The Justice – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Justice Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: decision, karma, justice, integrity, cause and effect.

On Justice Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a white and a black cat looking at us from a completely black and white background. Their tails are intertwined in the center of the card, reminiscent of the symbol of yin-yang. Every darkness alternates with light and vice versa. Femininity and masculinity, right and wrong, black and white – it is tempting to think that they exist as single realities, but each is always permeated by a hint of the other. The Justice card is a reminder of this truth. The background lines are a reflective version of the pattern on the back of the deck. The path leads to a diamond in the center of the card. Half of the diamond on the black cat is white, and of course, the half on the white cat is black. Each must contain part of the other!

Image description on Justice Wild Unknown Tarot

An elegantly decorated sword is placed atop the cats, indicating the sword’s power comes from a higher spiritual realm. The point of the sword is just above the center of the diamond, showing that Justice Wild Unknown Tarot takes into account all the complexity of a situation. The area between the black and white poles is sometimes called the “gray zone”. Justice encourages us to take these nuanced gray areas into account when we draw our conclusions. Because often decisions have to be made even when there are no “black or white” answers.

One thing to note is that, at this point, in the Major Arcana, the Wild Unknown has gone against the Rider-Waite tradition by placing Justice as the eighth card (Arthur Edward Waite has switched the order of Justice and Strength). The symbolism in this card shows that ‘to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’.

This is the ideal traditionally associated with the card of Justice – karma, truth, decision, and morality. With their tails entwined, the two cats look straight at you, waiting for you to choose between them. What is right and what is wrong? Justice Wild Unknown Tarot refers to the weight or heaviness surrounding the choice you have to choose. This is not the time to move away from notions of divine balance or karma. All the choices you make have an impact on your life, and sometimes it is all around you, both now and in the future.

II. The message of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In many Tarot decks, Justice shows a figure holding an upright sword in one hand and scales in the other. The scale is a clear sign of balance, negating all sides of the situation. The obvious alignment of Justice is a literal legal system, but this card is also linked to the moral decisions we have to make in our daily lives. Even seemingly small actions have a visible impact in the physical world or in the physical sense. Thus, there are two aspects of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot– karma is the spiritual aspect. While it is a lot more complicated than some people understand, there is something to the notion that our “vibrations” attract certain things into our experience. Justice is the card that represents this concept. This card asks you to take responsibility for your real-world actions and your energy.

Living with integrity is one of the hardest but most rewarding things we can do. Justice Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to take your values ​​and beliefs seriously. Once you have clearly defined your values, beliefs, ethics, etc., you have to ask yourself whether you are living in accordance with these principles or not. Integrity means being at the forefront of your conversation. Integrity also means protecting your principles when they are at risk in the real world. So this is a card that speaks volumes about the actual work of social justice, activism, and equality quest.

During a reading, Justice Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider how your own choices are affecting your reality. It may be time to give all your options a comprehensive thought and make careful choices about how to proceed. Remember that things are nuanced and you may not find an easy “right answer” right away. Be willing to look at your situation objectively and respect the full complexity of the job. This card is also a good reminder to step into your wholeness. Take back your power to define your own beliefs and stand up for what is right. Justice is the only word that fully describes the meaning of the card. It is closely related to law and justice, when you draw this card, it means that the problems in your relationship will soon be rectified and returned to righteousness.

III. Meaning of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The message of the upright Justice Wild Unknown Tarot is that you should be fair when making decisions in life because it affects not only you but also others. The card predicts that new contracts at work will come after many difficult struggles. You deserve the best so be confident and express yourself more to balance all aspects of your life, luck and success will soon come to you. The card represents the zodiac sign Libra. It is as an announcement that the surrounding issues will soon receive an end, whether satisfactory or not, the ending is still done according to the principle of fairness. You may be about to sign some legal documents.

Sometimes, Justice Wild Unknown Tarot appears to announce some unfavorable news. You are doing something stealthy and dishonest and you will soon pay for it. On the other hand, the card tells that life does not always make fair judgments for all of us, but be patient because what is done by day, appears by night. You can trust that all grievances and resentments will soon be resolved. As the card denotes fairness, frankness, honesty, and law, when it appears, it means the fairest decision will be made. You are being asked to take responsibility for your actions and accept the subsequent judgment.

The appearance of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot shows that events are unfolding as if they are preordained and that what is happening to you is coming from the past decisions you have made as well as from actions you have taken. You are getting what you deserve. Justice expresses a conscious awareness that your decisions and actions are a lasting chain of cause and effect, and that your present and future are largely the results of these decisions and actions. 

Besides, Justice Wild Unknown Tarot also implies that your actions in the future can be changed by a lesson learned from the current situation. You cannot be honest without giving that honesty to yourself as well as to others. Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and be aware of it in words and in what others do. Be fair to everyone and you will soon notice a lack of honesty in yourself and in others. Learn the laws that govern what concerns you. This is the time to stay objective and to base your judgment on facts, not on personal opinions. 

