Mother Of Swords – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: experienced, all-seeing, astute, witty.

You will always find Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot bringing her keen senses to use as a therapist, doctor, or teacher. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in her field. Some even think she is a jack of all trades. This card sometimes also represents a woman who has come through difficult times. She may have recently been widowed or divorced and is usually childless. During this time, it is likely that criticism of her will increase.

Image description on Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

A snowy owl with a suitably regal appearance perched on a sword. She looks at us with a wise face. The symmetrical feathers and the look over her shoulder show her dignified aura. Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot card is completely black and white. This seems appropriate for the Mother of Swords as she likes things to be non-dramatic. What you see is what you get. The background lines are clean and straight. She will not tolerate shyness and is quick to call anyone (including herself) out about their nonsense.

As a Court card, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot represents personality traits and approaches to life. For a comprehensive explanation of how the Court cards work in Tarot, check out this card. The Mother of Swords has a high level of proficiency with the element of Air. This shows in her clear communication, sense of humor, and no-bullshit approach to life.

Notice how she calmly sits on her sword, as opposed to the Son forcibly clinging to his sword. She has nothing to prove to anyone, her main priority is that she is living in accordance with her beliefs and knowledge. This does not mean she will not be willing to share her opinions, but she does share them with a feeling of inner confidence.

Because of her adeptness, there is nothing like her. She is not easily fooled and she can quickly get to the heart of any situation she finds herself in. She is adaptable and able to adjust to new information. She does not have to put up with idiots, but she is not a bad person. She has a profound understanding of life and can be an excellent teacher.

II. The message of Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Most Tarot decks use the title Queen of Swords for this card. Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can be considered an “introverted adult” in reading. The Mother of Swords is the embodiment of authenticity. She knows who she is and she comes into the world as she is. She is also a master at imparting knowledge with a sense of humor – you could tell she is one of those people who always creates the right hilarious gifs at the right time.

Unlike the Son of Swords, who thinks he knows it all despite his relative inexperience, Mother actually has the experience to support her stance. Everything in life is a learning experience for her, and she finds incredible value in understanding herself, society, and the universe at large.

During a reading, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to consider how her traits might work in your situation. At her best, the Mother of Swords can be very witty, intelligent, and helpful. Instead of seeing the world through a kaleidoscope, this card reminds you that sometimes you need to embrace the beauty of a realist. Queen of Swords is also a card representing a wise and perceptive woman. There may be a woman involved in your life who is intending to cause trouble. She wants to interfere in your business, the card warns of this person’s influence on your life.

III. Meaning of Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot represents a mature mind and is devoid of emotions. In mythology, the feminine is associated with emotions, but in this card, the owl is quite strict and not very emotional. Therefore, this card represents the ability to judge and discriminate fairly without the influence of emotions or feelings. She likes to know how, what, why, where, when, and who, everything helps her to know her environment and understand others well. It is not that she does not care about others but she connects with them through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional understanding.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a sign that you need to be independent in your thoughts and judgments. You must use your endowed intelligence to make conclusions based on the factual pieces of information you have gathered along the way. Empathy or compassion for others can distract you from tasks, so it is important to use your head at this point. Don’t let emotions get in the way. The Mother of Swords thinks very quickly, is very insightful, and can let go of distractions and confusion to get straight to the point. She is always loyal to her own opinions and to the hopes of others. The best way to cooperate with the Mother of Swords is to present your thoughts and opinions accurately and honestly.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot combines the lucidity and intellectual strength of the Swords suit with the maturity and receptivity of the Mother/Queen. You are gifted with the ability to use unbiased intellect and judgment and to be versatile and open to receiving input from other sources. When you lead from the head, not the heart, you are better able to discern situations without being swayed by emotions or feelings. 

You may believe that empathy or compassion for others will distract you from the task at hand. Instead, you want to know about every detail and how everything is coherent to help you better understand your environment and better understand others. It is not that you don’t care about others, it is that you connect with others through intellectual rather than emotional understanding. Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot notes that you are a seeker of truth. You are willing to listen to the thoughts and opinions of others, but in the end, you filter that information to decipher what is true and what is not. When interacting with others, you will not accept bad or vulgar words. You want to get to the heart of the matter without engaging in too much chatter or gossip.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you have an innate ability to speak it as it is. You are a quick thinker and highly perceptive, overcoming the noise and confusion to get straight to the point. You are forthright and honest in your opinion and you expect the same from others. For this reason, many people respect your opinion and turn to you for advice when they need clarity. 

