The Wheel of Fortune– Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: destiny, fate, an obvious change, turning point.

In Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot, we find ourselves in a three-dimensional world, a visual representation of the interwoven cosmic web of life. The Wheel itself serves as the focal point, an intricate structure of tangled branches acting as spokes, and woven rainbow threads. The colorful thread shows a vital force that unites everything. There is an inherent meaning in what appear to be random chances of fate on a spinning wheel. Everything is connected through complex patterns. We may not be able to untangle events to understand why they are the way they are, but there is an unpredictable system at work during the spinning of the wheel. 

Image description on Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot

Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot often shows changes beyond human understanding or control. You may view these changes as fate or destiny, or you may think of them as simply random chance. Either way, the wheel brings about changes that we might not be able to do much of – the change of seasons is one example of this energy. The night covers almost the upper part of the card. The branches of the wheel are white, as opposed to the dark branches on the bottom of the card. An owl looks at us from the top of the wheel. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and does not change phases nor attempts to control the movement of the wheel. Instead, she observes and adapts.

The lower part of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot merges into the daytime scene. The transition from day to night and vice versa is a manifestation of the Wheel of Fortune with which we are all so familiar. On a symbolic level, this can also indicate our fate changing from clarity to confusion, success to failure, and countless other twists and turns. Sometimes changes that seem meaningless at the time become meaningful only when we have gained distance and perspective. That is the way of the wheel.

There is a sense of mystery inherent in the Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot. We cannot understand how or why the wheel rotates. Its construction seems chaotic at first, but on closer inspection, we see rainbow threads and hope that there is a higher order of work. This is how we speculate about the concepts of destiny and fate. Our best bet is to show off the wisdom of the owl. Instead of lamenting the invisible forces that turn the wheel, we can try to accept the inevitable change and go with the wheel.

Either day or night, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot is always in motion. Some call it fate while others call it destiny. Months and years can go by without noticing its presence, but when this card appears, the eyes of the wheel are fixed on you. Don’t be surprised if an inevitable change happens to you as something you least expect. Whatever happens during this time, know that it is bringing you closer to your life goals.                                                          

II. The message of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Many descriptions of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot include creatures in the four corners of the card representing the four zodiac signs. These can symbolize wisdom that allows you to maintain a sense of stability even when there are changes in your life. It is also important to note that we are not completely helpless against moving forces. The Greek god Anubis often appears in this card, a god with many roles including guiding souls from the living world to the underworld. Therefore, you can consider that there are cosmic forces working in your favor to help you navigate the changes. You can even have more influence than you believe when you spin the wheel. Sometimes this card serves as a reminder of your role in promoting and having an active voice in your destiny.

Another important theme that appears in Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot is the notion that ‘what goes up must go down.’ If you are lucky, it is not likely to last forever. The same is true for very unlucky things. As it has been said, the only constant in life changes. You are wise to know when to proactively act on the forces of change in your life, and when to step back and accept it will happen. In a reading, Wheel of Fortune draws your attention to the changes currently taking place both within you and your outer world. If you are avoiding accepting these changes, it may be time to face them head-on. Remember that from a cosmic point of view, the changes that happen to you are not necessarily positive or negative. Instead, they are neutral forces.

If you feel a negative reaction to a twist of fate right now, remind yourself that you may not be able to see the bigger picture yet. As the image in Wild Unknown really shows, the workings of fate are complex and confusing. Practice changing your perspective so you can best handle whatever turning point you are reaching. Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot predicts good fortune is coming to you. When this card appears, you can rest assured that luckiness is coming, and you will soon receive good news about love, life, and everyday relationships.

III. Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot has many positive meanings, at this stage, your business will have a lot of prosperity even though there was almost no hope before. In addition, the card also represents a transition between fortunes in life, what you have been and are doing will bring proud results. Wheel of Fortune symbolizes your luck in bets. However, on the negative side, the card can be a sign that your lucky streak may be coming to an end. The good luck or bad luck that the card predicts depends a lot on your circumstances.

When you receive the Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position, that means the luck is about to come, it is also possible that the luck will repeat. You should enjoy life with the mindset that today is the last day to fully capture the best moments. The wheel of time is constantly rounding, signaling that betting or lottery luck may appear. A certain destiny will appear, sometimes an opportunity in work or the fate of love is approaching. The card also refers to the fact that all things tend to move in cycles. There are good times and also bad times. Even if the outside environment is difficult and challenging, you will still have a good time breathing and can focus on creating joy and comfort. The lesson from this card is that you need to accept the ups and downs in life. 

If you want everything to be fine all the time, you will not appreciate what you have. Sometimes difficult times will present the contrasts and attitudes needed to realize that you are still very fortunate. So, when the good time comes, enjoy it but don’t be complacent because this advantage can always change. When you are in a difficult situation, don’t be discouraged because even if things go bad, life is still open to the prospect that everything can get better! Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot implies that you should not just stand still and accept what life has to offer. You can actively maintain the active part of this rotation. When things go negative, instead of waiting and hoping that things will gradually get better, you should actively improve the situation and speed up the recovery process. 

