The Hermit – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: solitude, self-reflection, meditation, introspection, search.

Who better portrays The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot’s ideals than a turtle? He wears his house on his back so he can literally go inside. He looks at us with a calm expression. He does not hide out of fear but a deeper intellect forcing him to withdraw from the outside world. The Hermit feels that what he needs most right now can be achieved in the inner world. Hermit’s surroundings are dark, but he carries a lantern on his back, the orange flames creating a single patch of color in the card. The flame is lively and confident. We might assume that Hermit is a shy character, but the flames suggest otherwise. It really takes tremendous strength to turn away from socially espoused expectations, opinions, and norms. But The Hermit teaches that when you cultivate this inner strength — through meditation, introspection, and self-discovery — you can practice true authenticity.

Image description on The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot

Just in front of The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot, we see a patch of white light illuminated by his lantern. This shows that he has a highly developed inner guidance system, and although he may not be able to see the entire path in front of him, he carries a light that will always shine on his steps. He lets his path unfold spontaneously in each moment and trusts the spiritual rhythms of the universe. Like a turtle, this Hermit is not someone who can move quickly. He is not focused on racing to the finish line. He knows that he must take time to reflect and to contemplate before embarking on any given path.

The idea of ​​being a “hermit” is not supported in our society. But in the realm of the Tarot, they are the most famous and respected beings. Through meditation, solitude, and stability, they bring wisdom to all. When The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot appears, it is time to step out of your busy day-to-day life and focus on your innermost realm. Be more self-aware. If you are intrigued by meditation, start it now. Take time for yourself. The fire inside you is ready to be lit – it will shine for all to see.

II. The message of The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Although the core of all archetypes is gender-neutral, many Tarot decks show the Hermit as a stereotypical “wise old man,” complete with a long cape and voluminous white beard, bringing a lantern. The Hermit archetype appears in many famous stories (the image of Dumbledore in Harry Potter or Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings).

The Hermit is often referred to as a monk or some other type of spiritual seeker. While The Hierophant shows finding knowledge in the outside world through experts and existing structures, The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot shows the importance of redirecting your search inward. That is not to say that The Hermit cannot represent outside help as this card is often associated with mentors and guides. But the kind of guidance Hermit offers leads people to their own understanding, rather than imposing a predefined belief system as Hierophant can.

We all have an inherent internal guidance system that acts as our own Hermit’s lantern. This card reminds you to be quiet and listen to your inner guidance, as it will rarely lead you astray. When The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot appears, it is usually a reminder to activate your inner guide. Instead of seeking answers from others or avoiding being alone with your thoughts, The Hermit asks you to meditate and contemplate. Shift your focus away from outside distractions and discover what is inside of you instead. If you feel as though outside support could be helpful, remember that the best mentors are the ones who only guide you closer to your own truth.

Solitude is what The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot card wants to tell you. If you receive this card, it means that you will go through a period of spiritual loneliness. Sometimes, the meaning of The Hermit indicates that you need a private space to think about yourself. This is clearly not an ideal card in terms of love and work.

III. Meaning of The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot says that you will let go of a familiar habit or relationship. Be it migration, self-employment in business, or living alone. Sometimes this is a good thing, you will have time to fulfill your own wishes without being distracted by anyone. The negative things sent in The Hermit will make you worry. The card, at some points, is a sign of loneliness, unrewarded efforts, worse, loss, and betrayal. The Hermit in the upright represents a desolate journey like an old man holding a lantern walking alone in the mountains portrayed in some traditional decks. In order to continue the journey to conquer the dream, the man must go alone and overcome all his fears to go strong without a companion. 

The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot implies your thought of wanting to be independent and self-reliant because your family is too concerned about it, causing stifle. Don’t worry because this stage will be a time for you to understand yourself and grow up. Time alone is the ideal time to carry out projects without being distracted by the people around. Experiencing this stage, independence and confidence in thinking will come to you. The Hermit shows that you are in a stage of introspection, attention, and concentration of your mind to find answers. You have a strong need to know, not only on the surface level but really want to know the inner problem. The Hermit implies that your awareness has gone inward and now it is time for you to realize that the truth and understanding you are looking for lies within you, unaffected by the outside world. This is a good time to look back on your daily life and reflect more deeply on your own motivations, principles, and values. 

The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright reflects your soul-searching phase. You want to seek the truth at all costs. You yearn to find a new direction in life, so you have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contemplation. When we feel we have doubts about our current situation, remember that there is always a deeper meaning in it, and we will begin to look for it. This search is essentially a solitary process, for the answers lie not in the outside world, but within ourselves. So, The Hermit refers to a time when you feel as if you are separate from others. You need to be alone and want to withdraw from the world around you so that you will be able to become more and more reclusive and experience your own world on a higher level. Through meditation, contemplation, and counseling, you can begin to re-evaluate your goals and change your overall direction. You will see life with a deeper understanding and from there start to change certain priorities from the beginning. 

