The Judgement– Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: rebirth, forgiveness, awakening, calling, rebirth, deliverance.

On Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a white bird, possibly a pigeon, drawing our attention from the top of the card. Rays of light surrounded his outstretched wings. He has a serene, welcoming, enveloping energy. The bird looks like a spiritual force, perhaps an angel or other guide. A flock of small black bats flies up to meet the white bird with open arms. The card is completely black and white, taking advantage of the contrast of light above and darkness below.

Image description on Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot

The closer to the end of the card, the more the bats blend into the darkness. The bats are asleep, entrenched in the darkness below, waiting for something to inspire them to emerge in the light. They are now ready to awaken, to live more fully, and to respond to a higher call. The angel bird greets the bats without distinction. He seems to say “Come on. I welcome everyone. Your past mistakes are in the past. You are forgiven. You can start over. You can choose to soar in the light, and I will embrace you.” And the bats are replying “Yes! I’m ready and here I come.”

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot shows you that you can always take in new energies, shed your old shell and enter more suitable ways of life. This card is often associated with feeling called – just like the bats feel the call of the bird above, you can feel called about something. Finding the strength within you to say yes when feeling such a calling is an important milestone in your spiritual journey. This card reminds you that you are not bound by your past. You can shed the old skin and regenerate. You can be forgiven and most importantly, you can forgive yourself.

By doing this, you awaken powerful forces both within you and in the universe at large. Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot reminds you that as you listen to the whispers of the universe and as you act on your highest callings, you will experience the utter exhaustion of life. The word “judgement” evokes in many people fear and guilt. However, this card has another meaningful aspect of the word as it is about the search for truth. There is no more blaming yourself or others and no more excuses. Now is the time for forgiveness and personal freedom. This card requires you to rise up, leaving pettiness and fear behind. Spread your wings and be reborn. It is just such a relief.

II. The message of Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot often contains a lot of biblical energy. In the traditional Waite-Smith deck, there is an angel blowing a trumpet from above, raising the dead from their crowd. Thus, one meaning of this card is the concept of spiritual forgiveness and remission of sins. When weighed down by the past, it will be difficult for you to rise to meet the future. Thus, Judgment gives you the gift of a clean slate, washing away what was so that you can embrace what is and what will be. 

Many decks (including Wild Unknown Tarot) have moved to a more holistic way of displaying these concepts rather than relying too heavily on Christian imagery. Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot is depicted as showing a phoenix, alluding to how you might metaphorically die and be reborn from the ashes. Metaphorical reincarnation is available to you all the time, indefinitely, even in this one lifetime. Who You Are is always evolving, changing, and adjusting. This card asks you to enter that dance completely, ready to devote yourself completely to your infinity.

In a reading, when you see Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot, you may feel ” being called” for one thing or another. Now is a powerful time to listen to your inner voice and to tune in to the messages of the Universe. Let your ego be quiet and align yourself with whispers of a deeper self. This is how you can hear more clearly what is “calling” you. Your story in the future need not be tarnished by your past story. Now is a great time to cleanse away what is no longer serving you, forgive yourself, and believe in all that is possible. The most effective way to find fulfillment is to constantly awaken to your callings, fully embracing what gives you life’s purpose.

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot is the card of results, this card brings the conclusion to problems and relationships in life. Therefore, it often appears when life has major milestones of change. Sometimes it is a transition in a relationship or the beginning of new work after tough days.

III. Meaning of Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot means great change, it marks the time when all your efforts will bear fruit, be it a sweet or a bitter one. All the decisions you make during this period will directly affect the success or failure of the future. In a positive way, the card reassures that all your success is determined by you as you are the one who makes the final decision. From a negative perspective, the things you are aiming for are of no value, you do not get anything after relentless efforts.

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot announces the outcome of the critique. The card in the upright position reminds you that you have a clear awareness, know where you really are, and determine what you need to do to succeed. It indicates that you are approaching decisive times in your life. Sometimes, Judgment implies awakening. You realize the mistakes you are making and redefine the path to take. It evokes images of a moment of reflection and self-evaluation. Through the process of contemplation, or mental contemplation, you can come to an understanding of common situations throughout life and what you can or can change to avoid encountering these situations in the future. 

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot tells you that you are very close to reaching a very important stage in your personal journey. The meaning of the Judgment card tells you that you have experienced a mind-opening process or a moment of “awakening”, specifically when you suddenly realize that you need to live your life in a different way and need to be honest with yourself and your own needs. You have opened up for yourself a new potential with the prospect of creating a full life to be able to satisfy the increasing needs as well as create inspiration and hope for those around you. You feel as if life is “calling for you”, and you are getting closer to the moment you need to take action. 

Something slumbering inside you, perhaps some kind of subconscious knowledge or truth, is time to be awakened and come to light. With the theme of awakening to a new life, Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position shows that you have considered and evaluated past experiences and have learned many lessons from the past. All the pieces in your life finally come together to form a unified picture of your own life story. This union heals all wounds, and now you leave the past behind. The memories will stop haunting you, and you will be able to understand and respect what happened to you and the lessons for life accumulated from the past. Now, you are ready to face all the unfinished problems in life, remove all misunderstandings, and look forward to a future of peace, of clear insights in your mind. 

Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot carries the meaning of atonement. Through the self-assessment phase, you will feel as if every “guilty,” wrongdoing, or personal mistake has been washed away. You are freed from all past sins and sorrows. This liberation is meant as a cleansing process, making your mind at ease and ready to accept the new challenges ahead. The Judgement card often evokes the need for life-changing decisions, but unlike the logical aspects contained in the meaning of Justice, Judgment’s decision types require a delicate combination of both intuition and intellect. You may be feeling confused and embarrassed because every decision you make will bring about very important changes. 