Finally, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright implies that you should not allow yourself to feel depressed when faced with adversity. Adversity is a natural part of life and is always present from time to time. In fact, when bad moments happen, you should not worry. Accept that and don’t necessarily act like it is the end of the world. Instead, find ways to face and overcome them. If the problem you are facing cannot be solved, this card can be a hint for a solution. The card symbolizes that there are many external factors affecting your situation that you may not be aware of or cannot control. It is as if the Universe is just doing what He likes at this point, and as a result, you feel everything is unpredictable or out of sorts (especially when you want to be in control of everything). This is one of the challenging aspects of this card because no matter which direction the Wheel of Fortune turns, it cannot be tried to change. Therefore, you should accept what is happening and adjust accordingly. 

If you are facing an inevitable crisis, remember that in every difficulty, there are opportunities. When you are forced into a new direction, you should know that all roads lead somewhere, even if you don’t know where that place is. Things like that are simply out of your control, and if you can get over them, things will get easier. If you resist, the wheel will “crush” you. So keep following the wheel of fate! Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot means that by maintaining optimism and belief in Everything, the situation will be handled in the best way. You need to stay as optimistic as possible. Through the process of meditation and reflection, the Wheel of Fortune can support and strengthen your intention to bring abundance, luck, and prosperity into your life. This archetype allows your life to take a more positive turn if you are willing to grow and expand on it. This is also a blessed time in life when you feel the influence of fate on you and vice versa. You may even witness a miracle or a sequence of good fortunes.

Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright represents destiny and reminds you that “what will be will be will”. In a straightforward sense, you can be in a positive state but don’t become complacent either. You need to behave in ways that are appropriate or “good” in nature to ensure that luck and positive things are always on your side. Wheel of Fortune raises an important point in your life where positive choices can arise. It signals that change is not only possible but certainly imminent. In general, the change shown in this card is a significant one in the established order. These changes are personal and may require you to embark on a new path. You may also need to change your current situation, turn things in a different direction, or change things around to ensure that you are producing results that work for your life. A great affirmation for the Wheel of Fortune is: “Through all the changes that all things bring, I feel the center of stability within me.”

In terms of love, this is the ideal period to look for a new relationship if you are single or have recently broken up. If you are in love, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright warns that a love story is a private matter of two people, all advice and evaluation from others is for reference only and should not be taken as truth. A small romantic thing will warm up the relationship if the two of you are longtime lovers. Sharing problems in daily life will be a spiritual medicine to help you two get closer to each other.

In terms of work, depending on the context, different developments for work can take place. In general, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright still has many lucky meanings for your work. Specifically, if you are intending to start a business, this is the ideal time and the support of others will help you quickly succeed. If you are looking to change your job, some advice from experienced people and new colleagues will help you adapt to the new environment. And if hardships at work are surrounding you, you can rest assured that this period is about to end.

In terms of money, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings luck. If you are broke, the card is a signal that you will be rich again in a short time. In case you have a good economy, the card reminds you to spend money purposefully because squandering will make you quickly empty-pocketed. In addition, the appearance of The Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes that the games and bets will bring you luck.

In terms of health, maintaining unhealthy habits will make your physical condition go downhill. You should try changing yourself in a more positive direction. Exercise sessions or light activity to increase refreshment and alertness are essential. If you are in the period of medical examination and treatment, Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises that you should pay attention to external factors to avoid unnecessary troubles.

IV. Meaning of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse informs negative points. Your life is going on in a cycle of relatively boring repetition, you rarely go out and are indifferent about everything. You should try new things to spice up your life. The card advises you to let go of the things that bring suffering and torment in life, when you let go is when you have the courage to move forward. The moment you accept the truth is when the wheel of time turns a new round and new luck can come to you again. 

At that time, luck is no longer on your side. Changing events that are not favorable for you are causing you many difficulties and revising your world dramatically, seemingly for the worst. Usually, the reversed meaning of Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot implies that there are resources beyond your control, making you feel powerless and helpless. However, even though there are a few unfortunate circumstances that get out of hand, the bad times you are going through can also be seen as the result of bad decisions you have made in the past. Think about the actions you have taken and see if they play a role in your current situation. What can you do to improve your luck and regain control of your destiny? Despite your setbacks, you can learn a lesson in life and prepare for a time of many ups and downs to come. Take responsibility for the present and the future and look for ways to produce more positive results. 

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Wild Unknown Tarot can also reflect resistance to change, especially if this change is being imposed on yourself. The appearance of this reversed card shows that the change has created a significant sense of stress for you and you are trying to stop this process both consciously and unconsciously. This is also not the time to gamble with decisions as you may not be able to reap good results. You need to be more cautious than before, spending more time focusing on looking at your options and making the safest determination.

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