Son Of Swords – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: determined, forceful, critical, opinionated.

As an energetic being, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a man of action, not of grace. He pushes himself toward his goals with all haste and determination. Moreover, he is a highly educated person which gives him an impetus to move forward. Usually, he seeks approval from the Father of Swords, who casts a shadow over his Son. Working with this excited and exhausting young man can be a challenge.

Image description on Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot

A young owl is in mid-flight with its wings stretched out determinedly. As a Court card, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can draw attention to an aspect of your personality in a certain situation. He looks straight ahead. He has a narrow focus and nothing will make him leave the course he has chosen. The background is filled with slanted lines, meeting in the center. This adds to the overall atmosphere of determination.

The owl holds a sword in its talons, ready to pierce its chosen target. He is full of opinions, but he can have trouble distinguishing between opinions and facts. He can be a fierce debater and a brutal critic. Some of his criticism can be helpful, but he does not always draw the line between helping and hurting. He holds fast to his beliefs and may have difficulty accepting information that does not match the information he clings to.

At one end of the spectrum, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot has the unifying and unwavering focus it often takes to complete difficult tasks. He knows how to lock his target and put all his efforts and abilities into his goal. He is as smart as a whip and is not afraid to stand up for himself. On the other end of the spectrum, the Son of Swords can be prone to blindness. He can be stubborn and does not want to see any other option than the one he has already decided on. He can be modest in his interactions with others and patience is not always his strong point.

II. The message of Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Most Tarot decks use the title Knight of Swords for this card. According to Court ratings, Knights/Sons tend to gravitate between extremes in their interactions with their suits. The Knight/Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can be either a constructive critic or tear you down. He can share his opinions with trust or he can scold anyone who contradicts him. He can bring valuable knowledge or he can be cocky and gruff.

Knights/Sons are the metaphorical teenage image of the Tarot, and like the stereotypical image of a teenager, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can be convinced that he knows it all. To understand the Son of Swords, it would be helpful to compare his approach with that of the Daughter of Swords. The Daughter of Swords is also direct, but not tied to the idea of ​​correctness. Daughters probably will not mind if you agree with their point of view or not. Meanwhile, Son thrives on what is right and is steadfast in what he believes to be right.

During a reading, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to closely evaluate your approach in a certain situation. Do you need to be more direct, honest, and focused? Or, on the other hand, have you lost sight of the bigger picture? Step back and consider your approach from an unbiased point of view and then use your wisdom to determine your next move. The Son of Swords also represents destruction. When the card appears, it means that someone will enter your life and destroy the current peace. The card warns that you may be troubled by these people. Also, the troublemaker here could be yourself.

III. Meaning of Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

When we are obsessed with an idea and want to express it, we often don’t notice the difficulties or consequences of our actions. The Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a strong character, who is full of life and energy and must be balanced by responsibility and compassion. Once set out, nothing can stop him! He neither sees nor cares for any challenge, risk, danger, and rushes forward with his strong intentions and determination to achieve success and victory.

On the positive side, this card shows great ambition, determination, and strength to succeed without obstacles. On the negative side, he can turn a blind eye to the challenges and potential consequences and plunge into dangerous lands with no foresight or preparation. He can also ignore the needs of others as he is determined to pursue his own goals.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot often reflects a time when you have embarked on a new project or idea and don’t want to stop. Your energy explodes, propels you forward, and inspires quick actions to accomplish your goals. You are ready to overcome any problem, challenge, or obstacle. However, you hustle or take shortcuts to get things done. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. For example, using a low-cost factory will get the job done quickly and cheaply, but quality can suffer in the long run and you can spend more time fixing your work. Also, make sure that you meet the needs of others, especially, if they are part of long-term success.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also represents your need to understand the world from an intellectual point of view. You have good communication skills and can easily create solid arguments and opinions on current issues and important issues. You like to engage with people with similar skills to be able to share your ideas and develop new perspectives. You may be best suited for discussion groups with individuals who are likely to argue with you.

As with all Sons of the Tarot decks, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is a man (or woman) on a mission – once he has set his mind on something, nothing can stop him. And as a Swords card, this Son actively uses the power of wisdom to achieve his goals. When the Son of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, it is a sign that you are a person of high will, ambition, and action. You are so highly motivated to succeed that you will not stop chasing your dreams. The challenges, difficulties, and obstacles on the road ahead don’t discourage you because you know where you want to go. Move forward with absolute strength and determination to make things happen.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you are quick to act and don’t tend to plan ahead, preferring to rush in instead. You thrive on high energy levels that propel you forward and inspire you to take action to realize your goals. The Son of Swords reminds you to be assertive to get what you want. He does not back down and wait for something to happen. He is always at the forefront and actively pursues his goals. You can also harness this energy in your life by being proactive and thinking ahead. See yourself as the creator of your future and be ready to take the necessary steps to make it a reality.

