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I. Meaning of the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot

On the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot, we can see a dreamy young man leaning against a tree. Even though there are three tempting glasses of wine next to him, he ignores them anyway. He fantasizes about something better; he is awarded an even better one. The squirrel in the tree and the mouse in the grass pay more attention to the gift than to the young man who receives it. Romantic ideas in his head can cause him to miss out on opportunities he will probably regret later. This card reflects the negative side of The Emperor Gilded Tarot, the character of the card numbered IV of the Major Arcana. The desire for order and stability can lead to an unreal search for perfection, leading to a tendency to disregard reality.

Meaning of the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot

The Four of Cups Gilded Tarot carries a message that not only do you have gifts at your disposal, but you are currently being given another gift. By ignoring the present happiness, you are falling into some idealized concept that is not real. See the downside, and don’t give up the healthy ideals that guide and shape your life in exchange for a pathetic substitute. You must know the difference between belief and imagination.

III. Interpretation of the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot in a spread

The Four of Cups Gilded Tarot is a card about wishful thinking. It warns us to remember to pay attention to the reality, and the favors we are currently receiving, instead of worrying too much about things that are unlikely to happen. Make sure you are grateful for what you have. Don’t spend too much time regretting or wishing your life was different. Life will change a lot if we put our focus and attention on it. Pay attention to the things and people in your life for which you have to be grateful. Besides, you can consider writing a “gratitude diary.”

The position of the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot and the surrounding cards are important factors in explaining what the card is really trying to say to you. In the past position, the Four of Cups says that your current situation has been defined by an opportunity you have missed. The good news is recognizing this mistake is crucial to fixing your current situation. The lesson here is to close your eyes and see what life has given you and based on that to make the necessary transformations. 

In the current position, the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot challenges you to look at life objectively and to realize that somewhere in this life there has been some opportunity that you have ignored. Maybe it is a romance, a significant other, or an engaging job. Recognizing your behavioral tendencies and attitudes is the best way to improve your life. The Four of Cups in the future position is a good sign in your reading. It says that your current situation will give you a valuable lesson(s) that will benefit you later in life. At least you will not be stuck in this state forever.

The Four of Cups Gilded Tarot is also sometimes a sign of indifference. You don’t really care too much about anything. Your life seems tedious and boring because you have lost interest in activities that bring you joy. You have no incentive to find effort in any direction. At such times, this card can mean that you are stuck in your own emotions. You need something to focus on, and that will help your mind and heart find the way back to life again. Be open to your surroundings. Soon you will be back on the road to being yourself again.

In terms of work, when the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot appears, it indicates that there are missed opportunities in the workplace. You have the dedication and talent to advance your career, but you are holding yourself back. If you are feeling stuck, look at the bright side of your current job. 

In terms of love, the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot suggests that you are stuck in your relationship. If you are indeed having a special one, the card tells you that you need to find a way to rekindle the fire of love that was present in your relationship. Looking back at your role throughout the relationship and thinking about what details and situations you would now act in a different way. That may be a plan for you to fix any problems. If you are looking for love, the Four of Cups shows that you have missed a potential partner. This is your time to look back on your life, and see if the soulmate you are looking for is a specific person in your life.

In terms of finance, although it may seem tempting to spend money now, the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot is telling you that the new things you are about to buy will not bring you lasting happiness. Instead of focusing on changing things around, you should focus on improving what you already have.

In terms of health, when the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot appears, it means you need to reevaluate how you take care of yourself. If you are sick, ask yourself if your current lifestyle needs any changes, and be honest with yourself about which areas of your life are in need of special attention. It is time to end daydreaming about a perfect body shape and excellent physical health and start working on it now.

In terms of spirituality, the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot points out that fantasies can be harmful to the mental aspects of life, like when we get caught up in self-deprecating thoughts of “I am weak” or “I wish things were different”. These unrealistic things can tend to blind us to the beauty of the reality in our lives at the moment. Be confident and stick to reality. If you cannot keep a “gratitude diary” and write down the things you are grateful for every day, at least make a list of twenty people/situations/things in your life that make you feel good at the moment. Meditating with these journal entries can greatly increase your “mental awareness” very quickly.

When the Four of Cups Gilded Tarot is reversed, it means that you do not need to worry too much about your current life situation. Now is the best time to share your ideas and seize new opportunities. The reversed Four of Cups is a card that implies breaking the self-imposed track. You want to see yourself transformed and move forward again. It is a good thing. When the reversed Four of Cups appears, it is time to start getting up. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself or wish things would be different. Start in the present, and always remember that if something goes wrong, you can always make a difference. Acknowledge the blessings and favors you have.

In terms of work, the reversed Four of Cups Gilded Tarot tells you that you have finally found the motivation and helped yourself out of the bad working situation. It is just good for you. You can take control of your life on your own. Believe in yourself.

In terms of love, you can finally be ready to overcome the shadow of the past and move towards a brighter and happier future with love. The reversed Four of Cups Gilded Tarot suggests you spend a lot of time thinking about what and who you really need in your life. Look to the future ahead, not the past behind.

In terms of finances, if you look closely around you, you will see opportunities that you did not see before. Take a moment to explore them. The reversed Four of Cups Gilded Tarot implies that your motivation must be higher than ever to get good things and to make money. You can do it. Let’s pursue them.

In terms of health, when you receive the reversed Four of Cups Gilded Tarot and consider the aspect related to health and body state, this is a great time to make some positive changes for your health care. Consider whether you need more exercise or a better diet (or both). You can also find yourself a doctor now if you have been required to have a physical examination.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Four of Cups Gilded Tarot tells you that you are getting out of the old track and that is a very good thing. Stay positive, discover new ways to study, and nurture your spirit. However, you should notice speakers and writers who deliver a spiritual message, see whether they write or say something to you personally or not. You don’t have to accept a specific spiritual way of life like everyone else, just absorb what is right for you.

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