Daughter Of Cups – Wild Unknown Tarot

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I. Image description on Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Deck Creator’s Keywords: emotional, romantic, open, optimistic.

The Court cards of the Cups suit in Wild Unknown are represented by swans. Symbolically, the swan is associated with love, luxury, and grace. Of course, swans stay at home in the water, making them a natural fit to the Cups! There is something a little gentle about swans. They are creatures that seem at the same time fragile and strong.

 Image description on Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot (commonly called the Page of Cups in other Tarot decks) is a young swan. The lake around her is calm and steady. Her reflection glitters in the water like a full spectrum rainbow. This shows that she has the potential for a full range of emotions and that she welcomes any emotional experience without labeling it as negative or positive. She allows herself to fully feel whatever she is feeling, but usually things that are good.

There is still a sense of innocence in this card. Although Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot has the ability to manifest any emotional state, she is still young. Some might even venture to say that she is naive and immature. She supports the dreamy view of life. She sees the good in all that is. She knows how to look on the bright side. She loves life! Perhaps there is a difference between being naive and believing that love conquers all. Daughter of Cups has a simple approach to life but can have great power in simplicity.

Creative energy radiates from Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot. She is romantic, artistic, and easily inspired by the things going on around her. A true-born dreamer, she struggles between “keeping things as they are” or compromising with the bare reality unfolding before her. The contradiction of anything is unsettling for this tender creature.

II. The message of Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in a reading

Most decks use the Page of Cups title for this card. Waite-Smith’s Tarot description shows a person standing near the water and holding a cup. A fish pops out of the cup, and the person looks back at it. The fish is a symbol of the unconscious, associated with the realm of dreams and emotions. This shows that the Page of Cups has an unfiltered relationship with intuition and interacts openly with this energy.

As the “youngest” of the Court cards, all Pages/ Daughters have a frank relationship with the energy of their suits. They are crude in their approach and can be clumsy and childish at times. But there is one important thing to learn from their flawless approach.

In a reading, Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot may ask you to open up. There is magic invulnerability. Sometimes we need to trust our intuition and good nature. Daughter of Cups reminds you to show your true colors to the world because as the song goes, they are as beautiful as a rainbow.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also represents sensitivity, at this stage, you are living in excessive daydreaming and sensitive to issues that were previously considered normal. This is a neutral card and its nature depends on the context in which it occurs. What is certain is that you may be irritable with someone or you may feel that someone has a negative attitude towards you.

III. Meaning of Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot represents dreaming, you always keep your mind on the clouds. This daydreaming is not only in love but also in work and other relationships. This is good for cultivating positive emotions and loving life. But many times, this takes time and makes you frustrated if reality does not turn out as you dreamed. Sometimes you act quite childish for your age, you are sensitive and negative when problems arise.

The meaning of Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position is immaturity and sensitivity. You are fearful and hesitant when trouble or something new appears. The advice is that you should be open to new ideas. As you embrace new ideas and accept them with open arms, many secret doors will be opened. The card calls for you to manifest your creativity into your strongest areas. When facing difficulties, you should minimize your perceptiveness and anxiety. The card also symbolizes perseverance, if you persist in pursuing what you really want with a learning attitude, you will succeed.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position illustrates the beginning of a creative project or venture. It is a sign that a creative idea worth “trying” comes to mind. Let’s decipher this new creation through art, drama, dance, etc. Your unconscious mind is also trying to talk to you, maybe through dreams or through encounters with important people. The message here is that you must be open to strange and unexpected creative ideas, and never give up on them just because you feel they are “monstrous”. The Daughter of Cup also shows your keen intuition and ability to perceive messages coming from the unconscious world. You can act on your hunches and, of course, now is the perfect time to do so.

Usually, Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot heralds a positive message or news from loved ones. You may be notified of the birth of a child, a commitment, a marriage proposal, a great idea or plan, a pregnancy, a new relationship, a travel plan, etc. This message is unexpected yet joyful and you are completely capable of recognizing and responding to it. The Daughter of Cup shows that it is okay to express your emotions right now. Don’t be afraid when people know how you feel. Relax and let your heart lead the way. Everything will be fine and happy.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot is like the child of your soul – young, free, creative, intuitive, and inspirational. This Daughter is not taught to suppress the power of one’s innate feelings and intuition. Therefore, she is an empath with a high-flying imagination, so high that she is able to reach for great dreams and create a fulfilling life as she has chosen. As such, the Daughter of Cups shows the renewal of your emotions and creativity, allowing you to once again enjoy the freedom of your life. This card encourages you to take a new look at difficult problems and approach them with positive outlooks of doubt, love and compassion.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot also says to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams. If you stop desiring, your dreams will never come true because they no longer exist. In life’s darkest moments, dreams often offer a glimmer of hope. Dare to dream and try your best to manifest and channel them into real life, everything will come true.

