The Hanged Man – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: sacrifice, letting go, new perspective, surrender, nominal.

What is a better creature than a bat to represent The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot? To us, he seems to be on suspension. He walks in disarray all day and is active at night. Everything about the bat lifestyle offers a new perspective. Hanged Man may seem upside down, but for him, being upside down is right-side up. He is very adept at seeing the world, and all reality, from a different angle than what we would call normal. Normal is a relative term, Hanged Man will show us. 

Image description on The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot

The bats hang themselves this way because their wings are not strong enough to get off the ground. Instead, they hang on their feet and can only jump into a flight when they let go of their hands and plunge straight into the air. The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot knows that now is not the time to fly but when the time comes, he will be ready. He is at home in the realm of the nominal – nominal means the state in between, the pause between breaths, the threshold of both the here and now.

The metaphor of only finding flight when you have let go is apt here. This card asks you to take the mentally powerful step of giving up control. You spend a lot of energy – physically, emotionally, and mentally – trying to hold on. Perhaps if you let go, you will connect with your power in incredibly powerful ways. The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot seems to have a secret. His covered wings and fiery red eyes give him the aura of someone who knows something we don’t. He has learned to let go of the usual filters of perception and find comfort in discomfort.

A lot of people talk about “letting go”. But what does it really mean? How do you win it? The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot knows all the answers, he is the master of no strings attached. This card also refers to sacrifices, difficult situations, or suffering that appear in your life. Even if in your heart you want to deny it and grapple with it, be like The Hanged Man. Find stillness, open your eyes, and use a new perspective to learn something; otherwise, you are stuck here.

II. The message of The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Traditional depictions of The Hanged Man show a human figure suspended by one leg, his other leg crossed so that his body shape resembles four upside-down limbs. Since the number four is numerically associated with control and structure (the fourth card – Emperor Wild Unknown Tarot), the upside-down four shows our potential in unleashing that innate need for control. The messages in this card relate to the Norse god Odin. Through the sacrifice of hanging himself from a tree, Odin gained access to the wisdom of the runes. Therefore, The Hanged Man card is often associated with themes of sacrifice and suspension. You often need to give up one comfort or another to accomplish whatever higher goals are beckoning you.

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot is associated with the concept of radical acceptance. Radical acceptance is the spiritual practice of accepting reality as it is. Instead of trying to get rid of the dark parts of our experience, radical acceptance asks us to sit with all that is. This does not mean tolerating things that are bad, wrong, or difficult but simply means accepting that they are real and that they are what they are.

In a reading, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to consider the infinite perspectives currently available to you. Challenge yourself to look at your situation from a new angle. Force yourself to question some aspects of your reality. Doing this may require dedication to letting go of your desire to control your ego. Letting go of the desire to control is easier said than done! In fact, learning to let go can be extremely frustrating. Remind yourself that it is okay to experience discomfort. In fact, this discomfort is absolutely necessary for your spiritual growth.

Sacrifice is the message conveyed in The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot. The card informs that when we want to achieve a certain goal, we must know how to let go and sacrifice as the sacrifice will lead the way to victory.

III. Meaning of The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot reflects the need to take any action, the hesitation may appear. Decisions or actions that need to be taken will be delayed, even at times, when you become aware of the urgent need to act. In fact, it may be better to postpone making a decision/taking action now to give you more time to deal with the situation at hand and to look at the situation in a better way. If you can find yourself a little more time or pause any action, for the time being, you can actually create a different and better outcome.

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot is a card that implies procrastination and waiting and means that these may be things you need to do to allow new possibilities to happen. Sometimes inaction will help you find more opportunities about other options that are available to you and allow even more attractive opportunities to emerge. The Hanged Man in the upright position can sometimes mean that you are feeling trapped or confined in your life. You need to understand why you are feeling this way, and how to free yourself from these limitations. 

Accordingly, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot talks about liberation. You need an emotional release from the things that are giving you a feeling of being trapped. Accept and be content with your current circumstances. You may need to be a little more vulnerable and open to other experiences, but this will help you stop struggling and let go of your need for control. That is when you can really let go of all the worries and preoccupations you have, and you will find these preoccupations suddenly disappear leading to a new reality unfolding. 

Likewise, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you to look at yourself from a completely different perspective, although the image of the bat also implies that your life is being put on hold for a while leaving you unable to realize what needs to change within. Besides, it shows a reversal in your usual way of life and seeing the world from a completely different angle. The card also requires you to turn your world around and look at your situation in a different way. By doing that, you will find something new that is proven to be more valuable to you on a deeper level. You may have to let go of your previous beliefs or even your way of life, but this is the time to renew so that you will be able to move forward.

