The Temperance – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: healing, renewal, balance, blend, moderation.

On Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot, we can see a heron standing with one wing outstretched as if to protect the orange flame in front of her. Blue drops of water fall down in order to get the fire, but do not destroy it. The heron has a moderating effect on seemingly contrasting elements. These opposing forces can be brought together with a blend of skill, patience, and magic. This is the energy we see at work in the Temperance card. If left unchecked, fire and water will eliminate each other. But in this image, they match well.

Image description on Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot

The heron seems to regulate the flame and the water drop. Through her influence, both can grow in measured proportions. In this way, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you of your ability to control the surrounding energies. Through both mundane and magical methods, you can be a positive force and influence the direction of the life force around you.

The Heron here knows that balance is the key to wellness. The background lines slant inward to meet at the center of the card, adding to the sense of calm and balance in this card. Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot also suggests transformation. By bringing together different energies in the right proportions, something wonderful can happen. You can apply these lessons in the outer world, but most importantly in your inner world. As a human, you are naturally a mixture of contradictions: love and anger, light and dark, pessimism and optimism.

Instead of going to extremes, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot represents your ability to resolve all of your inner conflicts. You can create your own magic by skillfully blending those opposite elements in your soul. The great heron always maintains calm and serenity like a mixture of two opposing elements of water and fire. This card requires you to be a good operator like the image of the heron. Focus on cooperation and compromise. If you are overwhelmed with some aspect of your life, you can practice self-control and moderation right now. You will find new ways to heal and balance by bringing a little harmony back into your life.

II. The message of Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Traditional depictions of this card show an angel standing with one foot in the water, and the other on land. With a serene expression, the angel pours water between the two cups. These are visual signs that represent the themes of balance and moderation. Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot means making sure you don’t have too much or too little of anything: creating balance is a common goal of various spiritual practices. But remember that balance does not mean everything is “equal.” Sometimes you need more fire than water element or vice versa. Balance simply means that things are working in harmony with each other, not that they are rigidly proportioned. In this regard, Temperance shows that in a spiritual sense, balance is not a science but an art.

Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot is sometimes associated with healing. In many alternative healing modalities, illness is considered to be the result of some kind of imbalance in the body. Temperance shows the happiness we can experience when our bodies – and our minds – are “balanced”. In a reading, it is essential to increase your awareness of the energies that are active around you. During a reading, Temperance may ask you to be aware of these energies. Is there too much or too little of one energy or another in your life? It may be time to consider how you can get back to equilibrium.

Tolerance also shows the strength you have in accepting your contradictions. Instead of expecting yourself to just fall into an extreme way of life, let yourself be all that you are – even when those things seem to conflict. You have the ability to harmonize all of your inner energies so that they come together to form a unique and powerful blend. Therefore, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot means that you will soon regain balance with your relationships and problems in life. You are satisfied with your present life and with what you have. This is a good sign because human greed is bottomless, leading to devastation, so contentment is also a happy and carefree state.

III. Meaning of Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you are learning balance, patience, and moderation in life. You can take the middle path, avoid extremes, and maintain a steady-state in life. You have learned to stay calm in stressful or anxious situations, and you leave the impression of a swan squirming wildly in the water but appearing graceful and elegant on the surface. You don’t let things control you, and you feel at ease when you can keep things in order when they get messy. Your appreciation of balance and stability will help you achieve and experience life to the fullest. Your temperament will remain neutral, and at the same time, you will show wisdom and stability in your outlook on life. 

Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot implies that you are a person who has a strong and clear vision about the goals you want to achieve. You don’t waste time with the extraneous details, or rather you spend time on making sure the job is done in the best possible way. This card also indicates that you gain higher lessons from what you are doing and simultaneously prove that you experience a lot of things on your journey. You are satisfied with what you are doing and everything is going very smoothly. Your inner voice gently guides you to the right outcome, and you are patiently listening and following that call. You have a very balanced and stable view of the current situation and are in a good position to make the right choices. 

In relationships with others, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright symbolizes adaptation, cooperation, and peaceful external influences. Maybe you get along well with others at work and can cooperate well in group activities. You can connect resources, combine them with people to bring them all closer together. Synergies in work will foster a harmonious combination of talents, experience, abilities, and skills. Temperance requires you to be patient to be able to take action at the right time and correctly. Patience and moderation will create a good foundation to manage everything. There’s no need to rush, just let the situation unfold as it is. 

Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot can also signify a period of self-assessment to re-examine the priorities in your life. You are currently seeking a further balance between your inner and outer souls and pursuing meaningful and higher purposes in life. During this transition, you may also experience a tug-of-war between the old and the new in you. Sometimes you feel confused about the directions and about what is really important to you. You will consider independence and mindfulness as a way to achieve great things. You will avoid pain, conflict, and distractions as well as reduce your stress and anxiety. Facing your heart will help your spirit recover. There is nothing to fear, it is part of the process, and nothing cannot be changed.

