The Strength – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Strength Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: patience, emotional control, courage, patience, gentle strength.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot card is quietly governed by the presence of a lion. The lion is facing straight ahead. Like The Chariot Wild Unknown Tarot, this lion is not one to hide from life. Strength gives you a way to approach even difficult situations with patience and faith. In the original version of this card, the lion is referred to by using feminine pronoun (she). Some readers point out that since this lion has a mane, it is actually a male lion. One reader suggests that this lion could be a “two-souled, gendered or transsexual lion”. For the sake of simplicity, the author of the deck uses gender-neutral pronouns in this updated version. All of the core archetypes are gender-neutral. Strength is often associated with “feminine energy” because it represents a strong and confident yet calm approach. But the term “Yin energy” may be more appropriate because it has no sexist connotations.

Image description on Strength Wild Unknown Tarot

The lion carries a rose in his mouth. Although his teeth are sharp enough that he can easily tear the flower in half, he does not. Instead, the flower is carefully kept, showing gentle fierceness. The lion’s mastery is achieved gently, not by force. Instead of trying to solve a problem, he works with it. Above the lion is a sun, emitting orange-yellow rays. This adds to the sense of pride we have associated with the lion. On the lion’s forehead is a layer of lemon juice, enhanced with orange and yellow shades. This shows a huge range of infinite energy. There is a comparison between Strength Wild Unknown Tarot and The Chariot as they present variations on a similar theme. The Chariot is more about absolute control while Strength is more about the mastery of patience. The Wild Unknown has done a great job portraying the traits we associate with the Strength card.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot is often thought of as the roaring, devouring face of a lion. But if we look back, what “strength” suggests is a deeper resource that must be sought from the depths. The lion represents the patient and calm ego within us. He is a master of focus, compassion, and self-control. When this card appears, you need to tap into this energy for yourself. The courage you need can be found in your own strength, the strength that comes from the heart.

II. The message of Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Traditional depictions of the card show a woman crouching in front of a lion. The woman lifts the lion’s jaw with her hand, gently persuading the creature to cooperate. Instead of putting all her strength into forcing the lion to do something, she knows that her energy will be better spent if she stays calm. Strength Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you that sometimes you have to play the long game. Meaningful changes take time. You need to have the patience to keep space for others. You need to have the courage to face the challenge and to keep showing up no matter what obstacles you encounter. Strength speaks to your ability to calmly drive others into agreeing with your approach. Tolerance and compassion go a long way when you want to demonstrate the validity of your vision. But Strength also speaks to your ability to walk alongside your own inner demons. Instead of ignoring them or trying to beat them into submission, your best approach is to gain mastery over them by harnessing your courage, your gentle (but fierce) strength.

In a reading, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot is often a reminder of your inner courage. Like the lion on the card that represents both patience and courage, you hold both of these traits within you. It is time to step into your inner reserve of courage and do what needs to be done. Be patient with yourself and have compassion for those you encounter. Remember that you don’t have to force anything to happen. Instead, see how you can save your energy by working with your challenges. When you are simultaneously calm and courageous, you are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot, of course, brings the message of strength. As the name suggests, Strength represents the potential strength of each person. When this card comes to you, it means that the hidden deep power inside you will be a sharp weapon to overcome challenges in work, love, and social relationships.

III. Meaning of Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The source of strength that Strength Wild Unknown Tarot means is an increase in inner strength and positive energy. Sometimes the card marks the time you should participate in sports activities and games that bring vitality. The card reminds you to check your health, follow a healthy eating plan, and consume beverages that purify the body. In other cases, the card shows that you take care of someone in the family or you will do something related to health. The Strength card also gives advice that you should trust yourself, use your inner strength to fight the forces and individuals that are trying to defeat you.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright brings the message of supreme energy and inner strength through the image of a lion. This image symbolizes the fierce struggle between the child and the human part of each of us. The battle against your own inertia and selfishness is the biggest one, you will have to use all resources to win. You have fortitude and courage against life’s difficulties. Your confidence and composure in all your situations and problems are something to be proud of. The upright card appears to confirm that you are a person of perseverance and responsibility. This good quality will be a treasure leading to success if exploited reasonably.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot represents determination in much the same way as The Chariot. However, the differences between these two Tarot cards are very clear. While The Chariot represents outer strength and will, the Strength card represents one’s inner strength and mental capacity to overcome any obstacle. The Strength Tarot card implies that you can endure barriers in life by focusing on your inner power and confidence. You have great stamina and endurance. You maintain a mild temper through patience and inner calm. You focus on what you need to do, and you do it in a way that shows maximum composure and maturity. 

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright also represents an approach based on compassion and empathy. You give others space and tolerate all their needs. You accept and can easily overlook any imperfections. When you do, you create a safe and trustworthy environment where you can gently influence others. This represents a “soft” level of control as you persuade and direct others to your way of thinking. The quality of the Strength Tarot card is already in you, waiting to appear as soon as you control all the mundane elements, your basic emotions, and when you are ready to do the things you need to do the cognitive tasks ahead. 

The basic lesson in Strength Wild Unknown Tarot is that emotions must be overcome if mental wisdom and intuition are awakened. The inner voice is often drowned out by transient emotions, anxieties, and fears. Only when you let go of these immature emotions can you begin to find the serenity you need. Overcome your fears, control your impulsive personality, and never lose patience with yourself or with what you are doing. You will even see the wisdom of following your inner self. The Strength card will show you that you have the power to overpower the child part of you. Meditating on this card can help with your process of enhancing and experiencing the power inherent in your natural self. 