As a steadfast, independent, and resilient person, you have established clear boundaries, and you are quick to urge someone to cross them. People don’t mess with you, not because you threaten them or cause violence, but because you set expectations in advance about how you want to be treated. Some people may be intimidated by you, but once they get over your tough shell and develop a sense of trust and respect, they will see your softer side.

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot sometimes appears in a negative form. The card shows the importance of making judgments based on reason, not emotions. At times, the card means indifference. This may be a time when you will feel lonely and lose faith in everything around you. You should overcome life’s challenges on your own, not rely on others. The Mother of Swords in the upright position shows the strength and wisdom of the Queen/Mother. The card reminds you to consider all aspects of the problem before making a decision, and you should be independent in your thoughts and actions. You should rely on reason when making decisions, minimizing emotional interference. Compassion and empathy put in the wrong place can lead you to make the wrong decisions. You are outspoken and fair, so you expect others to treat you fairly, even if it hurts.

In terms of love, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns of separation in your relationship. You and your significant other become distant from each other. Psychological shocks and broken trust may occur during this period. However, the card does not clearly show the degree of influence. It is either that both of you will have to end this relationship or everything maybe just at the level of a petty argument. The advice is to lower your ego, talk to your partner skillfully and clearly, and reconsider your feelings for him/her to maintain the relationship.

In terms of work, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position suggests that your guide is not having a clear direction or that his or her instructions are no longer suitable for you. Investment troubles will cause you fatigue and property damage. In addition, the card also shows some signs of legal litigation. The advice is that you should proceed with everything carefully and meticulously. It is a good idea to review the issues thoroughly before doing anything at this stage.

In terms of money, financial difficulties may appear during this period, but still at a tolerable level. You should spend money sensibly and cut off on those unnecessary items. Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns of money-related scams that can leave you empty-handed. If you are intending to borrow, this is not a good time. You can only borrow from relatives or close friends. It is better to save money so you can deal with the worst situations.

In terms of health, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns of mental health-related problems. During this period you may have to experience mental losses that make your energy and immune system increasingly weaker. Litigation and falsehoods can also tire you out. The advice from the card is to quickly find the balance, sometimes you have to accept that bad things have to happen in order to draw valuable life lessons.

IV. Meaning of Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position indicates that you are currently using your heart more than your head. You let a lot of emotion get in the way of a particular situation or issue, distorting your perception of the situation at hand. You need to use your mind to understand what is going on and read the signals more accurately. Look at your situation objectively and think reasonably as this helps you have a clearer view of the situation and assess what to do next.

Meaning of Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Likewise, Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse implies a relationship that is pulling clouds over your vision. Instead of refocusing on your goal or direction, you are hesitant because you don’t want to affect the harmonious balance in your relationships. You procrastinate in pursuing your plans because you don’t want to upset a boat or break your relationships with others. However, at the end of the day, you need to be tougher, more confident, and more assertive in order to be successful. Sharp, objective analysis and careful consideration (but not necessarily selection) of alternatives are essential now. No matter what, you need to be bold, confident, and proactive. You should have a clear vision and analyze your goals and choose ideas for the future, and even just consider carefully, not making hasty decisions right now. 

On the other hand, the Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can indicate coldness, bitterness, resentment, and irritability, especially if she is completely devoid of any emotion or compassion towards others. In her quest to solve a problem, she refuses help from many others and is seen as bigoted and narcissistic. This card can represent a part of yourself or someone else you are trying to deal with. You can marginalize others and lose your support base, isolate yourself from others, and be seen as narrow-minded, intolerant, and mean.

The reversed Mother of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you are letting your emotions overwhelm everything that you become unrestrained with all the problems that come your way. You will be supervised by a woman who will put pressure on you, this can be your mother, superior, or co-worker. The Mother of Swords in reverse can mean that you are starting to isolate yourself for some reason, which makes people around you think that you are eccentric and emotionless. The advice is to quickly balance your feelings and reason, take time to reflect on things, and make more accurate decisions.

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