The Magician – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot

Creator’s keywords: action, self-empowerment, purpose.

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot is a leopard. Mythologically, leopards are known for their confidence and independence. Seshat, the ancient Egyptian goddess who invented writing, wore leopard skin. Leopards have long been heralded as powerful and capable creatures.

Image description on The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot

This Magician is proud and alert; he takes a strong stance and his gaze is focused. He is adjusting around him, not with any urgency, but with a natural awareness of all that is working around him. Surrounding the leopard are rays of orange and yellow which are colors that bring positive energy and vitality. Rays emanating from a singularity in the distance shows a concentration of energy that was scalar (as we saw with The Fool) but is now available to The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot through his understanding of the four tools before him. The Magician has an innate ability to harness – and actively channel – limitless energy.

The lemniscate symbol appears on his chest. We will see this symbol on a few other cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot deck (it also appears on some cards in the Rider-Waite tradition). This symbolism is sometimes called the ‘infinity sign’ which hints at the never-ending nature of all life and all matter. It also shows the ways in which wisdom and archetypes in the Tarot transcend space and time. That is why the cards have resonated with so many people over time. Tarot has gone through different periods and different artistic interpretations, but its core messages have always remained relevant.

The four suits of the deck: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands, are laid out in front of the Magician. The Magician is attuned to the dynamic nature of life, and these four suits are symbols of that active nature. His front paws rest on the pentagon, indicating he has the ability to take raw materials and create something tangible. He faces to the right, a direction that is symbolically associated with conscious activity and perception. He is also willing to act not out of tension, but out of intention. The Magician shows the power of directing your energies wisely and the importance of being confident in your abilities. Your greatest skill is knowing that you are an empowered creator.

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot is a card with infinite and immense energy. While many cards in the Major Arcana are about stability and aspects of the mind, this card is all about action. This is the time to see yourself as a wild cat – embrace its speed, grace, and possibilities. Don’t be afraid to get started. You have the powers of the four elements at your hand, and now is the time to use them.

II. The message of The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

In other traditional Tarot decks, such as the Waite-Smith, The Magician is depicted as a humanoid with one hand facing the sky and the other facing the ground. This evokes the spiritual axiom of “as above, so below.” This implies a profound understanding that the true nature of the universe is the creation. And as a creative being that inhabits the universe, our true nature is to be creative in whatever way tells us to. The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot takes these ethereal spiritual principles and applies them to the mundane life of our world. It shows that your highest potential manifests when your ego (or conscious awareness) aligns with spiritual energy.

The Magician is typical Yang energy. This card talks about light, conscious awareness, masculinity (in terms of energy), and action. It is worth noting that the energy of the Magician is intricately linked with the energy of the High Priestess. As the first two cards in the Major Arcana, they lay the groundwork for the far-reaching concepts of Yin and Yang energies explored in various manifestations throughout the rest of the cards.

In a reading, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot might talk about the power of concentration. Where is your attention being placed? Your direction of focus may need to be adjusted to your ability. Instead of looking at what you don’t have or what you wish you had, The Magician invites you to pay attention to all that you own. We often sit around waiting for life to happen to us. The Magician invites you casually to come to life. This is how you fully utilize your radiant power.

The four symbols of the four suits in The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot represent your mental, physical, emotional, and creative energies. Do you consciously pay attention to these aspects of yourself? It is time to re-examine how you are distributing those different energies. Make sure you are doing so with a conscious purpose and devoting your strength and energy to the things that really matter. The Magician shows that you can be a conscious creator. Be ready to act when you know what to do. When you walk with purpose in life and are awakened to the ever-present light of your creation, you are embodying the paths of The Magician. You have unlimited power to direct universal creativity through your consciousness. Let yourself step fully and confidently into that truth.

III. Meaning of The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot is associated with Mercury, with properties related to skill, logic, and intellect. This card is numbered 1, the number of the beginning. The Magician connects the spiritual world with the real world of humanity. He holds the power of Everything and directs the supernatural source through his own body to transmit it to the physical world. There are four symbols representing the four basic elements of alchemy – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements correspond to thoughts, feelings, body, and soul in the process of expression. 

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot often appears in a Tarot reading at a point in your life when you have the creativity and energy to form a new life cycle for yourself. You have the ability to utilize the power of Everything and manifest what you desire. The Magician implies that you have (or will soon) encounter a situation in which all the elements necessary for the expression of desires will be fulfilled. These desires can be passionate (Fire), material (Earth), emotional (Water), or spiritual (Air), each of which is associated with the four elements of the Tarot. You have the power to make it happen! 

With The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot, you are being inspired to apply your skill and creativity to accomplish all your goals. You have a desire to start something new. The thought of “I can do it” as well as an optimistic attitude will govern new beginnings, and therefore the decisions you make will have positive results. The Magician shows you to be successful in everything you do. This Tarot card is about demonstrating your goals by using the skills, tools, and resources at your disposal. Also, it implies that you will find creative ways to solve problems and that you will be able to use your existing knowledge and connections to find solutions. It will act as a good sign when you have a specific desire, when you start a project related to creativity, or when you need to make a transformation. This is a great Tarot card to meditate on when you need to find all the essentials for support and wisdom.

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you can benefit from your creativity if you can control and act with great awareness and concentration. This card is a sign of conscious action and the action is taken as soon as you understand exactly what you want and are determined to get it. You need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Be clear about your basic motives and goals. The Magician is also a Tarot card that symbolizes intense concentration before a particular task or activity. You need to focus on a single goal or purpose at this time and need to focus all of your energy, tools, and resources on this goal. Responsibility for the task is very important and as such, you will need to avoid any distractions that may prevent you from focusing on your goals.

