The Hierophant – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: mentor, work in a system, social structure, belief system, mentor.

On The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a crow perching on a key. His beak opens as if he is preaching to us. He seems to have a lot to say! His wings and feathers are ruffled, giving him an air of restlessness. He cannot relax until he comes up with an answer and implements the system. The key symbolizes the systems, structures, and answers that The Hierophant values ​​so much. He believes he has the key which will unlock what we all need. But does this key really unlock the universal answer? Hierophant seems convinced it will. He may not have taken into account the possibility that each of us has our own ‘keys’ to the truth.

Image description on The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot

A jagged line of orange and yellow falls from the sky, culminating in its entry into the key. These are the colors of vitality and knowledge. This symbolizes the power bestowed on the key. It is energized from a higher plane. Hierophant wants to teach us things, and he has faith that his teachings are infused with ultimate knowledge. The background of the card is filled with thick vertical lines. This stands out as a contrast to the horizontal lines we saw in The Fool and The Magician’s spirals. Vertical lines convey heavier energy which feels stiff and heavy. This is a card about structure, tradition, and order.

The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot can symbolize not only organized religion, but also schools, businesses, and any kind of social structure. To the best of his ability, Hierophant delivers passionate teachings and orders. At worst, he becomes convinced he has the only answer, refusing to see other possibilities. In its simplest form, The Hierophant represents a mentor or a teacher. This card refers to the hunger for knowledge, both practical and spiritual fields. You have come as far as you can on your feet, so now it is time to dig into the practice. Don’t hesitate, just take a class or go to a seminar, don’t be afraid of new experiences. A new ritual or practice can be very comforting and rewarding. Open your heart and your teacher will appear soon.

II. The message of The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In classical Tarot decks such as the Waite-Smith, The Hierophant is represented by a priest or other religious figure, and in older decks, this card is simply named Le Pape. But this card is not only about religion, it is also about any form of group identity. The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot is related to the educational system, political parties, and any other philosophical ideology. This card sometimes has a negative connotation for its association with forced belief systems, but in a positive sense, it reminds us of our power to define our system of beliefs. This card can even be associated with an occult system of beliefs. In fact, it is an influential Tarot practitioner named Antoine Court de Gebelin who has modified this card from the Pope to Hierophant because its title is associated with ancient Greek mystical rituals.

In terms of darkness, The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot can talk with suitability and a hive mind. Humans are naturally wired to form a community, and going against a society’s belief systems can be scary or even dangerous. But at its best, The Hierophant shows that group identities can be useful. We can learn from the right authority figures and participating in traditions and rituals can help us cultivate a personal sense of self. Hierophant energy is at its best when it is not to force beliefs, but to lead us deeper into our own true beliefs.

When The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot appears in your reading, it can be helpful to consider your relationship with authority figures in society. Would it benefit you to participate in the ritual or learn from an expert? Or, on the other hand, are you personally stifled by the pressure to follow the crowd? This card may also ask you to review your own belief system. Our predefined thoughts and opinions always influence us, and this influence often takes place on an unconscious level. During the reading, this card may ask you to increase awareness of how your beliefs are affecting your actual experience. Learning traditional values ​​is the meaning of The Hierophant. With this card, you can rest assured that the core values ​​you learn at this stage will have a positive influence on the way you see life, love, and your attitude towards others.

III. Meaning of The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot is a card with very ordinary meaning. This card implies that you aspire to conform to the usual norms and limitations of the typical orthodox approach. Instead of innovating, you will be more inclined to adapt to the dimensions of existing beliefs and systems. You will want to do what you expect of yourself. The appearance of the upright Hierophant in a Tarot reading implies that this is not the time to challenge reality! It shows that you can be very discerning when it comes to rituals and traditions that have been established in society. You may participate in certain rites, ceremonies, or perform certain religious services. You also need to promote traditional values ​​in your life or start some of your own if you don’t have any. You may also consider exploring your own spiritual or religious source. 

In a Tarot spread, The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position often represents organizations and their associated values. It symbolizes the desire to follow fixed rules or situations. Its appearance also indicates that you are dealing with a force that is not innovative and does not advocate the spirit of freedom or wants to make a difference, but instead, is binding in a “doing it the way we have always done” style. Groups can be expanded or narrowed depending on the circumstances. Sometimes we need to follow a routine or stick to tradition, but sometimes we also need to believe in ourselves.

The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot also implies that you may feel compelled to join certain groups or organizations. It could be a fairly significant situation like joining a new church or religious group or it could be as simple as joining a fitness club. This card will help you identify which groups and ways of thinking can benefit you and motivate you to learn more. By focusing on sharing knowledge through an organization, The Hierophant in the upright represents education and the pursuit of knowledge. This Tarot card can signify a period of intensive study and research, through formal mechanisms. 

You are investigating an area of ​​research that is widely available and well-documented, and from there you may want to become a teacher with a reputation or reputation so that you can continue your research further. The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot, therefore, can also come into your life as a psychologist, expert counselor, pastor, or spiritual guide who will impart wisdom and source of knowledge to you. He/she may be an expert or a kind and generous guide cultivating religious awareness. You will learn a lot of new things from this teacher as he/she has enough insight to give you valuable advice or guidance. 