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position shows a balance between the aspects of your being: the human part, the child part, and the spiritual part. This may seem impossible, but love, kindness, and a brave heart can make it all harmonious and balanced. In a Tarot reading, the appearance of the Strength card implies a time when you need to be aware of your instinctive urges and reactions, and harmonize them through good meanings in life. This is not the time to react in anger or hatred but instead, consider the situation with love and empathy. The Strength card represents a higher level of awareness that allows you to take responsibility for yourself so that you can take control of your surrounding world. This card reminds us that inside each of us is a part of empathy and instinct that will manifest often or rarely, depending on the individual.

​​If you are one of those types of people who act impulsively or irrationally, uttering angry or negative words towards others, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position also reminds you to try to tame yourself. You will probably need to prevent yourself from harshly minding others’ business and saying something you might later regret. In a Tarot reading, Strength gives you hope to connect both the forces inside and outside. It also requires you to regain the self-confidence to present yourself to the world with an image of strength, firm stance, and perseverance. If you have always doubted yourself, the Strength card gives you the assurance to refute those doubts. 

Furthermore, if you are feeling too tired or stressed, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot will tell you, “Things will get better! You will find the strength in yourself and in others to keep going!” You can be sure that you will have the patience to see the task completed at the last minute. If you are in a very difficult situation, the Strength card will imply that you should withdraw for a while and wait patiently. Enlightenment will only come when the time is right – not in a hurry. With the Strength Tarot card, it is clear that strength and courage will cover all your efforts. Results may be slow to come, but you will need to understand yourself and focus enough energy to get the job done. In other words, your efforts will be recognized and rewarded later.

In terms of love, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position predicts that if you are single, there will be no change in the near future. You should happily enjoy your single life, think comfortably, and take care of yourself to draw out your inner lion. If you are immersed in a relationship, the card reminds you to be alert to upcoming external troubles, the two of you need to trust and strengthen your feelings to get through this challenging time. Strength advises you to look to your family to find a sense of peace if your emotional relationship is strained.

In terms of work, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright brings favorable predictions about your job. If you are starting your own business or looking for a new job, this is a good time. If you are having trouble at work, don’t worry too much. The card predicts that you will handle all problems smoothly due to the hidden resilience within. Challenges at work will be a lever for self-development and self-expression, all your personal powers will have the opportunity to be shown. In addition, the Strength card advises you to quit your current job if you think that the effort is not paying off satisfactorily.

In terms of money, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright carries both positive and negative meanings. First, now is the right time to spend money on business activities. Adventure and assertiveness will help you a great deal of success if you invest carefully, don’t hesitate too long to lose a good opportunity. However, you should beware of tempting offers of cooperation. Any proposal that is too perfect made by your business partners can be a big trap waiting for you to engage in. Though alertness and determination will help you out of this situation, vigilance is never superfluous.

In terms of health, a heavy schedule makes you not have much private time to take care of your health. Therefore, Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright suggests that diets that lessen high protein and fat will help you detox your body. To avoid all unnecessary stress, you should go to the gym more to keep your body flexible and enhance your body’s immune system. If you are sick, be patient and trust your doctor, the Strength card signals that you will recover soon.

IV. Meaning of Strength Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Power is a good thing, but not knowing how to control it will create unpredictable consequences. The reversed Strength Wild Unknown Tarot card informs that you are about to generate anger because you have repressed your emotions for too long which makes you about to burst out. Things you have worked hard for without seeing results make you frustrated and discouraged. All passions and orientations are burned by anger, therefore, the reverse Strength card shows that a lack of confidence is ignited in you. This is a very dangerous situation, once your form and bravery collapse you can fall into a deadlock, or worse, you can get depressed. The advice is to balance yourself, slowly regain confidence by your own resilience.

Strength Wild Unknown Tarot card in reverse often implies weakness. You may have just experienced a setback or you are wondering about your own journey and wondering if you are on the right track. Right now you are lacking strength and courage and as a result, you feel inadequate and vulnerable. While these feelings may seem very real right now, you will soon realize that they exist only to remind you that you are only temporarily out of touch with your inner strength. You need to remember that the central power is always within you and this is a good time to reconnect with this source of strength. Focus on the positive aspects of your life to restore confidence and self-control. Let’s go back to the lesson of The Chariot, where you need to summon willpower, focus, and determination to overcome obstacles and win. 

Similarly, the reversed Strength Wild Unknown Tarot also suggests that perhaps you have begun to doubt yourself, as well as lose self-control and confidence. Instead of taking the lead and expressing your own goals, you may fall into a spiral of self-doubt and become dependent on the feelings and actions of others, which will then control you. In a Tarot reading, Strength is also associated with inner control, and in the reversed position, it will indicate that you may be having the instinctive reactions and lack of control you need. Impulsivity can be a problem, so taking an anger management course could be a good move for you. You need to practice being more in control of your mundane emotions to make sure you don’t hurt others and then regret your actions and words later. 

In a relationship reading, the reversed Strength Wild Unknown Tarot card may suggest that you are doubting yourself and feel as though you are not good enough for the relationship. You may feel insecure and often doubt whether your partner really has the best feelings for you. This will probably turn you into someone else instead of yourself. It may be someone always feeling anxious, confused, or overly protective of his/her relationship.

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