer or contemplation. This is not to say that the Queen encourages overindulgence. Instead, the Queen encourages reverence for the physical and deep gratitude for all that life has to offer.

In a reading, when The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot appears, she may ask you to consider what you are nurturing, as well as what may need to be nurtured in you. She often appears in readings to highlight the importance of loving yourself and taking care of yourself. Are you giving yourself as much respect as you are giving someone you hold dear? Creating for yourself fertile land to develop is essential.

This card can also ask you to focus on contributing to the cycles of life and creation. You are a sacred conductor of life force, and now could be the perfect time to channel that life force into creating something beautiful. The Empress encourages you to seek out those opportunities and step into them fully and completely.

III. Meaning of The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The meaning of The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot represents growth and development. The card can also be a sign of a woman in your family, be it a mother, sister or yourself, you have good news about love. The Empress expresses a deep connection to our feminine element. Femininity can be understood in many ways – beauty, sensuality, fertility, creativity, caring – and is an essential element in creating harmony between men and women. 

The Empress card reminds you to connect with the feminine energy in you. Let’s create beauty in your life and stay in touch with your passion for pleasure through the senses of taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight. Rely on these feelings to experience pleasure and full satisfaction. Give yourself a day at the spa, learn how to get a massage, enjoy a great evening out, or simply spend more time with your partner. Explore new ways to express yourself in a creative way, for instance, engaging in painting, trying out new styles of music, drama, or other art forms. This might be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby that can allow you to tap into the feminine part of yourself. 

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot also implies pregnancy or childbirth. Look at other cards in the spread to confirm whether there is actually pregnancy or childbirth (for instance, the Ace of Cups, the Page of Cups, or the Four of Wands), or whether it is a metaphor (the Ace of Wands). In the metaphorical case, the Empress can imply the birth of a new idea, a new product, or a new spirit. New ideas and projects will be carried out successfully. Realize the ideas that are growing and rising within you. 

The Empress also encourages you to spend time in nature. During your vacation, don’t just hang around in hotels in bustling cities, but instead, explore nature by camping or climbing mountains. Give yourself the time and space to enter another state of mind where you can truly connect with Mother Earth and welcome Her into your heart and mind. Travel to a natural place you love, such as a forest, a sea, a mountain, or a lake, and simply sit for a few minutes, a few hours, or even a few days to breathe and feel the energy around you while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot card, likewise, emphasizes that you are connected with the material side (a stable influence), but you can still access even higher aspects of consciousness through your connection with nature. You have the potential to connect Earth and Everything. The Empress is a Tarot card that symbolizes nurturing and caring. If you are a mother, you may be discovering your “motherhood” role even more deeply than you have before and truly appreciating the gift you have been given. You are blessed by motherly love, loved, and protected by everyone. For fathers, The Empress encourages you to take care of your children and expand the range of communication between you and your kids. Encourage your child’s development and be there to cheer and guide them when needed.

In addition, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot inspires you to connect with others by caring, directing and supporting those around you. Find ways to spark communication and to create an atmosphere to express your feelings for people. When you allow yourself to truly experience your connections with Mother Earth, your femininity, and the people around you, you will create abundance and splendor in your own life. Take a moment to show love to those around you and accumulate this energy to add more love to your life. Remember that love is limitless. A great affirmation of the Empress is “I create my creations with joy. I love and nurture them until the day they bear fruit.”

Similarly, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot also indicates that universal energy will appear in your life. This energy may be just enough to give you a glimpse of a miracle or you may notice more than that. You may or may not know who or what brought you that luck, but the care and support are no coincidence. Things that appear to coincide with luck may actually be the result of a series of positive choices you have made so far. You have the power to let things go the way you want them to, and you are filled with luck and you feel supported. Know that you are receiving this love.

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright appears as an affirmation that all your endeavors have come to be rewarded. You will reap many achievements in the future, which is a good omen. But sometimes the card represents some negative connotation. There will be someone in your family who will interfere with the plans you have made, this person could be your mother or sister.

In terms of love, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright has a good meaning with your relationship. You and your partner are in a stable connection based on mutual respect. Both of you will go through a sweet time after a stressful period. The card foretells that the two of you have a very long-term outlook on your current relationship. If you are single, the card indicates that you will soon meet the right person in the coming time. This card will most accurately predict if the querent is female. If you are intending to get back with your ex-lover or mend a broken relationship, this card predicts everything will work well as you wish.

In terms of work, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright represents power and strength. The card predicts a stable and long-term development of your business. You will achieve success after hard days and struggles. New ideas are being formed, so do not hesitate without trying.

In terms of money, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright announces the right time for investment deals. This is the time when you should not hesitate too long before making money-related decisions to avoid missing opportunities. You can be comfortable in borrowing and lending, The Empress is meant to predict investments that will yield strong returns. However, the card brings a warning about extravagance. If you own a large amount of finance but do not have a plan to invest and use it properly, wasteful spending will occur.

In terms of health, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright gives a good signal about your body condition. If you are sick and receive treatment, this time your condition will improve. You will soon be healthy again if you take good care of it. If you are often tired and frustrated, the advice is that you should rest and give yourself a space to relax and avoid overwork. Traveling or participating in short-term extracurricular activities is very beneficial to improve your mood and fitness.

IV. Meaning of The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse implies a loss of personal ability due to relying too much on the emotional or material needs of others and neglecting one’s own. The reversed position of this card refers to hesitation in other matters and the possibility that there is confusion about the direction of a certain relationship. You may also find it difficult to cooperate with others. The reason for this lack of harmony seems to lie within you, and so introspection is essential. 

In a relationship spread, The reversed Empress also indicates that you are feeling challenged because you are not able to express your true thoughts and feelings. You have to repress them into the depths of your soul. Do you have a close friend you can trust? You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can understand those feelings and understand your innermost self. This card can also refer to dependence on other people’s feelings, and you may have to put off the fighting to see how your partner reacts and how he/she is feeling. It is best not to do this, but instead, express your feelings independently of him/her. 

If you are having trouble in a relationship, the first step is to take some time for yourself to restore your own energy and confidence. Unfortunately, your previous relationships have impacted the way you view yourself and limited your ability to truly love and trust others. As a result, you may be questioning your inner beauty and losing sight of your passion for creating engaging and loving relationships. You may also be “withdrawn” too much from someone you love and this is draining your connection with your current partner.

Be aware that you are not going to be a predominant and demanding mother. Are you taking care of your spouse, friends, or family as if you were their “mother”? Be careful not to overstate the characteristics of the upright The Empress. You may need to follow the example of the High Priestess, who listens to your inner self to find a solution. 

In general, The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse implies that you are feeling dissatisfied because something is missing in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful and pleasant to do but you don’t know what it is. This card can represent a creative impediment. You may feel depressed or negative. The work itself seems too heavy and trivial. This is not the time to think, instead, act or accomplish. You are becoming overwhelmed and your spiritual pursuits will not give you what you need. Trying harder to follow what your argumentative intellect or thinking tells you will only cause disappointment or lead you out of track. 

The reversed Empress can also refer to problems related to childbirth, specifically, it can mean the possibility of infertility or unwanted pregnancy. It warns you that you are acting like a meddler when you are always worrying about other people’s problems. Just focus on yourself. You are going overboard with requests and demands from others, which leads to neglecting yourself. The Empress Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse also shows that someone is interfering in your life, controlling and governing your affairs. The advice is that you should be independent in both thought and action, minimizing the influence of others on you. In addition, the card implies your temper and impatience can cause discord with colleagues and family, so you should be as calm as possible to avoid any unnecessary agitation.

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