The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot presents itself as an age-old potential for access to the gods and guides of ancient doctrine and wisdom. He is the link between us and the divine world, and for this reason, he is often referred to as the Pope. The traditional role of the Pope was to mediate between God and man. Thus, The Hierophant embodies a spiritual teacher who helps us to approach the Divine. Unlike the Magician, The Hierophant is simply the one who shows the way. He is a reliable guide, guiding us by his hand and leading us to our religious goals. He represents the gateway to higher levels of consciousness in a ritualistic manner. He only teaches us things that can be learned with words and parables. The Hierophant contains all the moral and spiritual details – marriage, union, stalemate, submission, kindness and goodness, inner and outer conscience.

In the upright position, The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot brings spiritual and learning values as it predicts you will meet a mentor or a teacher who gives you life lessons. This guide can be quite serious, difficult, but deep inside there are lessons about emotions and morality. They may be an elderly relative in the family, an old teacher, or a stranger with extensive knowledge. In addition, The Hierophant means the occurrence of events related to religion and beliefs. In the future, you may participate in an activity related to religion and faith which are quite helpful in moral training and raising awareness of traditional values.

The card also implies cultural and traditional values ​​that need to be exploited more. Useful advice from experienced people will help you troubleshoot problems in life, a good teacher will create a breakthrough in work. Besides, The Hierophant manifests forgiveness and tolerance. You should learn to let undesired things go and accept the hurt that others cause. Sticking to the traditional rules, the old way is a wise choice at this time.

In terms of love, The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings positive news. If you are single, instead of waiting for the perfect person to find you, boldly look for opportunities around. This is the right time to start building a new relationship. If you are in love, this card is a good sign that can lead to a long-term marriage. The two of you will take care and listen to each other more. The card, however, warns you about the advice you may receive from many people about your current romantic relationship. Remember that only you have the best understanding and the right to make the final decision about this relationship. The advice does not carry malice, but they are not experienced and sharp enough to judge your current situation.

In terms of work, this is a period of learning, every serious attitude and progress will soon pay off. Your boss can be strict and demanding, but it will be good for you to train yourself. The challenge of business ventures can be exhausting. The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means that you will have a lot of difficulties when you change jobs as the new environment makes you feel strange and confused. Advice from the forerunners is essential at this time. This card is a sign that you need to refer to the help of others to solve problems at work.

In terms of money, all investments and spending right now are not as favorable as you think. The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright recommends spending according to old habits, and principles need to be set in order to maintain stability. This is not a good time to invest, buy, or sell. Everything related to money needs to be managed closely. Lucrative business deals may be offered, however, you should not risk novelty. If you want to invest or borrow, you should consult an expert or an experienced person. You may face financial uncertainty if you risk doing everything alone.

In terms of health, The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position informs that you should not miss any strange signs from your body. The challenge from work can make you depressed and insecure, so light exercises and talking with older people will help improve the situation. If you are sick, your religious beliefs can make a difference.

IV. Meaning of The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse informs negative things in life to come. You may get a lot of advice, but not all of it is suitable and you have to follow it. You are relatively uncomfortable and stifled by traditional regulations and strict rules, or worse, you will lose your inherent flexibility. The desire to break out of the norm to regain control causes fatigue. The advice from the reversed card is that this time you should rest, calm down and accept the current constraint, this is not a good time to make risky decisions.

The reversed Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot also indicates that you are feeling limited or constrained by fixed structures and rules, and so you feel like you have lost much of your versatility and sense of initiative in your life. You have a strong desire to go against the rules and break away from traditional principles or maybe you are tempted to go down a path of unorthodox action, doing something that is not in your nature or against social norms. The reversed card, therefore, represents breaking the rules and challenging the status quo. You no longer accept the rigid structures, traditions, and doctrines around you, so now you look for opportunities to protest and retaliate.

Furthermore, you want to confront ideas and concepts that you once thought would last forever. The Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse also implies the idea of doubting the convention and you are asking yourself if what you are doing is really the right thing to do so far. Maybe up until now, you have been doing things spontaneously and with the general trend, but now you realize that perhaps things don’t necessarily go the way they were supposed to, and it is time for a change. According to this interpretation, the reversed Hierophant is like a rebellious teenager or young person who is beginning to raise social doubts and engage in political activities. There may be conflicts or confrontations with parents or people with greater authority. 

The reversed Hierophant Wild Unknown Tarot sometimes also reflects pressures in society or in groups. You are forced to obey, but you disagree with that basic belief system. The Hierophant card in reverse represents a person in the role of a leader or in a position of authority. He could be a religious leader, a public figure, or even a boss. When this reversed card appears in your spread, you can immediately see that this person is ruling with an iron fist, forcing others to follow the rules, fearing the prospect of opposition and doing things differently, or confronting the status quo. If this person is in power, you will have no choice but to heed.

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