The Star – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on The Star Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: hope, peace of mind, generosity, authenticity, inspiration, peace.

Going up in the dark night, a big star glitters spectacularly on The Star Wild Unknown Tarot. Ten smaller stars are scattered around, but the central star attracts attention the most. This star is adorned with the colors of the rainbow, which blend together. The full-spectrum color gives the star a holistic, healing-energy atmosphere. All colors are present and they are safely contained within the star. All is as it should be. One commenter points out that this is most likely a depiction of the Pole star, with the cluster to the right being Cassiopeia. This is symbolic as homage when we talk about following the North Star as we embark on our own authentic path. The star represents the magical feeling that comes when you live the way you feel is true and right for you.

Image description on The Star Wild Unknown Tarot

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot gives its light freely, without restraint. But it is also not modest. The star attracts attention quietly with a kind of serene force. A beautiful and calming influence is present in this card. This star is a reminder that hope is there even in the darkest of nights. The position of the bright star is near the top of the card and the lines on the card draw our attention upwards. The lines are sparser at the bottom of the card and get darker as they near the top, giving the visual effect that we are standing far below and looking up at this glowing beacon of hope. 

As with many images in the Wild Unknown Tarot, there is a simplicity to the star. It is not weighed down by heavy symbolism or overwhelming visuals. After enduring the chaos of The Tower, we reach the peaceful, tranquil sanctuary of The Star Wild Unknown Tarot. Standing outside in the dark of night, you stare up at the stars and feel the faint light of wonder and hope. Although you cannot find definite answers to many of the questions in life far in the sky, there is nothing you can do but relax and be renewed. That is the energy of The Star card. It is not a story about actions or situations, it is simply about connecting with a part of yourself that is hope and peace. This power will bring light back into your life and fill you with positive energy. The Star is such a lovely card.

II. The message of The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Many decks, such as The Star Waite-Smith Tarot, show a naked woman leaning over a puddle. Her nudity can be seen as a representation of authenticity, a complete willingness to show up exactly as you are. The woman in the traditional Star card pours water from two jugs, which can symbolize inspiration and creative flow. Waite-Smith’s description shows seven stars, possibly representing the seven chakras and the Star’s association with holistic healing.

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot is associated with an infinite well of creativity accessible to each of us. We are always plugged into this cosmic energy source, this abundant spiritual energy. The Star gives us the gift of removing our barriers and reconnecting with that energy. This card also has some healing implications as it gives you a chance to make peace with whatever chaos you have been through. The Star shows that despite your battle scars, you can still be vulnerable. You can still believe and find a way to appear in this world as you really are. Your greatest strength is activated when you dedicate yourself to becoming reality.

In a reading, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot is often a reminder to listen to quiet whispers of your inspiration. Which “Polar star” are you being signaled to? Even if you have been hurt in the past, now might be the time to move on with new hope. Healing, integration, and acceptance are at your disposal. Be on your guard and experience this holistic energy. The Star is a card that brings hope. The card predicts that your dreams and wishes are about to come true. If you are intending to give up, you should stop that thought immediately because the perfect result is coming very close.

III. Meaning of The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot says that your deepest wishes will soon be fulfilled. Even if you are longing for a sweet love, a favorable life, or a job promotion, all can come true if you keep your hope and faith. The card predicts that you are very promising and possess the nature of a successful person, you have a wise mind to distinguish everything. But sometimes, the card warns you that you are expressing yourself and shining like a star way too much, which makes you a thorn in the eyes of some people. This only brings you disadvantages, so you should know how to moderate and Pay attention to other people’s feelings.

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position brings hope and strength to go on with life. The card shows that your expectations are gradually coming true. The card is like a message that if you have faith and inner power, which will attract luck to you. Sometimes, The Star carries the announcement that you have just been through a difficult time. In a predicament, you will not be aware of your strength. You should believe and properly perceive your situation to promote your own capacity.

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot also means new hope, new faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by The Above at this time. Courage, responsiveness, and inspiration are part of your own life. You are entering a promising phase in your life filled with spiritual energy, mental stability, and a deeper understanding of yourself and others around you. This card is telling you that, in the long run, you need to have faith and trust in God. A better future awaits you, but in order to achieve it, you must believe that you can indeed. 

Right after The Tower, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot implies that you may have been enduring life’s trials and going through a difficult time, but now you are opening your heart to heal and transform yourself. Your ability to release painful memories has been enhanced by being in touch with who you really are during difficult times in your life. Hatred, jealousy, bitterness, and revenge have gone by themselves and no longer cast a shadow over your life or hold you back from your future happiness. Now you too can forgive and forget so you can embrace new opportunities. Therefore, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is a very important card for the aspect of self-transformation. 

When The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright appears in a reading, it opens up new ideas and potential for growth. Listen to the little voices from the depths of your soul. You now have a strong desire to explore and rediscover your sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in life. You will make some important changes in your life, transitioning from an old person to a new one, and then you can bring a new dimension to your life.

You may also feel that you have now found and celebrated the real person you want to be, not simply living life as a habit that means nothing to you. You are on a deeper spiritual journey that brings greater meaning and purpose into your life and renews the energy of your soul. You expect that your future will be better than in the past. The Star Wild Unknown Tarot is the call of fate as it pushes you or even forces you to continue on your own path. Your desires are not in vain and you will eventually find what you desire.

