The Fool – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: naive, innocent, the start, spontaneous.

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is a chick perched on a tree branch, one leg stretched out like it is about to step out. Buds and flowers are blooming on tree branches. It is the period of youth, and the world is full of new life. Potential is exploding everywhere! Even the chicken itself is a fresh, invigorating form of energy – a chicken of the spring, as they say. The sky is orange-yellow, as if the sun has just begun to emerge on the horizon. This is reminiscent of the metaphorical resonance of the ‘dawn of a new day.’ The rising sun is a time of adventure and potential. This new day, where will this fresh energy take you? The possibilities are truly endless. 

Image description on The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot does not care about yesterday or tomorrow – it is immersed in the present. And it is always now, as one moment gives way to the next. The Fool reminds you to focus here, in the present moment. The chicken and branches are black and white. The bright white color of the branch makes it look like it is charged with pure energy. As the bright colors of dawn descend along the horizon, they give way to black lines near the bottom of the card. What could be in this black void? You simply don’t know. The Fool is indeed entering the unknown wilderness.

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is also ready to fly. Its fledgling wings ached to fly and with one step forward, it left behind the silence of its nest to begin its journey through the Major Arcana. Is it ready? Will it fall? This is a card about the beginning. It just shows a side of you that is spontaneous, eager, naive, and inexperienced. Others may doubt your abilities. Get ready to be called “the fool”. Be prepared to stumble. No matter what others say about you, this is your journey and it is ready to begin.

The direction of the lines in The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot gives clues about the energy the card holds. In this card, the sky is lined up horizontally. These horizontal lines seem to represent energy that is still flowing freely. The energy is there, but not yet directed in a particular direction. This is very suitable for The Fool, a card filled with infinite cosmic energy and not yet fully directed.

II. The message of The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In many classic Tarot decks, The Fool presents a person who looks ready to step off a cliff, which is similar to The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot, ready to step out of a tree branch and into the dark and unknown space. In fact, jumping into the unknown is the core message of The Fool card in any Tarot deck. This card speaks of pure and uncontrollable potential. For that potential to happen, there must be a risk. Taking a leap does not necessarily guarantee a favorable outcome. But if you never jump up, you stay stuck on the cliff and never fully immersed in all that life has to offer.

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is numbered 0, the number of infinite potentials, and does not really have a particular place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. The Fool can be the starting point of the Major Arcana or the ending point. The Major Arcana is often seen as the Fool’s life journey where he is always present and therefore has no number at all. The Fool is starting his journey with an uncertain future. The sun is rising behind the chick, symbolizing the beginning of the journey.

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is card 0, which has a special role in any Tarot deck. Without a fixed number, The Fool is unfettered and free, often said to represent each of us as we journey through life. In some Tarot traditions, The Fool is considered the character with the various lessons we see in the rest of the cards. In a spiritual sense, the Fool is infinite cosmic energy and is the creative force that animates the entire universe. Without this scalar cosmic energy, there would be no other manifestations of creation. The Fool is the energetic spell that allows the whole adventure of life to emerge.

In a reading, this card might ask you to consider the fool’s timeless conundrum: Are you naive, preparing to leap unprepared, and encounter disaster? Or are you filled with the spiritual belief that the universe will support your leap? The Fool asks you to tune into your primal instincts instead of overthinking them. The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is also a reminder that there are no right or wrong decisions. The most important thing, as The Fool can advise you, is to say yes to life in whatever way feels generous to you. Sometimes your best option is to stay in the branch until you are ready. But more often, The Fool encourages you to open your heart, hit the road, and trust that whatever comes out of it is a meaningful adventure.

III. Meaning of The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot is numbered 0, representing infinity and the innocence of the querent. The upright card implies the beginning of new challenges, at this time you will always be full of energy and enthusiasm, longing for the freedom to break all your constraints up until now. In addition, the creativity that breaks all conventional limits to achieve the goal is what you are aiming for. This card represents the difficulties in the coming time, each daily opportunity contains problems that you will have to ask questions and be curious to discover.

The meaning of The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright also implies your fears in daily life and gives you the will to face challenges. If you are still hesitant, indecisive when making choices, this card will motivate you to act wisely. This is a card of opportunity, new beginnings, and innocence. It describes the highest opportunity in your life, entering a state of renewal or new beginnings where every day is an adventure and every moment is lived to the fullest. It also expresses all creative abilities and the desire to complete new goals (or at least start the process of working towards these goals). Besides, it implies anything can happen and opportunities are waiting for the right moment. 