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a character who puts himself in a difficult situation and chooses the path of sacrifice in order to reach higher goals. The card represents the will to give up the temptation of present satisfaction in order to gain an even better perspective in the future, and because of this sacrifice of will, he will be able to accomplish the goal he set for himself. He is like a martyr, putting his personal interests aside and giving up his personal needs for better results. Consider areas of your own life that need to be done in a less selfish way. That selfishness can be for the benefit of others or to fulfill needs within yourself. The downside is that you may need to measure your life by the areas where you are giving up too much of your own spiritual and material happiness for the sake of others. Sometimes sacrificing for the good can go too far! 

Similarly, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright tells you that you should be mentally ready to give up a small interest in order to achieve greater results. This goal seems spiritual and personal. You will likely need to make an investment of time, energy, and/or money in order to reap the rewards. You are dedicated to the cause and are opening yourself up to take on the task ahead of you, but first, you need time to pause and reflect.

When you draw The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position, it means that your past mistakes need to be corrected by your sacrifice. The breakdown of a romantic relationship can happen, don’t worry and think that you can find a more perfect relationship. This is a time of calm and waiting, and any rush and impatience can come at a cost. The card advises that you should wait for the right opportunity to fulfill your goals. To achieve the desired successes you must undergo sacrifices and losses.

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot is a mysterious card that asserts that you must let go of something that is beside you if you want to receive something greater. Sometimes you have to offer money, time, health, or something you love. You are forced to experience feelings of disappointment and sadness when you have to give up to aim higher. Sometimes, the card represents overcoming your illness as energy, money, time to cure are what you have to lose to regain balance.

In terms of love, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright reminds you to let go of vague feelings to move towards a clear ending. Many times the card indicates that your relationship with your partner is falling into a bad state, even leading to an end. The two of you can put an end to it, but you cannot find the cause. Therefore, the advice from The Hanged Man is to accept the truth, let the past go peacefully. If you are single, the card suggests that you should not rush into a new relationship, at the time, you should relax and slowly get to know the people around you.

In terms of money, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright warns of your ambiguity and indecision in money matters. You should clearly identify yourself as the manager of your own income and expenditure. Besides, you should not heed the commands from someone. On the other hand, the card predicts that there will be a dispute about money issues, so you need to be very careful to avoid damaging a relationship due to money. In case you are in need, saving more and balancing income and expenditure is the possible solution at the time. However, you should avoid being caught up in temptation and delusion. If you are financially abundant, let that cash flow be circulated by investing in profitable business projects.

In terms of work, The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot says that the current period is not a profitable time in business. All business activities need to be strictly controlled. The card represents your panic, business activities will not progress much despite your efforts. The advice is that you should slowly take the steps from market research to customer research to achieve business efficiency. If you are planning to change your job, you should carefully consider it because this is not necessarily a wise decision according to the card’s allusion.

In terms of health, you may experience some health problems during this time. Remember that nothing lasts forever, your youth and resilience are affected by the surrounding pressures. You should see your doctor or a health expert for helpful advice. The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright advises that you should eat healthily, exercise regularly, and maintain good living habits for a healthy body.

IV. Meaning of The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot, when in the reversed position, represents a time when you feel as though you are sacrificing too much while achieving nothing. You may feel like everything is completely deadlocked with no proper progress or resolution. You are trapped by time and are in a dilemma with no way out of the current situation. Your dreams and goals are held captive by external realities and internal problems. 

There is an energy flowing through your life and now you can expect things to reappear as well as major changes to occur. This delay serves as a catalyst for what is to come. You may be postponing a decision, hoping that the problem will work itself out. However, that is just wishful thinking. The reality here is that you are bogged down in the impossible and there will come a time when you will be forced to make a final decision and have to accept the loss in the decision process. If The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse appears in a reading at a time when you are in a confined relationship, it will suggest that you have to be patient. You realize that this relationship will evolve over time and complexity so it cannot be rushed. However, you also don’t want to be on hold forever and you are aware that there will come a time when you have to make a decision about your current relationship. 

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse implies that you are losing faith in your ability to overcome obstacles in life. You may be turning down emotional support. This is a very important time to reflect and restore your faith in your ability to overcome life’s hardships. Know that this difficult time will soon pass. Accept the reality of the situation and be satisfied with yourself. Alternatively, you may be feeling depressed about yourself and not willing to make sacrifices or compromises for a better outcome. You may be acting selfish or even arrogant, separating yourself from those who are trying to cooperate with you.

The Hanged Man Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse predicts a bad outcome with your health condition, you may be seriously ill, mentally exhausted, and need a long-term rest. Sometimes, the card predicts an uncertain outcome. Your actions and your waiting may not yield results, but you cannot find the cause of failure. You will feel stuck and unfair because your sacrifices do not bring the desired results. The advice is that you should take a break and accept this failure. The reversed card does not encourage you to stand up and fight for the results of failure, instead, you should accept and look back at everything with the most objective eyes.

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