The Death – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Death Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: end, conversion needed, remove, convert.

There are no prohibited holdings in Death Wild Unknown Tarot. It is a literal decaying picture, showing the remains of a dying bird. The feathers show that what is now bones and dust not so long ago is still alive and well. How is that possible? It is not fair. We have countless questions with no satisfactory answers. It just is. The card is completely black and white. The lack of layers of color paint conveys what at first glance seems like an inherent harshness. But the truth is, Death is not cruel. It seems so to us because we are afraid of what we cannot control or understand. 

Image description on Death Wild Unknown Tarot

Death Wild Unknown Tarot, not just physical death, but any transformative matter, is a sweeping and indiscriminate force. It is unbiased, uncompromising, and relentless. There is comfort in the tasteless quality of death. For all our differences and for all kinds of strange and unique life forms in the world, we will all eventually encounter death. Regardless of the clothes we wear or the personality we adopt, we are subject to this inescapable source of energy. Of course, this card means more than literal physical death. We see it and realize that some situations in our lives are beyond the hope of having life back in them. Our habits, patterns of thoughts, and beliefs will rest.

We sometimes choose our endings, but they are often forced at random. We can either try to refuse or cling to situations even as they are rotting before our eyes. But no desire and willpower can stand against the sweeping power of Death Wild Unknown Tarot. There is wisdom in respecting proximity and even accepting them. After the emptiness of winter comes the rebirth of spring. After one chapter comes the next. We see these cycles repeating in nature, the universe, and our own souls. Infinite deaths give way to infinite transformations.

Every one of us may not love the view of Death Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading. We spend most of our lives completely denying death, so when this card appears, it will easily cause panic and bring negative thoughts. Don’t let tragedies distract you from the card’s true message. Some things in your life have come to an end. It needs to be closed. This will happen voluntarily or involuntarily. Either way, you will feel a positive change begin to emerge after the first signs of pain have passed.

II. The message of Death Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

This card often has skeletons or death, the physical representation of the concept of death. In older Tarot decks, Death has no title and is still sometimes referred to as the untitled arcanum. This card is said to be thirteen, a number for various reasons that have long been associated with bad omens. In Waite-Smith’s description, Death Rider Waite is on a horse and has trampled on a king. This reminds you that no matter what privilege you have on the earthly plane, you are subject to fleeting ends. Sometimes the endings seem brutal as they happen, but they pave the way for your next chapter. Waite-Smith’s description also shows a slight sunrise in the distance. This is a reminder that all life is cyclical. Ending and transformation are just another part of life’s infinite cyclic dance.

In a reading, Death Wild Unknown Tarot does not need to be negative or scary, but it packs a punch and may require you to dig into your shadow. Death may ask you to check which changes, transformations, or endings work for you. From a personal development point of view, this card can especially challenge you to face what you need to end up with. If you have tried to stick to unhealthy stereotypes and always kept yourself in a situation that you know is not good for you, maybe it is time to end it once and for all.

Death is a part of life, and most deaths are metaphorical, not literal. Remind yourself that we are all subject to these indiscriminate energies. There are times when you can exercise your will to keep something going, but Death Wild Unknown Tarot asks you to accept times when the end is imminent. Cultivate the belief that any transformation that happens to you creates space for you to move into a new chapter. The rotten must be pruned from plants in order for them to grow new life, so in a metaphysical sense, you must also be willing to prune what is lifeless so that you become more fully alive.

Death Wild Unknown Tarot announces a change in life. This card marks an end in your life, love, and career. The meaning of Death usually makes many people quite worried. However, the hidden meanings deep inside are favorable and essential ones. We cannot deny that the card represents the end. The card brings a painful but necessary ending. You have to go through big changes in your life but they will make you stronger. On the other hand, despite not wanting to, Death also predicts end and loss. You may experience a heavy loss, but by looking back, this is what has to happen and you have to accept it.

III. Meaning of Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Death Wild Unknown Tarot is perhaps the scariest and most misleading of all the Tarot decks. In general, people tend to take the card literally and fear that it implies the death of themselves or others. Meanwhile, in reality, the card can be one of the best and most positive. It symbolizes the end of an important period or aspect of life and can also bring about the beginning of something more valuable and important. You have to close one door to open another. Death here means putting an end to the excess and cutting off the burdens that have been holding you back for so long. You have shouldered them for so long that you implicitly accept them as part of yourself and you fear change.

Besides, you need to leave the past behind and separate it from your path, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the past but you will soon see the benefits of doing so as it helps to create innovation and positive change in your life. Each of us develops as a circular cycle, with a beginning and an end. End your old and tired journey to move on to a new cycle full of excitement and new potentials waiting. If you resist the necessary endings, you may feel pain both mentally and physically. However, if you maintain creative thoughts and see a new end possibility, more constructive and positive outcome patterns can emerge. The Death Wild Unknown Tarot offers concepts of the most seemingly terrifying things, but it urges you to take a big leap forward.