The choice of which decision to make may be very obvious or it may be the only possible choice. You know that a decision has to be made, and you are facing that choice yourself with maturity and composure. Your self-judgment will be perfect at this point, which you can count on completely, and at the same time, be aware that you are on the right track. If you still need a clearer direction in this situation, try to look back at what you have experienced in the past, the lessons that have been accumulated so far to find the right path for yourself. 

If you have endured many challenges recently, Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position will imply that you can take a break from those challenges. In fact, you may feel more comfortable sharing what you have been through with others and finding ways to heal in a group setting. The bottom line here is that there are actually many people who have gone through the same experiences as you. They will give you advice on how to get yourself out of trouble, just ask for their guidance and help.

In terms of love, this is a challenging period in your love affairs. If you are lonely, the Judgment Wild Unknown Tarot in an upright position does not mean that you will soon meet your other half. Either way, don’t be in a hurry. The card implies that if you are really ready, what will come will come. If you are in a relationship, the card indicates that all the fruits of love will come from here, the decisions of the two of you will create an outcome that is hard to change. Conflict and controversy are indispensable in this period. If the two of you work together to overcome obstacles, your relationship will take a new turn, which can lead to a big step like moving in together or getting engaged. On the contrary, the stubbornness and impulsiveness of both will completely destroy the current attachment.

In terms of work, your work is being closely checked and supervised by your superiors or colleagues. Be careful to limit errors as much as possible, do not rush to overlook even the smallest details because it can be a trap. For example, you may have missed a small clause in a client’s contract or forgotten to schedule a small meeting for your supervisor. Seemingly small things can make you lose points in the eyes of your superiors and colleagues, worse still, they may doubt your ability and consider you for another position disproportionate to your capacity. You can reap the sweet fruits of your hard work if you make it through this challenging period. If you are applying for a new job or contract, it is essential to read the terms of your commitment carefully. In other cases, the Judgment Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position shows that efforts can be in vain if you are careless and appear indifferent. The Judgment card sends the most important message of prudence and devotion.

In terms of money, the Judgment Wild Unknown Tarot in an upright position gives good signals about the financial situation. You will get a great return after risky investments. If you are waiting for the money from personal income, it will come to you very soon. However, the card also advises you to know when to stop and limit your greed. It is good to have more revenue coming your way, but that means their source must be clearly identified and transparent. The Judgment card warns of unclear and illegal sources of money that can make you downhill and devastate quickly. Be alert and aware!

In terms of health, the Judgment Wild Unknown Tarot in an upright position deals with trauma from childhood that causes you to frequently experience psychological problems. However, perhaps you have experienced the ups and downs of life as these psychological obsessions not only defeated you but also forged you stronger. You have withstood the bitter fruit life throws at you in a strong and admirable way. This is both your strength and your weakness. Due to your independence and resilience for so long, some chronic illnesses seem to have made you callous and emotionless. Therefore, the card recommends that you learn to live peacefully with it and seek physical and mental healing as soon as possible. 

Because no matter how much you ignore or get angry, it will not bring good results. So the best thing is to take good care of yourself because you deserve it. A reasonable rest schedule is essential to regain your energy. In addition, you should pay attention to a healthy diet and good habits. Adopting a cute pet or pursuing a new artistic hobby is also a good way to make you love life more and find it worth living. The card gives you the message that do not torment yourself for things that are not worth it.

IV. Meaning of Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot says that you are judging yourself too harshly. This will often cause you to miss out on good opportunities in life. You drift behind after your own efforts, which almost drains your will and strength. You are forcing yourself into an inappropriate framework and you live in resentment of past mistakes. The advice from the card is that the mistakes of the past are lessons for the present, only when you learn from experience, overcome past obsessions can success come. Focus on the mistakes that could leave you behind.

When in reverse, Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot tells you that you are allowing yourself to whirl around in self-doubt and self-reflection. Your caution is making you lose many new opportunities waiting in front of you. The momentum that has accumulated after what you have achieved will be able to help you go further. If you take action now, those motivations will not be lost. So this is not the time to be too careful or withdrawn from life, instead, move forward with confidence and pride in yourself. 

Maybe you have had a bad time, isolated yourself, or have had trouble overcoming barriers. You may be forced to deal with the consequences of decisions that are too difficult to learn valuable lessons. You may also feel afraid to make a decision. So, change is inevitable. If you are not willing to accept change, you will not be able to grow, but instead, stagnation will drag you backward. Unwanted changes can make you feel like you are no longer in control or a feeling of powerlessness overwhelms your mind. 

You may be reluctant to release a relationship, job, or event that is no longer relevant to you at this time. Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot says that if you do not face yourself and make a fair judgment, things will not work out. Judgment here is not necessarily being too strict or self-pressing, but you should consider the inner as well as the external factors to make the fairest assessment, thereby giving yourself the right direction.

On the other hand, the reversed Judgement Wild Unknown Tarot also shows that you should take time out of your daily routine and busy work to stop and think about your life up to this point, as well as the lessons you have learned in life. The reversed Judgment can indicate that you are not giving yourself enough time and space to really see through the problems and draw valuable lessons from the past. Besides, this card indicates that you may be being too harsh or too strict with yourself instead of allowing yourself to really learn from your past mistakes. Let’s see them as rewarding experiences rather than serious failures or mistakes.

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