Only when you see the Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading do you need to be fair. When everyone plays fair and follows the rules, the results will be very positive. However, you need everyone to behave the same way for this scenario to happen. If someone goes against the trend or tries to mess things up, that is not good at all! The card also implies a time when a decision needs to be made. You need to care, think or find a solution to some problem in your own life. Take a look at the two cards on either side of Justice to understand what you are considering carefully in making your decision. As you ponder your decision, do you pass judgment or do you accept the decision you make? How can you stay on top of your goals while still working to get to the core of the matter? It is an important time for your inner self (i.e. your conscience) to “arbit” to make the “right” decision. Fair judgment will always exist. 

Justice Wild Unknown Tarot often deals with legal matters of all fields. The courts are where judgments are made and decisions are constructed. The legal system is the formal area where the principles of Justice (honesty, fairness, and truth) are discovered. If you see Justice in your reading at a time when you are having legal problems, you can hope that the outcome will be clear and fair. You may also be dealing with legal documents and contracts, such as marriage certificates, divorce papers, business contracts, agreements, or financial disputes. Where you demand fairness, remember that justice will prevail and the lawsuits will succeed. Of course, if you have acted in a falsehood or have not told the truth, fairness will endure, and you will need to be held accountable for your actions.

In terms of love, the meaning of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that you are or will be in a romantic relationship with a person related to the law field. That person may be working in a legal profession such as a prosecutor, lawyer, etc., or he/she is operating illegally. In addition, the card also advises that if you and that person are having contentious issues and that person treats you badly, just end that relationship as soon as possible. Connections must be based on respect and equality, you deserve respect and love from anyone. In addition, tolerance and tenderness in love are necessary if the two of you have been together for many years and suddenly there are many arguments at this time.

In terms of work, Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position reminds you to pay close attention to business activities such as taxes, financial statements, and compensation to avoid litigation. Fairness and transparency are key to helping your business go a long way in the future. In the case of signing a new contract, you need to consider the legal terms carefully to avoid being disadvantaged when cooperating. If you are looking for a job, this is the right time to start a new job and employment contract.

In terms of money, the results of hard work during the past can receive good signals. However, Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright says that if you are involved in illegal business activities, you will be prosecuted. On the other hand, you may receive a certain amount of money possibly due to inheritance. The advice of the card is that, at this time, all decisions related to money should be carefully considered. Lucrative investment contracts will appear, but you must be careful not to get involved in illegal business.

In terms of health, the pressure from your work and romantic relationship makes you stifled. Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright informs that you are in need of finding balance in your life. Short trips or vacations somewhere close to home will help you wind down. If you are sick for a long time, the card predicts that the situation will soon end, so you should persevere in taking medicine to recover soon.

Meaning of Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Justice Wild Unknown Tarot brings predictions about legal decisions. You are living with a dishonest and irresponsible attitude, you do not accept the fact that you have gone in the wrong direction. You should remember that every action you take at this moment can change your whole future. If you are not fair to everyone, you cannot get justice from others. Advice from Justice is to correct your way of life and be careful in all attractive invitations in any case.

The reversed card implies that you may be dishonest with yourself and others. It shows reluctance to deeply understand the cause of an event that has happened and shows that you are missing out on some opportunities to understand more about yourself in life. You are not actively taking responsibility for your actions and maybe trying to justify, avoid, and blame others for your own mistakes. The key here is to take responsibility for what you have done and realize that where you are now is a result of the choices you have made in your own past. Therefore, whatever it is, to get out of this situation, it is necessary to ensure fairness and clarity and follow the Supernatural’s principles of fate and justice. If, after a serious self-reflection, you feel that you did the best you could, know that the Supernatural has always prepared a way for you no matter what the situation you are facing. If you are feeling discouraged right now, it is still the right path for you. Over time, you will gradually realize the real reason you have to walk this path. 

Justice Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can reflect a clear black and white view of the world, just the two cats on the card, so you may need to get rid of all your thoughts about what is right and wrong and just simply accept anything. Stop constantly asking yourself if what you are doing is the right thing to do or if it will work best for you. Just be yourself and learn to accept your current situation. Let yourself be immersed in the “present moment” and reject any other momentary judgment. 

The reversed Justice Wild Unknown Tarot also implies that you may be in a more favorable position by “dodging the law” a bit (of course not in a harmful way) and being more versatile with your current circumstances. One thing for sure, you also need to act fairly and clearly without hiding or karma will return to you! If you are involved in a legal matter, you may be worried about an unfair outcome. You can challenge the final ruling and question the entire legal process. There may be some legal complications or something that stands in the way of justice. You may become biased or inaccurately judge others, failing to find the truth or a fair point of view. Your opinions are biased and dominated by others. Be aware of how you judge or criticize others and make sure you maintain a fair point of view before resorting to the sword of justice!

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