The Chariot – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: strong-willed, achievement, victory, self-control.

On The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot, we can see a horse looking out from the card with her mane flying freely in the wind. She faces us as if she is not afraid to face anything – problems, joys, and conflicts – directly. She does not hide from life! She fully and completely embodies all that life has to offer and believes in her ability to take on any situation. The Chariot shows how important it is to master how you present yourself to the world. This card is sometimes associated with the ego, and while the term ‘ego self’ has a bad reputation, the fact that there is a healthy self is really important. Having a strong idea of ​​who we are as individuals is essential for us to be authentic, set goals, and live our lives in a way that works for us. This is a card about autonomy, about your ability to choose how you manifest in your life.

Image description on The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot is black and white, except for the red corners. The red color here is darker, unlike some of the deeper colors we have seen in the previous cards. The use of color here is more commanding. Red is the color of confidence and assurance. Four is a stable number, and the placement of the colors in the four corners indicates autonomy in relation to The Chariot. The body of the horse becomes less and less detailed towards the end of the card. This shows that The Chariot can channel energy outside as well as within and direct it through her own determination. For better or for worse, Chariot is so focused on the task at hand that nothing else seems to matter. There is a special determination at work in this card.

There is some point in viewing the Major Arcana as three sets of seven cards (with the addition of The Fool). In this view, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot is the last card in the first row. In a way, this card reminds a young person, someone who is definitely mature but may have a limited view of his overall development. The Chariot is determined to go in a certain direction, but on the dark side, its energy can sometimes become way too motivating and powerful. This horse wears a chain around her neck, decorated with an iridescent bead. This symbolizes the mastery she has achieved so far. She is proud of all the ways she has grown so far. The Chariot’s challenge from here is to stay open to all she has to learn, instead of succumbing to an overblown ego! On her forehead is a black crescent moon, which suggests that her soul is still open to receiving new wisdom. But another challenge for The Chariot is to reconcile her knowledge of her soul with the steadfastness of her ego.

Above the horse, we see the familiar theme of rays of light emanating from a singularity. This time the source of the rays is a round, white sphere, possibly the sun. These emitted rays represent pervasive, powerful, and unstoppable energy. The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot is a card of action. The carriage is actively performing, going, moving. The rays emitted here are black and white. Monochromatic colors show meaningless energy. Sometimes, we need to get out of our surroundings and start taking ourselves seriously. The Chariot asks you to set goals, to believe in your ability to overcome adversity. When you maximize your willpower, you can completely succeed in the face of difficulties. This Chariot is your confidence, your bravery, and your inner warrior. At a point in your life when you feel the happiness of an achievement or a victory, you are riding on her back. Build a relationship based on this part of yourself. Try to “see” your inner chariot. The more focused you are, the easier it is to feel his presence and stand firmly on her back. With a steady gaze and constant footsteps, you will go straight to wherever you dream of going.

II. The message of The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot is often illustrated as a trolley driver. The card is usually drawn by two creatures, one black and one white. Contrasting colors show the need to round up all the seemingly contradictory elements in our lives and push them into a unified direction. There are many cards that speak of ease and fluency, but The Chariot presents a counterpoint to these concepts. It is about determination, hard work, and spirit. In a metaphorical sense, you are a charioteer and the carriage you drive is your life. It is your responsibility to assert your control over that vehicle and take ownership of the direction in which you are traveling.

The carriage draws your attention to you and your path. This is a common theme in the visual presentation of this card in various decks. It requires you to stay in your lane and to know what you are doing. The dark side of this can be selfishness and a lack of flexibility. But at its best, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot energy gives you your most powerful self-control. In a Tarot reading, in a positive sense, the card can remind you to tap into your steadfast determination. This card could be a push that motivates you to do hard work. Instead of avoiding difficulties, The Chariot challenges you to be like the horse in this card and face challenges directly. Get ready to start sorting through any obstacles you currently have. This may not always be easy, but if you believe in yourself, you can face the challenge.

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarotalso asks you to consider the current state of your ego. Do you have a healthy sense of confidence? Or, on the other hand, have you become so confused your way that you are missing the bigger picture? Ready to own your strengths and opportunities for further growth. Victory is another meaning that the card wants to convey, this card predicts that you will quickly overwhelm your opponent. Every success in work and love fields is also predicted to appear as soon as possible. This card is like a spiritual medicine to encourage you to try harder to taste the sweet fruit.

III. Meaning of The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright represents the best things to come. You can reap the fruits after many years of sowing seeds and planting trees, you can freely enjoy the fruits of your creation but should not rest on the victory. Losing relationships is what will happen if you continue to brag and tout your achievements as an endless hobby. Meanwhile, humility will earn you respect and admiration from everyone. The card advises you to be careful in your words and actions to avoid unnecessary troubles.

