The Lovers – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: association, desire, value, joy, relationship, harmony, passion.

On The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot, we can see a pair of geese flying in unison. There is harmony in their parallel wingspans, necks, and black and white colors on their stripes. Although they maintain their separate identities, they also get along naturally as a couple. This card gives us a feeling that everything is exactly how it is. The geese make a lot of effort when flying high as they don’t flap their wings wildly, they simply let the wind carry them. This is a card of fluidity, ease, and grace. People in love are not trying to impress each other nor are they trying to be anything other than what they are. They value each other as individuals, and they value their unique perspectives even as they cherish the connection they share.

Image description on The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot

In many depictions of The Lovers, the two characters face each other. However, in The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot, both geese are facing forward. There is a strong symbolism here as they are on a journey together with no further doubt. But at the same time, each goes their separate ways. Once again, the use of lines in Wild Unknown is emphasized. In the previous card, we saw static vertical lines. In The Lovers, we have radiation lines, which give the card expanding energy. This is the first card with significant differences in the first and second versions of this deck. In the first edition, the background is teal and dark green, the color represents serenity and peace. 

In the second edition, as pictured above, the background is splashed with all the colors of the rainbow. The presence of all the colors here evokes radiant and passionate energy. This is reminiscent of the bold colored flashes we saw in The Magician, but there are slight differences. In The Magician, the rays of light are emitted from a point outside the center while in The Lovers, the point is directly above the geese and in the center of the card, indicating equilibrium.

All the design elements come together to convey a message of harmony, ease, and unity. Two wild geese as life partners, together in the vast sky. The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot is a welcome sign in any reading, indicating a very beautiful and very strong relationship. You will experience all the vibrations of longing and romance, but in the meantime, you still have to build a solid foundation together. The Lovers cherish and respect each other and with that, they can go anywhere. If you are ready for a relationship, now is the time to be grateful and cherish this rare and precious gem.

II. The message of The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In many Tarot decks, The Lovers shows two nude figures watched over by an angel. This image suggests that the connection of lovers is not only flesh and lust but also spiritual energy to bond. Through experiencing love, we can achieve a greater connection with the divine forces of the universe. The most obvious connection of people in love is passion. But there is a lot more to this card than it looks at first sight. The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot is a card with multiple meanings: it can speak of sexual desires, pure connections, and all sorts of combinations. But on another level, this card also speaks of your own personal growth. Especially when The Lovers follow The Hierophant (a card linked to external belief systems), it can manifest our desire to define our own beliefs and establish our own identity. This may seem paradoxical, but it is through the process of understanding our unique selves that we are able to forge more meaningful relationships with others.

In the reading, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider the relationships in your life. It might be a good time to focus on making uplifting connections, but still leave space for your own identity. In addition to relationships, this card may ask you to consider your passions in general. What is currently lighting you up? This card can be a gentle incentive to discover your desires and work towards the things that make you feel happy. Passion is the message conveyed in The Lovers. With this card, all strong emotions are burned in you. It symbolizes love and relationships. All feelings related to the sublimation in love are gathered in this card, you can be overwhelmed by your passions.

III. Meaning of The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright represents passions in love. However, every passion when pushed to the climax will backfire, causing the relationship to appear negative. This card marks a relationship that makes you excited and deep. This relationship takes up most of your time, sometimes both energy and thinking. If you are not interested in love, the meaning of this card is that you are having a high focus on your interests. There will be problems that force you to make a decision, usually, you will choose what you are passionate about and love. The card also shows the charm in love, this is a relationship with a lot of harmony, empathy, and vitality. The two will have a close connection that is hard to separate. The love phase of the two of you will experience sublime and unforgettable emotions.

On the other hand, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot also announced that there will be a choice between completely opposite things. You must rely on your intuition, reason, and intelligence to choose the most suitable one. The card symbolizes perfection, harmony, and mutual attraction. Belief in one’s partner gives one strength and confidence to overcome obstacles and difficulties in life. The strong bond that two lovers create is often reflected in a marriage, a spiritual connection, or a very close relationship. The card can also imply a very strong sexual connection that goes beyond instant gratification and lust to convey the intense passion and desire that exists between two people. Physical attraction, as well as mutual sexual desire, is very strong for both sexes. 

On a more personal level, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot represents personal belief building and a better understanding of your self-worth. This is the time when you realize what is most important to you and find your own life philosophy. Now that you have learned and understood what The Hierophant teaches, you are now ready to create your own belief system and decide what is necessary and what is not in life. This is also a time when you need to be yourself and try to be as honest as possible.