The upright Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot shows a balance in your being, you are patient and content with reality. The card also reveals that you are having a specific goal with your life, and you clearly understand what you want to enjoy. This is a good sign, once you have identified a goal you will find a way to do it. Likewise, Temperance indicates that you easily adapt to a new working environment, your friendliness makes you receive a lot of love from colleagues and superiors. The card also predicts a peaceful and happy family life that is being built. Brief advice for you is to enjoy life and maintain the current state to avoid sudden changes.

In the upright position, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot heralds that when you fall into a difficult situation and everything seems to be turned away, the calmness in you will help you stay awake and choose the right direction. Satisfaction and pridefulness will help you to be rational enough to control your time and financial situation. If you are having health problems, this card is a good sign of medical issues. Your condition will progress well and you will recover quickly. Temperance also represents the need to balance issues surrounding everyday life.

In terms of love, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position does not think that this is the right time to start a relationship if you are single. You should not just fall in love with someone just because you feel lonely and needy. If you are in a relationship, the card announces that you are losing the balance between love and the surrounding life. Maybe you are immersed too deeply in a romantic relationship that your reason is overwhelmed, you care too much about your partner. You should not neglect your studies and work just because of your current relationship. Temperance advises that only when you love yourself and your life can you find true love.

In terms of money, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright implies that you are out of balance in your spending. There are unnecessary expenses you need to moderate, and every investment and purchase decision requires careful thought and consideration. You can make a list of things you want to buy or buy things that you have not used in a long time, then ask yourself 2 to 3 times whether you should cross them off or sell them. If you have some money to spare, you might consider investing it in profitable long-term markets like stocks or bonds. Setting up a savings account with an annual interest rate is also a good idea.

In terms of work, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position announces that you are facing difficulties at work, great challenges make you exhausted. The thing to do now is to calm down and control yourself to solve the problems. You set a lot of goals without realizing that it is beyond your capabilities, so looking back and setting more realistic goals will help you to determine the right direction. In case you are starting your own business, Temperance predicts the difficulties that will come down on you, so keeping a clear mind and determination is the thing to do now. 

If you are thinking of asking for a raise, now is the right time. Temperance informs that you should review your qualifications to propose a higher salary, the fact that you have a strong work ethic and dedicate yourself to the responsibility. Do not hesitate to speak up for yourself, this is what you deserve for your dedication and contributions to work. Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright also mentions that sometimes you have too low self-esteem, making people look down on you. Design yourself a work diary and write down your achievements or performances every week or every day, you will have a proper assessment and know what are your strengths to maximize them in the working environment.

In terms of health, Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says that while your work is important, your own health is priceless. You need a balance between work and health. If the situation becomes stressful, the best way is to ask permission to take a week or two off and spend that time on your own. If you are sick and receiving treatment, Temperance suggests that gentle exercise and activities will work for you. Besides, your mind also needs to be relaxed. You might consider a short trip to immerse yourself in nature or a meditation course to help you wind down and gain a sense of peace. All rest and pause at the present time are necessary, you should not be too ambitious, only leading to burnout and depression.

IV. Meaning of Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The meaning of Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse is also about balance, you need to regain equilibrium after a period of living in stress and fatigue. The card warns that if you are satisfied with what you have and go in one direction forever, it will be chaotic and redundant. When you draw the reversed Temperance, it does not mean that things are going bad. Your life still has certain balances. Besides, you will receive some suggestions, consider and absorb if it makes sense. You should take time to reflect on yourself to discover the shortcomings that make you more perfect.

The reversed Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot symbolizes a time when something is out of track in your life, or a conflicting or overwhelming problem that you are facing, thus causing you stress and easily upset. Look at the other cards in the spread to understand what is out of balance or contributing to the feeling of imbalance. The reversed Temperance can also be a sign that you are following a path that may lead you to inequality. Maybe you act impatiently or reject gentle and moderate methods. Be careful with this type of hasty action because this will only aggravate the imbalance. 

The reversed Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot can also mean that you lack a long-term vision and/or purpose, and as a result, you feel unstable. This is when you need to think about what changes are needed in your life to make greater purpose and satisfaction. Return to the energy of the Death card to find out what problems from the past you need to get rid of and what changes you need to make in the future.

Unfortunately, the people you are working with are being uncooperative or you may feel as though your interests are in conflict or in competition with them. Finding the right path among these dispersions seems impossible. You are all trying to express yourself in very different ways. There are many energy forces around you right now, but none of them are being actively used. The conflict between you and those around you is not yet apparent, and indeed you may not realize it, even though you still know that something is not right. These conflicts can manifest themselves in the form of role swapping. At first, one of you has the upper hand, but now another is trying to take control of the group. 

A mere debate may be necessary to renew the environment and establish new rules. But excesses and abuse of power are things that should be moderated and eliminated to prevent a toxic environment. Temperance Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse’s advice is to keep yourself calm and lucid in any situation. You can control your anger and inner outbursts by writing them down or thinking in silence and organizing your thoughts logically.

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