The downside of Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot with fast thinking and fast action is that sometimes you act too quickly and have not thought through everything. You may not be aware of the potential challenges and problems that will stand in your way or the undesirable consequences of your actions. You can easily rush or cut things off to get things done. Or, you may pursue a specific goal, thinking it is what you want, but then realize it is not a good fit or hit a dead end. Sometimes a little planning and preparation can go a long way.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot also represents your need to understand the world from an intellectual point of view. You have well-developed communication skills and can easily form strong arguments and views on current issues and important issues. You enjoy networking with people with similar skills so you can share your ideas and develop new perspectives. You may be best suited to discussion groups with like-minded individuals where you can motivate each other and motivate each other.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot describes the aggressive knight, who does whatever he wants and does not listen to others. He is not the type to hold back his haste. The card appears as a warning that you must stay away from such people at all costs or you must avoid becoming such a person. In some cases, the card appears positive. You will gain confidence and optimism. It warns that you must try harder before the opportunities slip away.

The Son of Swords in the upright position shows that you are full of vitality and energy to accomplish your goals, you almost don’t care about the difficulties you face. The only thing you know is that you have to fight. However, the card warns that determination can blind you and cause unfortunate consequences. You can fall into a dangerous situation without careful preparation.

In terms of love, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position warns of momentary intense feelings that can confuse you with true love. If you are still single, the card advises that you should let your emotions be stable first. In addition, if you are in a relationship, this card warns that the domineering personality of either side will bring the relationship to a standstill. The two of you should relax and treat each other with more respect to maintain the relationship in the long run.

In terms of work, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position suggests that the next stage of your work will encounter certain difficulties. Relationships between colleagues or partners will deteriorate. If you are planning to invest or have your own business, you should be cautious because this stage comes with a lot of risks. Besides, you should solve the backlog of work that does not bring value but also consumes your time and effort. The appearance of rivals and fierce competition will ensue.

In terms of money, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position implies that financial problems will be resolved smoothly thanks to your ability to influence others. If your financial situation is in a stable stage, it is necessary to spend and use money sensibly. In addition, lack of preparation and poor ability to control the situation will make you struggle with money-related troubles. In case you want to invest, you should seek experienced people for advice.

In terms of health, the Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position says that you or your loved ones will have health problems. The worries that accumulate over a long period of time will cause you to collapse and dangerous diseases also will develop quickly. You are at risk of depression and some psychological problems. The advice is to rest more and talk to friends and family to find comfort.

IV. Meaning of Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot is extremely impatient, impulsive, and aggressive with his energy. He has a lot of energy but does not know how to control it. His thoughts are scattered. He can be disorganized, serious, and unpredictable. If you encounter this type of person, be extremely cautious and make sure you don’t get caught up in his harmful energy. The reversed Son of Swords indicates that you need to go it alone to build valuable life experiences of maturity. As you seek freedom and independence, you will most likely make mistakes along the way due to your reckless and impatient nature, but this is part of the journey.

Meaning of Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position often reflects a rebellious teenager who is fighting for his own independence, and parents need to allow their children to do what they want and take responsibility for their own actions. The Son of Swords can also suggest that you slow down or else you will burn out. You want to be involved in everything but you cannot succeed at anything because your thoughts and energy are always scattered. Take a moment to reflect and focus on your top priorities.

The reversed Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you are impatient and too impulsive when handling things. You have a lot of energy without specific direction, which leads to hasty decisions that affect others. Son of Swords in reverse thinks that your thoughts are disassembled and lacking in logic. You are not prepared for what you want to achieve. However, the road ahead is still very long, you can completely draw valuable lessons to overcome this problem.

Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in reverse can appear in a Tarot reading when you are full of energy and motivation but are unable to channel and release this energy effectively. You are increasingly restless and frustrated because you want to act, but something is holding you back. Perhaps the timing is not right, you don’t have enough resources, or you are relying on someone else who is not ready as well. You need to find alternative ways to release this energy. Otherwise, your energy will explode strongly in a bad direction.

Similarly, Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position shows that you have little direction and are making rash and impulsive decisions, dragging others down with you. Your thoughts are wandering somewhere without a specific destination, and you change your mind frequently. If you are leading others, this can be very confusing and frustrating for all involved. Even working alone, you may find that your distracting “monkey mind” is getting in the way of your overall success. You may need to apply a single focus, pick an idea and then stick with it until it is done. It will take mental discipline to see through it – are you up to the task?

The reversed Son of Swords Wild Unknown Tarot can also suggest that you need to slow down; otherwise, you run the risk of severe burnout and energy depletion. You want to be involved in everything, but you are not successful at anything because of these directionless energy flows. As such, you are accomplishing very little and getting more and more tired. Take a moment so you can collect yourself together, gather your thoughts, and just focus on the top priorities.

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