The Justice – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of Justice Gilded Tarot

The personification of Justice Gilded Tarot symbolizes the past and the future she holds. Justice’s scales represent the chain of cause and effect of life. The image of the sun is you, in between your past and your future. Justice is like a daze. She has no power to help you or harm you. You decide your own retribution. Everything you do in the past determines your future.

Meaning of Justice Gilded Tarot

II. Message of Justice Gilded Tarot

The message of Justice Gilded Tarot is very simple. You create your own future through your actions. You are asking yourself why things are happening the way they are. Try looking back at your past actions. Consider how the current situation was created. This is the time for you to take responsibility for yourself in life.

Pay careful attention to letting go of frustration. Although past mistakes will lead to future results, your present actions will determine your future. Learn from past mistakes and make decisions that make your future better.

III. Interpretation of Justice Gilded Tarot in a spread

When the upright Justice Gilded Tarot card appears in your Tarot spread, things are about to turn in your favor. The justice is now balanced, indicating that an event will turn out as it should. This is the result of the positive actions you have taken in the past. This card indicates that you are about to receive the positive things you deserve. The appearance of Justice can indicate a certain legal proceeding, related to events such as marriage, divorce, or business. This card suggests that administrative and legal matters will work for you as long as you are honest.

The Justice Gilded Tarot embodies the law of cause and effect. You should determine that every event and every person is connected in this universe rather than just a coincidence. It is important to remember that not everything you face is a direct result of your actions but may be caused by someone else you care about. This can be equally difficult and challenging when you have to deal with the consequences of your own doing. Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily. This card evokes the desire to seek justice, balance, and harmony. Let’s try your best to create balance and rationality, including the way you think and treat yourself. If you are directly involved in a decision-making situation, there is a high chance that everything will be resolved well.

In terms of work, Justice Gilded Tarot shows that you need a balance between life and work in order to be successful. It is easy to lose balance and put too much energy into either area. Remember, balance is essential.

In terms of love, the appearance of Justice Gilded Tarot indicates that you and your partner may choose to part ways. You are being completely honest and taking full responsibility for how the relationship is going. If you are single, Justice tells you that there will be a commitment to the new partner that comes to you.

In terms of finance, Justice Gilded Tarot implies an unexpected amount of money may appear. This is a good thing and you should invest wisely.

In terms of health, everything is ultimately about balance. Are you eating enough, sleeping well? If not, the appearance of this card indicates that you need to spend more time dealing with what is going wrong right now. Let’s do exercise, get a good night’s sleep or eat well. You will feel much more refreshed.

In terms of spirituality, Justice Gilded Tarot is about feeling and enjoying the present moment. Do you feel connected to the earth and the people around you? Do you feel like you belong in this world? Balance is again something to keep in mind here. Choosing a holistic view of life will help you take control of everything.

When Justice Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, it means that you are being dishonest with others and with yourself. You are not taking responsibility for your actions and may try to blame others for your wrong actions. In this case, you must accept responsibility for what you have done, as well as accept the current situation. The courts and the law are against you. Sometimes reversed Justice can refer to unfairness. You are feeling that something is not right in this life. Justice says that maybe you are right. However, there may not be much you can do to change that. If that is the case, it is better to learn to accept the truth and not make it too hard on yourself.

In terms of work, you may be being treated unfairly. However, there is probably nothing you can do to change that in the immediate future. Think objectively and scientifically about what is happening and do not let emotions overwhelm you. Let’s pay attention to the balance of life and work. Focusing too much on one side will throw the other side out of balance. You may want to seek advice before making key decisions. Things may not be okay at the time. However, the solution may take more time than simply running away or showing resistance to the current situation. You must respond gently to the situation.

In terms of love, Justice Gilded Tarot tells you that you may want to consider how you are impacting this relationship. Maybe you are feeling unfairly treated. However, everything happens for a reason. How did you contribute to this situation? If you are looking for love and think you are ready for a long-term relationship, chances are your behavior is keeping you from getting it. For example, if you go too far in trying to change your life to “fit” your potential lover, then maybe you really need to appreciate and love yourself first. 

In terms of finance, Justice Gilded Tarot in reverse shows that this is not the time to take risks. Be careful with money, especially cash. You should pay attention to where you put it and who can get it. If you are waiting for help or financial advice from someone else, chances are you will have a long wait. Learn to be patient.

In terms of health, the reversed Justice Gilded Tarot is similar to the upright, it is important to focus on the present and try to keep a balance. Moderation is not something just for the priest, it is an essential part of a healthy and self-controlled life. This is the time to seek advice from experienced people and different therapists if you are having problems.

In terms of spirituality, no matter what is going on and no matter how unfairly you feel you have been treated, it is important to stay awake and calm at this time. Anger and a desire to torment others will not help and benefit you at all. If you find things too difficult, you can consider reading the scriptures of the Dalai Lama. For now, maybe it will help you quite a lot. Let’s practice compassion for yourself and for the world. Do not isolate yourself in torment.

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