The Emperor – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: father, protection, logic, stability, structure, discipline, order.

In all Tarot decks, The Emperor and The Empress form a compatible pair. In the Wild Unknown Tarot deck, this pair is represented by a pair of trees. While The Empress is depicted by a lush tree, The Emperor is an evergreen. No matter the weather and no matter what time of year, evergreen trees stand firm. The Empress will grow new leaves, bloom, bear fruit, and go through cycles while The Emperor will remain consistent.

Image description on The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot has solid and stable energy. As the father archetype of the Tarot, The Emperor’s approach is structured, logical, and rational. This card speaks of the power of consistency and the importance of order in our lives. To complement the more liberal approach of the previous card, The Emperor offers self-discipline during the proceedings. Remember that discipline is not the same as punishment. A healthy level of discipline is necessary for us to learn, create, and grow. The Emperor reminds us that discipline can be a positive thing.

There is a black sun (possibly an eclipse) in the background of the card, radiating a soft orange and yellow, the only colors in the card. Color is an antithesis to The Magician – but instead of radiating widely, this sun is a concentrated sphere of energy. The Magician’s energy is broad and creative while The Emperor’s energy has a solid and logical origin. The Emperor applies his energies in very specific ways with a clear structure in mind. This may seem a bit overwhelming to some, but this ability to create structure can pave the way for amazing results.

While The Empress is surrounded by the night sky, The Emperor’s domain is clear daylight. He has a vivid understanding of where he is and where he wants to be. He is a natural authority figure and can be seen as overbearing at times. But at his best, The Emperor is an effective leader. The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot is not just a father or a leader for your own sake, he leads by being a model and takes into account the best interests of all.

This Emperor is a commanding tree that dominates the landscape and can see all that is around him. He provides shelter and protection from harsh surroundings. While The Empress offers protection in the form of nurturing and loving care, The Emperor provides protection by giving reasonable guidance. He shows you a chance to catch your spin and find an orderly path out of the wilderness. He also demonstrates to us the power of structure and consistency. He is a balance of masculine (Yang) with the feminine (Yin) energy of The Empress. He may face harshness while she may encounter softness. They work together to show us the ‘middle path.’

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot is a father. He is the perfect companion of The Empress. He represents the protective, assertive, and truly steadfast part of you. He brings clarity of mind which will lead to actions or decisions. Sometimes this card is literal and alludes to a paternal relationship in your life. On the other hand, it also implies reconnecting with a part of you – standing strong and firm and always knowing what you need to do. With the help of the sun, The Emperor can see miles away.

II. The message of The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider where the themes of structure, control, and order are at play in your life. Are these energies helping you to grow or are they motivating you? Sometimes, this card can talk about external power figures, but it usually speaks to your sense of inner power. When this card appears, it may ask you to consider how you can move further into the executive director role of your life. Maybe it is time to step up and take control. If you want your life to go in a particular direction, The Emperor asks you to make sure you are steering your ship right on track.

Self-discipline can be a form of self-love if managed properly. The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to develop healthy self-discipline. Stay accountable but don’t set unrealistic standards for yourself. Setting boundaries for yourself can be limiting, but if you do it right, the boundaries you set for yourself are the ones that will lead you to a greater sense of freedom. Power is also the meaning of The Emperor card. The card predicts that you can get help from someone close to you when you are in trouble. In addition, it predicts that if you continue to persist in pursuing your goals and have a clear roadmap, you will achieve success. Likewise, this card represents strength. The Emperor sometimes symbolizes the sign of Aries. The meaning of The Emperor includes both positive and negative sides. It positively shows that you have the strength and the help of powerful people and great ambition in your career path that will accelerate your growth. However, the card can mean tight control will come to you.

III. Meaning of The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot is the image of the leader of the Tarot deck. He is the “pillar” that protects and defends what he loves. He established a solid family lineage and is often seen as the patriarch of a vast system of family members. He gives advice, direction, and reason to others, demonstrations of his power and profound knowledge. His wisdom is gained through experiences of the world and of life. He was there and did it, therefore, he has battle armor to demonstrate the experience. He took what he had learned and passed it onto the next generation so that one day they could become as wise and strong as he was. He brings safety and well-being to those around him. 

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot is also a symbol of texture and stability. He can bring order to the mess by sorting through his thoughts and mapping out what needs to be done to solve the problem. He is a systematic and strategic thinker. He is also highly organized and cooperative in problem-solving. If he has committed to a plan, you can rest assured that he would put in the effort to succeed until the very end. Therefore, this card implies that you have a strong desire to see your ideas manifest physically in the form of achieving or accomplishing goals. An opportunity will come and it will probably be the foundation of a very successful future. 

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot, of course, reflects principles and regulations. He establishes rules and regulations by applying principles or guidelines to a particular situation. He prefers to work within a well-defined structure with specified limits. He respects the routine and follows a particular regimen or rule. The overriding of reason over emotion is sometimes not expected or even avoided, but for The Emperor, it is necessary and even welcome. If you are faced with difficult choices, you need to maintain your focus. Be assertive and trust your self-control and direction. Remember that if you can control yourself, you will not have much trouble controlling the world and everything in it. 

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot also is a brilliant leader who aspires to power and dominance. He feels most comfortable as a leader where he can command and direct others. He wants to be placed in a position of power, where he can apply his control and bring a sense of organization to the activities he carries out. He often represents a solid establishment built on solid foundations. As a leader, he governs consistently but also fairly. He will listen to the advice of others but the final conclusions will be made by him. He is not afraid of war and/or conflict and he will not hesitate to use his power and strength to protect those he cares about. Those in his favor always repay him with the loyalty and respect he deserves. 