There is certain spiritual wisdom associated with The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot. The appearance of The Hermit in a Tarot reading shows that you need to develop the mental strength that resides deep within your subconscious. Be content with solitude or just cooperate and associate with people of the same level as you. Do not waste time and energy on people or problems who are not ready or worthy. The Hermit card symbolizes the desire to turn away from material society and the right to focus more on the inner world. Have you seen the movie or read the book called “Into the Wild”? After graduating from college, Christopher McCandless, an elite student and athlete, gave up his fortune when he donated his entire $24,000 to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live on his own unspoiled land. Although the story has a sad and tragic ending, McCandless’s journey will remind you of The Hermit, who seeks answers from within and knows he will reach the real world in stillness.

The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright has learned to help others with love and compassion. This Tarot card implies that you have passed an important milestone and you can now understand and appreciate the different paths people have chosen to all lead to higher goals. You have already reached the point where it is enough to enlighten yourself and don’t need to convince others of what they should do. You can lean towards silence and let your inner light shine on others as a medium of communication. The process of contemplating on The Hermit tells you how to enhance your own wisdom. You need to find your own light source, shine it into your soul and create your own path. Through meditation and intuition, The Hermit allows you to connect with the wise human part that is always living in you.

In terms of love, The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot has never been a beautiful card for love stories. You yearn for love, a little romance, and attention from your partner, however, you don’t open up. The bad thing is that your partner does not realize those things and you are secretly disappointed by his/her lack of delicacy. Sometimes the card is a sign of rift, you and your partner do not have a common voice, and frequent arguments make both of you exhausted. On the other hand, the card represents loneliness in a relationship. The advice is that you should show more affection and listen more.

In terms of work, you will not receive support from colleagues or superiors in some situations. Heavy workload makes you pressured and desire to share, but you cannot find a reliable ally. Your career path can be lonely due to a lack of support from family and friends. However, you need to keep in mind that successful people always experience loneliness. Be confident and keep trying because the results are coming very close.

In terms of money, The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright warns about riskily investing money in your work, so you should consider carefully to avoid a quick budget deficit that does not bring good results. During this period, you will have a cut in your income for some reason, saving and planning your spending will help you feel free from money pressure. Any problems related to late loans during this time do not bring good results.

In terms of health, this is the time when you are often sick due to the change of living environment. Sudden climate change makes you fall into persistent diseases. If you are in treatment, The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says that comfort and encouragement from family and close friends will help you through this difficult time. Carrying everything by yourself is probably too much for you. If you are living alone, it may be a good idea to move in with family or friends for a short period of time. No matter how proud you are of your independent living skills, this is not the time to pretend to be so strong. Sometimes showing your weak side and letting others take care of you is also a way for you to connect and acknowledge their presence in your life. You can also ask a close friend or colleague to accompany you for a checkup or talk to your doctor. Maybe they are also happy and willing when you ask them, rather than you trying to endure everything alone and take the distance from everyone.

IV. Meaning of The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Every lonely journey has hidden dangers, you are worried and scared by obstacles. You feel lonesome and empty with no way to find someone to sympathize with. The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse also predicts that you are about to experience the taste of betrayal and unfair play. You get stuck in your own thoughts and cannot find any contact. The lonely journey is full of pitfalls and sweet temptations. If you receive this reversed card, you should try to balance your life. All storms will pass if you open up more. Talking and confiding with experienced elders will help you relax.

The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot, when in reverse, represents one of two ideas. You are either not spending enough time on personal reflections or you are spending too much time on them. If you are working to create a deeper connection with your own spirit, the reversed Hermit encourages you to spend more space and time to meditate and reflect on your own spirituality. This is the time to take a deeper look at yourself and rediscover your greater meaning and purpose in this real life. Perhaps you are too busy dealing with everyday problems that you forget to contemplate on yourself and listen to your inner voice. This Tarot card wants you to search deep within your soul to help you find your way back and focus on rebuilding your spiritual level. 

If you are spending too much time introspective, the appearance of The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse will mean that you have been immersed in excessive solitude for too long. You are really becoming a hermit and isolating yourself from the people around you. While this time will help you mentally, you may still feel isolated and experience temporary loneliness. Don’t underestimate the value of staying in touch with others even while you are on your own spiritual journey. Also, be mindful of the needs of those around you. Don’t become so dependent on yourself and your difficult situations that you forget your family and friends. 

In a relationship reading, the reversed Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot may imply less friendly isolation. For example, one person wants to be alone or withdraw from a relationship while the other wants to cultivate a stronger bond. You will need to respect each other’s space, but also be there to help each other out in times of need. Besides, the idea of ​​living alone to prove that you are independent is quite challenging and unappealing at the time, especially when you are trying to do everything in your power. Even when there are challenges in the relationship, both people don’t want to be apart because breaking up will only bring a feeling of emptiness. It is too early to be separated and you still want to do everything together.

If you have broken up, The Hermit Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position could again indicate that you are ready to explore a new relationship because you realize that you have had enough time to reflect. If you are single, you are probably feeling tired and lonely, and most of all, you have a strong desire to have a relationship or a lasting connection at this time. However, the reversed card advises you to take this time for yourself first. Perhaps you have forgotten about yourself for too long, so your needs for self-respect and love are strongly reawakened. Entering into a relationship too soon only makes you hurt and lose yourself because you don’t know what you want and you become insecure when you lack interaction with external factors. Only when you are really strong and okay with being alone on this journey will you be ready to accept any companion as well as feel okay with their departure.

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