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot restores your self-esteem and enhances your faith in your capacity. You will realize how successful and respected you are. You may achieve some goal that may bring you lasting happiness and your reputation may be enhanced. The Star card has a particularly encouraging effect when you are faced with a period of great opposition, negative feedback, or failures that have previously caused you to lose your self-esteem. Besides, it encourages you to have faith and belief in yourself. The card also represents a generous spirit. You can give and share your wealth with others to help change their own lives. You have an open heart and right now, you want to give back the blessings you have received so that others can benefit from them.

In terms of love, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position tells that the future of a promising relationship is approaching you. This period is very suitable to start a new relationship if you are single, your soulmate is just hanging around here. Let’s carefully ponder the message of love that The Star card wants to convey. If you are in a relationship, you may find that your partner is too prominent and successful, making you feel inferior and self-deprecating. Don’t worry, all relationships cannot last if one of the two is too introverted and withdraws. Both of you should be honest with your own feelings, sit down and share little stories that bring you closer. The moment The Star appears, it predicts your relationship needs to be renewed. Changing dating locations and making small surprises for each other are things you can consider.

In terms of work, you are very lucky to draw The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position because it always gives a positive signal in a reading about work. Don’t give up because all your efforts will soon pay off. You should plan your upcoming work schedule so as not to be overwhelmed. Any new business case or new creative idea at this time will be favorable. However, The Star also implies that bragging about your achievements and being too proud of yourself can lead to disaster later on. You should not show yourself too much to avoid getting envy and jealousy in return. Smart people are those who know how to conceal just enough. You may have a good relationship with your colleagues on the outside, but you will not know if they actually congratulate you on your success or gossip behind your back. Also, be careful with what you plan to share on social media as this is a pretty sensitive time. Your unintentional statements can be misinterpreted by others into things that are detrimental to you in the future.

In terms of money, lucrative business opportunities will bring you a large amount of money. Investment plans are quite favorable and business partners also offer favorable terms for you. New projects and contracts are attractive earning opportunities during this period. However, things going too smoothly can also be a sign of fraud. You should read each term carefully or ask an expert/your lawyer to check on irregularities in the contract. Make sure a third party is present as you and your business partner negotiate. Be on the lookout for opportunities that require too much investment or promise huge returns. The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position also warns you about a more sensible spending regime. Extravagance and flaunting financial potential will bring you unnecessary trouble. Someone will use this to your detriment or bad reputation just to teach you a lesson.

In terms of health, the card is like a star of hope, indicating that your health problems will improve. The business opportunities that keep coming make you exhausted and drained, so you need to be on the lookout for a sudden stroke. Following a reasonable rest regime is the most important thing you need to do. A quarterly or annual check-up will help you prevent and treat it in time. If you are suffering from illness and pain, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position will bring good news with treatment. Hope and optimism are the only things that will save you from illness. Do not think that your mind and body are two separate factors, in fact, they are more strongly linked than you think. Only when your mind is healthy and comfortable will your body recover quickly. There are cases where some patients with incurable diseases such as cancer or pneumonia can still make a full recovery thanks to a steadfast and optimistic spirit along with the right treatment regimen. You should use that as your motivation.

IV. Meaning of The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position brings a sign of isolation, at the time, you are almost opposed and hated by everyone. Things you used to find interesting and enjoyable now seem meaningless. You gradually lose faith and do not find the motivation to move on in life. The card also says that your boasting puts you in a difficult situation, someone jealousy mouths bad words about you, ruining your reputation. You should be strong, constantly believe and hope in the future to quickly get out of this situation.

The reversed Star Wild Unknown Tarot signifies that your spiritual mission is experiencing problems in perception. Instead of hope, your feelings are now filled with despair or depression. Instead of being filled with joyful or positive thoughts, you just feel like you are dealing with negative issues. Pessimistic thoughts will swirl around you until you give up trying to control the situation and accept defeat. To fix it, the reversed Star will tell you that you should identify what is making you feel depressed or overwhelmed so that you can find ways to overcome those problems. 

Sometimes you can slightly exaggerate the importance of these matters, leaving your mind unsettled. In a Tarot spread, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can also indicate that you are gradually feeling distant and lacking in inspiration from life or the things that exist in your life (e.g. work, family, hobbies, relationships, personal affairs, etc.). Maybe you used to have a lot of ambition and enthusiasm at first, but now you only clearly feel the blandness and gloom of the daily cycle of life weighing heavily on your heart. Life for you right now is way too subdued and mundane while it was a journey full of interesting experiences for you. 

The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse is especially relevant to career readings when you feel as though you no longer have a connection with the work you do and feel the need to do something, or more specifically, make an important career-related decision. The reversed Star can represent a loss of faith in a particular situation, causing you to wait for a sign or “call” before you can move on. You may need reassurance that you are still on track, especially when you are at a challenging or “backward” phase of your journey. 

Remember the advice of The Tower, which sees challenges and difficulties of this kind as opportunities for change and growth. You need to know that even if you feel uncertain or left to fate in accomplishing your goals, it is only a temporary hardship and you will soon realize that this hardship will become a major part of the journey ahead. Usually, The Star Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse is more of a test of faith than a sign of a negative outcome. Sometimes you will need to go through a period of effort to reach a level of transformation and self-awakening. You need to keep your faith in Everything and keep in mind that He will do all the best for you. This is just a trial, and if you pass it, you will become stronger than ever.

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