Besides, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot shows that you are doing well using all the skills, resources, and tools available to you to produce an outcome that pleases you. You are having a very realistic mindset, always doing your best to maintain an objective mindset as well as a determined point of view, even if you have anxiety from within. Be steadfast in this thought that will lead to a lot of success for you. Keep thinking about other skills and resources you could use and stay focused on the main task.

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright represents the innate strength and strong will in you. You have an abundant but untapped source of energy and this is the time of the breakout. It means that it is time for you to exhaust your abilities to achieve great results. So, do not hesitate anymore because this is the best time. If you are afraid and let it go, it is difficult to have the next good opportunity. The card also shows your intense focus on problems, but you should focus on a specific issue instead of being disregarded at the time. In some situations, this card represents skills. You are ready to show off your best to achieve success. You will have many new and highly effective ways of working, which few colleagues or friends can keep up with. The negative meaning of The Magician card is that there will be some obstacles coming to you. It could be disloyalty in a relationship or a health warning.

In terms of love, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright means a sublimated connection. The relationship between the two of you is going very well. If you intend to take it to the next level, there will be no big problems. The mutual understanding will help keep the relationship stress-free and the openness to share makes you feel relieved. Some factors such as finances or work will go into stability to support a great bonding. This is a beautiful card regarding love, the time to bear the sweet fruits of love will come. However, in some cases, based on the surrounding cards, the meaning of The Magician can be a sign of infidelity. You should be aware of any possible signs.

In terms of work, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright shows that all your preparations will pay off at this time. This is the time to do your best for your goals and plans. Whether you are starting a business, the card also predicts a good start. But to achieve the sweet fruit of labor, there is a need to invest time, effort, and finances seriously. Everything will fall apart if you are indecisive and indeterminate. The Magician announces that some trouble at work may come. The best way to deal with it is to be calm and selective, so everything will go smoothly.

In terms of money, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright shows signs of abundance and wealth. You will not have to worry about financial problems, the sources of income will be abundant. However, the card also shows that you will lose if you borrow. Many business deals with attractive profits will come,  you just need to be careful and alert to not make the wrong decision. Personal financial resources will increase but the risk of loss also rises, so take good care of your money to avoid loss.

In terms of health, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright indicates that all your determination will bring pressure. You will fall into a state of anxiety and indisposition, so be prepared. Mental and physical preparation right from the start will help you easily cope with difficulties. Your physical condition can be affected and increased stress can lead to persistent illnesses. You should pay attention to insurance packages in advance. The Magician advises you to exercise regularly, keep a happy mentality, and listen to your inner voice to repel diseases.

IV. Meaning of The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

When appearing in the reversed position, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot can imply greed, deception, manipulation, or the use of others for malicious purposes. It can reflect trickery and cunning, unreliability, and mental confusion. This reversed card can describe the image of a typical salesman. He uses his attractive gestures and his power cunningly to convince you to follow his point of view. Always be careful with this type of person. Make sure you know what you need to buy instead of being swept away by the enthusiasm he generates. The reversed Magician often implies that you may be away from reality and are struggling to get yourself back together. There also may be some confusion, impatience, and lack of a clear plan.

You need to return to the Fool’s lesson and free yourself from your current situation to form your own perspective and re-evaluate the picture. Ask yourself, where are you focusing your energy? Are your goals clear? What skills and abilities does this case require? How can you communicate with others? What do you want others to believe and see in you?

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse shows that you have many unused skills, abilities, and talents at this time, and you feel as though your potential has not been reached. Maybe you are sensing that you can be even better, that you are not yet using the skills and talents you have acquired over the years at this time. You know you are great at something, but you have not allowed yourself the opportunity to really nurture and discover this skill. You probably already have an idea of ​​what these talents are, so ask yourself “why am I not making good use of these talents? What will unleash my skills and abilities to reach my fullest potential? What do I need to change to become the perfect ‘me’?” You will need to find opportunities to “awaken” these underutilized skills and bring them into your consciousness. 

Similarly, The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse in a Tarot reading shows that you have a special skill or talent that may be useful for your spiritual journey, but you are not using it. For instance, you may be studying the Tarot and practicing readings for your friends and family, but what you have not really realized is that you have a real talent for Tarot readings and the potential to become a professional Tarot reader and serve a wider audience. If you are really looking to expand your Tarot reading abilities, you may find that it will also be beneficial for your own spiritual journey. You may also be looking forward to pursuing new areas of spirituality, especially if your current path no longer fulfills your needs. Be “open” to change and understand that it is perfectly acceptable to build a “portfolio” of different spiritual skills and beliefs.

The Magician Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse warns you of the possibility of unreasonable division of work as the greed to carry all things at a time will leave you empty-handed. This reversed card is a sign of deception, anger, and selfishness. The spells the magician possessed could be tricks of the trade. At this stage, you are easily attracted by sweet, seductive words and easily taken advantage of by others. Simply put, the reversed Magician means that there are people who are pretending to be nice to you for their own sake and that you can be taken advantage of. Unexpected disasters can happen because of your carelessness. Be alert to resist those temptations, you are a sensitive and intelligent person and will detect something unusual if you observe carefully. This reversed card also warns of your own greed. The strengths you possess can make you become arrogant and selfish somehow. So watch out.

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