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I. Meaning of the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot

On the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot, we can see the kids are exploring a wonderland. The cups filled with beautiful flowers and friendly animals enthrall them. The cat in a prominent position represents the present, and the scene behind him is the past. The memory of a happy time in the past can bring warmth, a sense of peace, and an inspiration to share in that good fortune. It also creates a sense of romanticized nostalgia, evoking a deep disappointment with the current situation. Like The Lovers Gilded Tarot, the VI card of the Major Arcana, the Six of Cups represents a balanced choice. This card also contains an essential element when choosing how the past affects the present.

Meaning of the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot

The Six of Cups Gilded Tarot carries the message that you face a past memory. Treat it carefully, for memory can become deceptive, subject to change by time, distance, and even the desires of the present. Make sure no matter what role it plays in direction, your current actions need to strike a balance through logic and practice. Be careful not to let the past or thoughts of the past control you.

III. Interpretation of the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot in a spread

Although the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot represents our youthful attitude towards life, it almost never indicates childhood when it appears in the past position. You will need to look back to the recent past to check if you are acting like an adult with all the things life has to offer. Your past carefreeness has led you to your present state.

Note that the two figures on the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot are usually two children. Sometimes, this card represents a baby or small child. When viewed in a larger sense, the card also includes our childhood as well as the feelings associated with our youth (ideally) – feelings of carefree, joy, safety, and full of love. Children are our treasure, and the sweetness of the Six of Cups deserves to be cherished.

The Six of Cups Gilded Tarot also represents innocence/foolishness – a word with many shades of meaning. You can be a fool in your sense of the strict law when you do not realize the sins you have committed. You can be indifferent to the truth when you do not know a secret. You also may not like to deceive or destroy, or in other words, not have self-interested purposes. Finally, you can be virtuous or possess a chaste spirit. These are all possibilities that could apply to the Six of Cups, depending on the context or situation where it applies.

When the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot appears in your current position, it reminds you that you are living in the present moment and have the ability to enjoy life without any consequences. This attitude seems to be working, as long as the rest of the aspects that are not happy you also pay attention to.

As a future indicator, the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is a great conclusion to the situation you are going through. No matter what the other cards in the spread are, you will still have good days ahead of you. Maybe you are about to get into a new relationship or you are about to take your dream vacation. Whatever it is, your future is bright and filled with happiness.

In terms of work, the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot suggests that this is the best time to let your imagination run wild. You have something unique to offer the world and you are well-positioned to approach your work in a novel way. If you are looking for a job, find one that gives you some flexibility and creativity.

In terms of love, the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot means that both you and your partner need to refocus on the future. The card says that one of you or both are stuck in the past, perhaps lingering about when the relationship was still new and exciting. To maintain a healthy bond, it is time to put the past aside and move forward together. If you are single, the Six of Cups tells you not to get lost in thoughts about your old relationship. 

In terms of finance, since the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is closely related to when things were still simple, it is quite rare for this card to appear in a financial-related spread. In such a case, it tells you that you are worrying too much about money issues and not focusing on living your life. It is easy to get caught up in all the responsibilities of being an adult, but it is important that we give ourselves some fun too. If you are interested in investing, look for someone who has a direct connection with your inner child.

In terms of health, the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is a sign that your physical symptoms may be rooted in emotional pain in the past. Try to think back to your childhood to find the answer. It is also a good idea to seek help from a therapist to better understand how past events are impacting your current life. For peace of mind, it is also wise to speak with your family about your medical history.

In terms of spirituality, any kind of ritual can be helpful for you spiritually at this time. You can find beauty and meaning in recreating some of the sacred rituals you knew as a child. This does not necessarily mean you have to go back to your first spiritual traditions and follow them in the same way; instead, update,  improve, and change old traditional rituals. That will bring many benefits to you later.

When the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is reversed, it is a sign you cannot ignore. It tells you that you are still under the influence of past events. It is important to recognize your latent hurts and remind yourself that you can get help, even if you find yourself alone. You need to encourage yourself to face the past, not immerse in it, in order to live in the future.

The reversed Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is usually a card that implies recollection of the past. This flashback is sometimes associated with childhood or childhood imagery. It suggests that you should start paying more attention to the future, not the past, for your own sake. Besides, it reminds us that we must stay focused on the present and the future instead of letting ourselves become or continue to be “lost in the good old days”. Live for the present.

In terms of work, when the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot is drawn reversed, it can be a sign that the wonderful period in your work life is over. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The fantasy in front of your eyes has simply disappeared and you can now see everything around you more clearly. Think twice before making a decision about whether to do something about the problems you are having in the workplace. Sometimes things are worth fighting for, and other times not necessarily taking action. Trust yourself in knowing the difference.

In terms of love, the Six of Cups Gilded Tarot in reverse implies that you will most likely have to deal with some love-related problems that you have been avoiding so far. If you are in a romantic relationship, the bad things that you have turned a blind eye to in order to keep the peace with your lover are very likely to arise and need you to deal with soon. If you are single and longing for love, it is time to look at yourself and what you are doing (or should not be) to pave the way for love to enter your life. Love will not fall from the sky, but you will need to work hard to get it.

In terms of finance, you have finally incorporated all the necessary thoughts to maintain your own financial stability, pay attention to the money matters and your actions. If you need help in getting your finances in order, don’t hesitate to ask. Let your money work and serve you. Avoiding the problem will only pull you back.

In terms of health, when you draw a reversed Six of Cups Gilded Tarot, you are most likely “blinding” to health-related problems that you should have known needed to be resolved soon. You will find that you are ready, eager, and able to tackle these challenges. You already know what you need to do, and now is the time to do it.

In terms of spirituality, the reversed Six of Cups Gilded Tarot indicates that this is a time to express gratitude for the past, not for maintaining yourself the same as when you were still a child. You have come to a point where it is important to look at other ways in your spiritual exploration, as well as where you can take advantage of learning from the spiritual options of others. Be diligent in reading and listening, and you will benefit greatly.

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