The meaning of the upright Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot is to help you realize your own shortcomings. You should focus all your energy, mind, and spirit to achieve the ultimate goal. The card encourages you to overcome barriers to good things. Positive signals about work and love will soon come, so don’t rush to make mistakes. The card predicts individual victories, you can rest assured that if you work hard, you can win every battle. The card also represents conquest, victory, and overcoming the opponent through your own confidence and control. Any success is the result of manifesting these factors to the situation. You will only need to use your willpower to overcome any obstacles or challenges on the journey. You may even find that by strengthening the opposing forces around you at this time, you can use them to your advantage. You have to be resolute, self-restraint, and diligent. If you do, you will overwhelm any difficulty or anyone trying to pull you back. This fight will make you stronger. You will be successful in pursuing your goals, as long as you remain focused, determined, and confident in your own abilities. You need to focus on completing the upcoming task, go ahead and confront it and conquer it. You must cultivate the capacity to withstand the rigors of the work required. In fact, doing your best for the goal can be satisfying. no different from achieving that goal. This is the time to be strong and keep things under control. 

You also need willpower and the ability to control your desires. You may wonder if you should pursue a plan or continue with a project, but you will be oriented to keep doing it in the end, and the odds are in your favor. The complex dilemma you are facing will be resolved over time. The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot requires you to always be assertive and bold. You may need to take care of yourself at this point and confidently express your needs and desires or you will not be able to make it to the end of your journey. You need to have faith in yourself and need to have a basic understanding of who you are and what you live for.

Sometimes, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot also implies that you should accept your own impulsive or quick tempers. Impulsivity is part of human nature and part of your innate existence. Impulsivity will not be easily suppressed, the more you try to suppress it, it will only make your temper ingrained deeply, so let it come out in the form of a “physical problem”. Impulsivity can be very negative, but it is also a powerful source of energy that can be creatively unleashed. This is the time when you need to be excellent at controlling your emotions and all your impulses or anger. You need to show that you are the boss and in control of the situation, but this also requires you to be in control of yourself.

In terms of love, you will soon break up with your singleness and start a sweet, romantic relationship. If you are in the process of finding out and starting to form an emotional relationship, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright says that you are going too far. For couples who have been in love for a long time, the card predicts that tensions will reach their climax because of your overconfidence and stubbornness. The advice from The Chariot is to be softer and more delicate with your partner, slowly approaching the other’s feelings will bring good signals.

In terms of work, there will be some problems with your current job, as there are some bad words spreading about you that may ruin your image. Don’t be influenced by unrelated people, work hard to carry out your duty, you will soon achieve good results and raise your reputation. Don’t try to get back on your enemies as it will bring no benefits. The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot, instead, suggests that if you are in need of advice, it is best to seek guidance from more senior and experienced people.

In terms of money, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright is a good card in terms of finances, however, it also says that you are overspending. If you need to borrow and turn over capital to invest in a business, this is a good time. However, if you are planning to lend, you should consider the borrower’s financial situation and ability to repay to make a reasonable loan and avoid potential risks. The card also suggests you spend time on vacations to relax your mind.

In terms of health, The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright recommends spending more time with yourself and your family. Fresh nature will make you healthier. Yoga or meditation sessions are a good idea. The card also warns you to stay away from stimulants and a heavy schedule. Your body condition can be weakened due to unhealthy living habits and unscientific working hours.

IV. Meaning of The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot sends the message that you are too aggressive and impatient. This card is a sign of your lack of focus and clear direction in life. You are shy and soft-hearted towards saboteurs and waste too much energy on them. This leads to hesitation in their own decisions. On the other hand, the card shows that you are too proud, showing off your achievements, which causes envy. The advice from The Chariot is to restrain yourself, any flowery words of praise can be a poison to make you have strong illusions about yourself. Humility and self-respect are what will help you go the longest and farthest.

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse means that you are feeling as if you are not in control of your life. You may have lost your dominion to opposing forces and now you are at the mercy of the situation. Over time, you may feel that every direction you take is leading to stagnation. If you want to take control of your destiny and want to know where you are going, this is the time to tighten your belt, be more disciplined, and focus on what you are doing to keep yourself right on track. While feeling powerless can be frustrating, it is a good idea to consider what you can and cannot control. Don’t allow yourself to worry about things beyond your control as if you cannot do anything about them. Instead, focus your energy and power on things that are within your control. Consider what you can do to change the situation. In this step, you need to be able to feel as if you have different directions because you are currently feeling pulled and pushed into the vast world of fate. 

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can also mean that you are breaking down due to pressure and loss of self-control. Your impulses are being swirled in the wrong direction, aiming at other people, at fate, and at external circumstances. This is a complete waste of your energy and resources. Let’s redefine your impulsiveness so that it manifests itself in the form of determination and willpower, stop feebly clinging to ideas, habits, people, or projects that are not worth your time and attention, and move forward instead. By now you are probably feeling it. You are completely obedient to the requests of others and are forced to face their problems instead of your own. You lose control of yourself as if life is just that. As a result, you have lost some sense of self-confidence and personal strength, and you may feel as though you have lost your way. You seek greater control over your life and you are determined not to let others dominate you as much as they did in the past. You want your mind to be your own, and you want to direct your life in the direction you desire, not someone else’s. 

The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can also show that you need to be more comfortable with situations that are not always under your control. There will be moments in the future when you feel as if all aspects of your life are out of your hands. Open your mind to spontaneity, impulsivity, and new experiences, even if these don’t go in the same direction as your original plan. Don’t be afraid to have someone guide you and instruct you on new journeys. You are not always in the correct position as the driver!

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