In terms of love, in a romantic relationship, you are thoughtful, sensitive, and caring for your partner. You always want to build a long-term relationship. However, you have difficulty expressing your feelings to your significant other. If you are intending to confess to someone, gather up your courage, you will succeed. Besides, if you are in a serious relationship, the Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position suggests that you are too concerned with work that you neglect your lover. Your disinterest and indifference make your partner sometimes hurt and wonder if you really want to move on. Integrity can come to you with a work-life balance. The card warns that a relationship based on mutual exploitation may occur, so you should be careful, especially in the early stages and your partner moves on too quickly.

In terms of work, Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position indicates that your work is entering a stable phase and your career may be on the cusp of success. However, the progress of the work is happening so fast that you may become lacking in a few small details and make unnecessary mistakes. Besides, in some cases, the card says that you are selfish, only interested in profits in business, but forget about professional ethics. The Daughter of Cups warns you that you are running out of energy for work and putting it above everything else. This can make you feel lonely and emotionally deprived. The advice is to slow down, work in moderation and not embrace too many things at once. You should also listen to your mental and emotional needs.

In terms of money, your work efforts make your financial situation always at its best, you are almost always busy with making money. Having plenty of money during this time helps you to spend comfortably. However, the working speed is too fast and the frequency is dense, so you can get into some trouble due to negligence. Relax with your hard-earned money and take the time to plan your spending. On the other hand, you should keep your cash flow moving. Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position advises you to take care of your employees’ financial incentives if you are a supervisor. Being generous about money will help you build a good image in the eyes of your subordinates, which will benefit you in the long run.

In terms of health, your busy work schedule can cause a number of health problems to appear. However, they are not too serious and do not affect you much. You yourself also know how to moderate and take care of your body, so the situation is not too bad. This is almost a good card for health, in addition to some warnings about overwork, your health is quite good. Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the upright position recommends continuing to maintain your healthy eating and living habits. You can split work and rest times between each other to feel more balanced in life.

IV. Meaning of Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position

The reversed Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot means that you are looking at life too naively, too easily, and too unrealistically, you have a childish approach to all problems. Emotional immaturity makes you become a highly sensitive person. On the other hand, the  Daughter of Cups in reverse symbolizes the troubles you face, and you are afraid to cope with them. Sometimes you hide and do not dare to deal with reality. The advice is to seek encouragement and advice from someone with experience or a loved one.

reversed daughter of cups wild unknown tarot

The reversed Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot describes a person who is immature or in emotional trouble. It can refer to someone who is trying to relieve grief with drugs or alcohol or who is running away from reality and living in their own world. This is an emotionally insecure person and is unable to establish healthy relationships when he/she wants to get more than he/she paid for. This is a person of indulgence and abuse of his/her emotions. This person is unable to control his or her emotions and, as a result, unintentionally hurts himself/herself and others without knowing why. He/she is suspicious, deceitful, selfish, and easily bored. This could be someone you know or even yourself. You may have a short temper and easily burst out which may stem from immaturity or childhood trauma, leading you to be unable to control your emotions in the face of adversity.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position speaks of extreme emotional outbursts and mood swings or overdependence on others. This card can sometimes indicate drug abuse, especially if combined with The Devil. You may use drugs or alcohol as a way to escape reality, fake another persona, and dream of a more favorable possibility. In the end, you will forever be stuck in the pool of suffering.

Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot reflects your creativity, its reversal could indicate a blockage in your imagination. Alternatively, you may run into problems with creative projects that you are genuinely interested in, but may not have as good a source of income as others. You have a hard time figuring out how to turn your ideas into reality.

The card indicates that the cause of this downfall can be a psychological trauma from the past that has not been healed and a mistake that has not been forgiven. Have the courage to face yourself once and tell yourself that you cannot live in this quagmire forever. You have abilities, qualities and a personality worthy of respect and they need to be shown to the outside world. Let people see the good in you. Get started on your journey and let your creativity play their beautiful tunes.

It is possible that you may encounter a creative block when the reversed Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot pops up in the reading. There is an aspect of yourself that you want to show, but for whatever reason, you are holding it back. You may worry about whether your creativity will lead you in the direction you want or if it has value in this world. Or, you may feel ‘stuck’ when it is time to express yourself creatively, and you don’t know how to bring this side of you to the outside world. Ideas are there, but you are having a hard time figuring out how to turn them into reality.

If you are exploring your intuition, the reversed Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot suggests that you are facing a lot of doubt. You are trying to listen to your intuition, but when the messages come in, you wonder if it is your inner guidance or your ego. Be open to your intuition and see where it takes you.

At times, Daughter of Cups Wild Unknown Tarot in the reversed position can indicate someone who is emotionally immature – perhaps someone who is dramatic, over-shared, and takes his/her vulnerability too far. This can be someone who is easily emotionally torn when he/she does not reach his/her goals. Or it could be someone who fantasizes excessively about his/her future and is groundless in reality. Some people call it ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’, where an adult does not want to grow up and instead be a child for the rest of his lives.

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