The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot also means great choices. The dilemma will force you to take necessary action or make a choice, and you will want to find the best direction to move forward or make a wise choice. Something will change your plans or the course of your experience, it may be negative on the surface, but in reality, hides a lot of good luck. When The Lovers card appears in your reading, think about the decisions and choices you are facing. The fact that The Lovers is a Major card defines the importance and meaning of these decisions and choices and therefore, requires you to choose the right track. There may be easier options, but you need to ask yourself if that is the right path in the long term. Often, the harder path yields higher benefits, especially when it comes to a deeper level. If you find yourself wondering about a certain moral or ethical issue, where you have to choose between a morally higher or lower position, you will need to consider all consequences before acting. 

Likewise, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot emphasizes that your value system of dignity is being challenged, and you must make a firm decision based on it. The choice is never really easy or obvious. Unlike The Fool’s choice, which has no wrong options, The Lovers’ choice will be either very right or very wrong because one of them will lead you to unwanted consequences. So it is always wise to seek higher-level guidance before making a final decision. You need to be completely honest with yourself in this situation. Don’t look purely at external values, but take a closer look at your reasons, feelings, choices, and personal values.

In terms of love, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position gives a good signal. If you are single, this is the time to go looking for love, you will quickly meet your special one. If you are in love already, this is a good time to introduce your lover to your family, your relationship will go a long way. If the two of you are having animosity, take the initiative to make up first. The card gives the advice to restrain yourself as your way of expressing your feelings is not really appropriate, so you should listen more to solve misunderstandings.

In terms of work, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that you will have to make a choice, choosing the one that you feel will bring the most benefit. The meaning of The Lovers warns about something that is not in black and white, making you be dominated by the emotions at work. You can run your own business and get help from your lover or family members, so don’t worry. The Lovers also reminds you not to forget your dreams and ambitions because of the chaos in life.

In terms of money, you will receive money from family members or close friends. All your efforts are being rewarded with material successes. The advice from The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright is not to lend money to others, especially close friends. If you are looking to raise funds to start a business, rely on trusted relationships as they will go out of their way to help you.

In terms of health, The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means that you may carry a health problem at the time, so go to a doctor for a general check. You should not arbitrarily diagnose the disease and take the medicine at will to avoid problems. Because it is a card about love and passion, its warning is also related to love. Be very careful because you can get some diseases due to sex.

IV. Meaning of The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse indicates that conflicts in life are creating pressure for you, and unhappy things can make you two really tired. At this point, you and your partner should self-criticize to avoid the other person being hurt. The card also warns that the appearance of a third person can cause a rift in love. You should balance between love and work to avoid trouble. In your relationship, there are pressures that other people can step in and create temptation. Do not worry too much because you can completely handle this situation. The reversed card also says that you are haunted by the past, the advice is to let go and focus on the future.

The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse will mean that you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your actions. You made a hasty decision based purely on your own desires for instant gratification and now you are trying to blame someone else or fate. You have to do what you can to change, but if that is not possible, let go of the past and resolve to make better decisions in the future. The Lovers can also refer to inner conflicts or struggles with yourself rather than with external influences. It suggests disharmony and difficulty in balancing harmony within yourself. Are you punishing yourself for what you have done or feel like you need to be held accountable for it? To get yourself out of this situation, you need to be very focused on connecting your belief system and your values. This will help you make more informed decisions in the future. 

In addition, you may also need to return to the energy of The Hierophant and seek advice from an organization or spiritual mentor. The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse indicates that there may be some imbalance in your relationships. You may be sensing a bond that is beginning to fall apart and slowly break down. Your mutual vibrations are starting to get out of tune, and you may be feeling as though you are not getting along. Although there was good potential at the beginning, it has now become suspect. You begin to realize that your standards and thoughts for the future are really different. Those fundamental differences would probably be the end of the relationship if they are not resolved.

The Lovers Wild Unknown Tarot’s advice to you is to be frank with each other in your relationship. Things that seem hard to say and hard to bear are more relieving for both of you. Don’t think that when a relationship breaks down, life seems to be throwing bitter fruits at you, but consider it an experience everyone will go through in life. We come together because of some deliberate calculation of fate, and so does our departure. Those who belong together will eventually find each other at the last rendezvous of the journey. The difficulties you are facing are converted into tools to equip your resilient armor in life. Let the energy of the card guide you on this journey.

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