In a Tarot spread, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot expresses the desire to embark on a new journey, which is completely unknown and will take you to uncharted territory. It stands for new experiences, personal growth, development, and adventure. Therefore, it requires you to have strong faith and absolute trust in the Supernatural, where you will find success if you start a new journey there. The Fool lives a carefree life with no anxiety and depression. He does not seem to care what lay ahead, so it represents a choice that needs to be decided – one way or another. However, there are always many other options available, and you should choose wisely. If you are faced with a cynical decision or a moment of hesitation, The Fool will make you believe in yourself and follow your heart whether it pushes you in a wild or foolish direction. This is the time when you need to really believe and have faith in what the Supernatural is telling you. 

The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright is a great Tarot card to reflect on if you are experiencing too much fear in your life. It helps foster the courage, risk-taking, and creativity needed to open up new areas of your life. The Fool also always implies wholeness, health, and fearlessness. He is the spiritual embodiment of each of us, the spirit expressed and experienced as wonder, fear, curiosity, and expectation. We never know what will happen in the future, but like the Fool, we have to close our eyes and move forward. You need to believe that you are a spirit born to enjoy life and grow in experience. Take the opportunity and see what happens.

In terms of love, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright shows that there are many rifts in your relationship. The cause of these rifts may be that one of the two is too immersed in personal goals to distract everything else. In addition, The Fool also predicts impending risks that separate the two, or worse, the appearance of breaking up or betrayal. This is a warning bell reminding the two of you to pay more attention to each other and work hard to find a common goal.

In terms of work, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright indicates difficulties in navigating problems at work. If you are intending to do business or implement a certain project, you should pay special attention to clearly defining specific goals to minimize risks. The Fool also represents negligence in business that can lead to very bad consequences if you are not careful. In addition, the card expresses suspicion and rift in relationships with colleagues. You should confide and share with your colleagues, avoiding focusing on a single relationship and miss the opportunities right in front of you.

In terms of money, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright shows the ongoing extravagance in your spending. The investment or payment for your problems is lacking in moderation, leading to that investment may be in service of your own sake and causing a wasteful situation that needs adjustment. The card suggests that you should review your spending plan as soon as possible.

IV. Meaning of The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Unlike The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright, the reversed card shows that you may be taking action but ignoring the possible consequences of these motions. You are just trying to live for the present instead of planning for the future and are acting recklessly, wanting to break out of your usual routine to find your true self, but do it completely without regard to other things. The Fool, when in the reversed position, will warn you about the possibility of being taken advantage of or engaging in an agreement where you are not fully aware of the consequences of the decisions you make. If you are facing an opportunity that is too good to be true, perhaps that is the problem that the reversed Fool is all about. You need to be very careful about the opportunities that come your way. Don’t simply go along with the most attractive offers at the time. Be prepared for the challenges ahead so you won’t be shocked. Do your due diligence and make sure you are well prepared for important upcoming events, such as a job interview, a job application, a presentation, or a seminar. 

In terms of work, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse indicates that you do not want to be put in a situation where you are completely unprofessional and unaware of what you are doing. You want to feel like you at least know what is going on and of course you don’t want to be seen like a fool or fresh off the boat in this field. Even if you have been on a certain team for a long time, you will want your experience to be valued and regarded. 

In terms of love, The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can indicate that the nature of the relationship is likely to be changed or not clear, with naturalness taken to a whole new level. You may not be sure where this relationship is headed or if you can count on your partner. You may also be risking your little self-perception about the long-term consequences of your actions. This can bring excitement and suspense but also leads to feelings of uncertainty and insecurity.

When you draw The Fool Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse in your reading, you will find your negative points. You have impulsive and thoughtless actions that will cause unwanted consequences. Unfortunately, you are not aware of the problem you are facing and the consequences it causes. The reversed Fool also implies a lack of restraint and impulsive actions that will greatly affect personal relationships. You should not be hasty, lack restraint to avoid losing relationships with friends, family, and your other half. At work, you should be cautious, discreet, and calm before all decisions to avoid being taken advantage of by bad guys.

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