Likewise, the appearance of the Death Wild Unknown Tarot symbolizes the moment when some important transformation, change, and transition occurs. You need to change yourself profoundly and erase everything from the past in order to bring in something new. Any change at this time will be welcomed as a transformative, positive, and tangible endeavor in your life. The end and removal of limiting factors can open the door to a more enjoyable and broader experience of life. The Death card contains elements that imply sudden and unexpected change.

On the downside, Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means you may feel as though you are stuck on the path of high-impact change with no way out. Although momentary thought will lean towards the unwanted, the end does not mean failure. Loss can be a series of unexpected surprises that put an end to an uncertain or difficult period. You feel like you cannot continue where you are and want things to change completely. Many changes will take place to allow a new direction to emerge.

Death Wild Unknown Tarot is also a sign that you should learn to get rid of unhealthy lifestyles to pave the way to more fulfilling energy with deeper importance and meaning. The card tells you that you should let go of a way of life that is no longer suitable to move forward. This is a perfect card to symbolize breaking bad habits or types of behavior. This is the time to get rid of excesses and unnecessary things in your life. This can also be a good time to let go of your old possessions, memories, and “baggage” along the way.

In the upright position, Death Wild Unknown Tarot usually makes many people afraid because it literally signals an end, desertion, and separation. However, if a well-educated reader about the Tarot interprets this card, he/she can detect the positive meaning conveyed in it. The card announces that a tiring period in life is coming to an end, a new vitality will be started. No one is sure that the change or the transition is good, but if you leave the tiring past behind, all luck will come. On the other hand, the card indicates that the current stage needs to pass, and you will be afraid of the loss you have to endure. However, if you are willing to accept it, a new door will be opened. You need to stop all unhealthy habits to reach a more perfect destination.

In terms of love, it is clear that the Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is not a card that predicts that love will blossom or flourish during this period. The two of you may have problems in your relationship. Even the end of things may be very near. Although painful, you have to accept this ending to look forward to the future. However, think that this is a good time for you to put an end to things that seem beautiful on the outside but corrupt on the inside. On a less intense level, the tensions cause the two of you to slowly drift apart, so listening and patience are needed at this point.

In terms of work, Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that you are still having trouble finding a job that matches your abilities. It is possible that you will receive an unsatisfactory and inappropriate offer, but due to financial pressures, you must accept. If you have worked for a long time at a company but there is no sign of promotion, you should consider changing the environment. In case things get overwhelming, you might consider taking a break for a while and reorganizing your thoughts and knowledge in your field. The advice from the Death card is that all your activities should have a clear plan to promptly adapt to unexpected changes. It is also a good idea to set up a long-term savings account or a financial fund for yourself, you will no longer have to struggle financially in the long run.

In terms of money, after a long period of financial deficiency, your situation is showing new positive steps. If you are in quite promising conditions, the card predicts there will be changes taking place in the future. At this time, any advice from a professional will be of great help to the balance of revenue and expenditure. The clearest signal that Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings is that you may encounter major financial transformations. Maybe you will receive a source of funds after many days of exhaustion or you may have to spend a great deal of money. Overall, you need to learn how to deal and cope with sudden events. This could cultivate your financial skills as well as boost you to absorb essential knowledge about the economy and finance. 

In terms of health, Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position means that your physical health is progressing in a bad direction. If you are under treatment, the condition may get worse. If you are feeling fine and have nothing to worry about, the signs will become more and more obvious until you actually recognize them. You should have regular health check-ups to detect problems early and not ignore unusual symptoms. The advice that the Death card gives is a spirit of excitement and faith that will help you get through this period. At this time, your loved ones will be an extremely useful source of encouragement and comfort for you. Don’t worry too much because this is a stage that you will have to go through sooner or later.

IV. Meaning of Death Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Death Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse is a sign of transformation and new life, and often symbolizes the need to start over more fully by forgetting the past. The reversed card usually implies that you are on the verge of an important change, but for some reason, you are resisting that change. You may be reluctant to let go of the past or you may not know how to change. You are still suffering from the bad side of the past that hinders your chances for a fresh start. You refuse to accept change and you are resisting any change that may come into your life. As a result, your life comes to a standstill and you feel “stuck” in limbo and dilemma. You should evaluate how you approach change. You may find that you are in fact balking at many of the changes that will benefit you.

You may be afraid of new things, but make sure the time is right to be ready to accept them. It is also very important that you analyze and resolve any issues that are preventing you from accepting change as soon as you can so that you are then free to begin your new journey. One thing to note is that pursuing new journeys without addressing past problems can lead to undesirable results.

The meaning of Death Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse still revolves around death, death here is not necessarily a physical one. You are not satisfied with the change of the present, the torment and regret of the past make you immersed in grief. It is possible that some inevitable end in love will occur that causes you to lose all your energy. The reversed Death card advises that you should believe in the future and try to get rid of the torments of the past. A stop here could usher in a new era of greater prosperity.

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