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot also implies status, success, and fame. You will have an ardent desire to be recognized as a strong, successful, and powerful person without any doubt. You will want to be known as an influential unit, leader, and “expert”. Stay fully focused on your goals and be careful not to reveal any weaknesses. If you happen to see The Emperor in your own life, get ready to make an impression! He will direct and govern the area you want to move forward. You cannot achieve your dreams and goals without the support of the Emperor. With his asset, you will have a much better chance of realizing your dreams and may begin to benefit from the structure he has established. Sometimes, he can illustrate the power of the government or a department that decides important matters. There is also a force within you that governs your actions. These forces include willpower and self-control. You can organize discussions related to contractual arrangements, profit sharing, allowances, or management.

The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a sign that this is the right time to manifest your strength. At this stage, you will receive a lot of attention and support from another person, who will help you to improve. Don’t refuse help or be afraid because this is the best time to take advantage and make a breakthrough. Personal ambition will cause you to tighten the rules for yourself. However, you should restrain unnecessary ambition, stay calm so you can have time to relax and adapt. The high pressure and desire to win can make you lose strength, give yourself moments of relaxation to relieve the pressure.

In terms of love, The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is not a good sign. Your partner is a controlling, domineering and stereotypical person who expects you to do everything in order and on time. This is a partner of a scientific lifestyle and full of energy, but it is this strong personality that will bring your relationship to a standstill. The relationship between the two of you will only get worse if you two cannot work it out to find mutual harmony as well as sympathy.

In terms of work, due to possessing positive energy and ambition, The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means that your situation is especially favorable. The support of someone will help you smoothly conquer your goal. This person will be of great help to your work, so let’s maintain a friendly relationship with him/her with sincere gratitude. However, the card predicts that you will meet a demanding and strict teacher. You will learn and cultivate a lot of new knowledge, but the pressure to bear is also a real deal.

In terms of money, the meaning of The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright says that if you do not want to lose money unjustly, you should be careful about lucrative business deals and contracts. Caution should be put above all. You should follow familiar principles and avoid inventiveness or boldly taking a new path as this is not the ideal time.

In terms of health, The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings a warning about strange signs on your body. If you feel anything out of the ordinary, get checked out right away. Because of work ambitions, you will be pressured and tired. Let’s increase healthy activities such as exercising, walking, and meditation. Being careful and meticulous will help you realize the importance of health.

IV. Meaning of The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot represents authoritarianism and fierce power struggles. You are not able to control yourself, your work and living arrangements are lacking precision. Sometimes falling into a state of extreme fatigue due to pressure from superiors leads to discouragement and surrender. Looking at the card, it is easy to see that this is a card with a strong sense of power, rule, and dominion like the king’s ambition and determination. Relentless ambition can cause you to become overwhelmed. Financial problems can be caused by your overconfidence, the card means domineering will sometimes make you lose potential opportunities. The person who can give you advice and help can be a man like a father, brother, male boss, or colleague. These companions not only provide you with helpful advice but also give opportunities to explore which are difficult to have on your own.

The reversed Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot can mean that this ruler is overusing the powers around you at this time. He can be surprisingly overbearing and rigid in thoughts. This can come from you or another person, often an employer, partner, or father figure. It could be a man who is precarious in his thoughts and in need of control. You may feel helpless when the reversed Emperor appears in your reading. You will experience difficulties at this time in dealing with power, and whether these difficulties manifest as an influential partner or you have problems with your father or employees, you will also appear to be making no progress. The paradox is that in the present, comfort lies in such structures. This is not the time to resist, instead, you should try to approach your own need to control events and deal with problems in the most sensible way.

Occasionally, the reversed Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot also suggests that you stay in power and know that you don’t necessarily always try to solve problems in the most traditional way. You may get bored with a boss who is too “annoying” or an organization with many “classes” and you will be forced to join a more flexible and adaptive environment. You may also feel the urge to work independently, perhaps starting your own business to escape the collective life and oppressive bosses! If The Emperor in reverse appears in your career reading, it means that you are at a point where you want to avoid dealing with this type of person and now you are ready to discover something new. You may also be looking for a job with more versatility and creativity. You are fed up with your job being restricted by a particular mechanism or fixed way of doing things, and you want to get rid of that feeling. Acting as a career inspiration, The Emperor in reverse implies that you are trying to avoid the overwhelmed energies of him.

You may find that having to assume a role of power every day is no longer there for you. You want freedom from the routines and structures that have become ingrained in your life and hold you back. You want to allow yourself more freedom to explore the inventiveness that exists within you, instead of getting bogged down in the insignificant details and routines. On a personal level, The Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot can indicate that you lack the self-control, ambition, and qualifications to deal with any kind of power. In fact, you may have a slight disregard for rules and disciplines. However, at this point, you may need to adapt to more order in your life. Things have been pretty messy lately, and it is time to live according to the usual way again. 

In a relationship spread, the reversed Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you may be in an unbalanced relationship and this makes you lack happiness in the long run. Your spouse may have become overly possessive, out of the line, and forceful. While you are looking for a companion who can take care of you and give you a stable foundation in the future, reality has gone too far and you feel like your independence and freedom gradually disappear. Your partner becomes stubborn, always based on principles, and likes to argue. This is straining the relationship and preventing the creative flow of energy between the two of you. He/she feels generous to you but at the same time has tough suggestions towards you. The best way to prevent stress and avoid hurting yourself is to set clear boundaries or speak up when you encounter red flags. The energy of The Emperor projecting on your partner is quite strong and overwhelming, but when this card is reversed, it can become oppressive and stifling.

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