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I. Meaning of the Fool Gilded Tarot

The Fool Gilded Tarot is at the beginning of his journey. All possibilities and contradictions seem to exist at the same time. The zodiac signs he is loosely juggling in his hands represent both the science of heaven and earth and the vastness of the human imagination. These symbols represent all kinds of personality traits. What personality will he end up with? Will he see this as an important choice or will he just make it by chance? Is he being too carefree when he should be serious? Is his fun journey filled with wisdom? When it comes to playing around, is the gold bracelet at his feet something he should be paying attention to, or is it actually a distraction?

Meaning of the Fool Gilded Tarot

The Fool neither knows nor cares much about it. He lives with this moment which is filled with wonder and curiosity and does not worry about where the journey will end.

II. Message of the Fool Gilded Tarot

The message of the Fool Gilded is unique choices. You can believe in things without a doubt. In a difficult situation, always choose a cheerful attitude and respond if possible. You are at a crossroads and have no way of knowing where those roads will end. So choose a path that you like among them and go forth with courage and a carefree mind. Be ready to face all challenges with confidence. Know how to distinguish between what is carelessness and what is crazy thinking. There is a difference between taking a risk and plunging into danger. Careless behavior can lead to a long chain of unhappiness! 

III. Interpretation of the Fool Gilded Tarot in a spread

When the Fool Gilded Tarot appears in a spread, it is usually a positive sign. It indicates the need to start a new phase in life, be it in love or in the spiritual life that you just have started. Maybe you want to start some meditation practice or enter a new relationship. This card clearly means an important new beginning, as well as entering life confidently. You should start following your dreams and intuition, no matter how odd they may seem. The Fool asks you to return to your original self and to let go of the old aspects of your life. This is the most influential of all the Major Arcana cards when appearing in the upright and in the current position. It tells you that you manifest do whatever you put your mind to right now. Capture every moment and live it to the fullest today!

In terms of work, the Fool Gilded Tarot suggests starting your own business as you already have all the materials you need to be successful. If you are a satisfied employee right now, the Fool may indicate that the co-workers around you do not understand your ideas and goals. If you know you are right, try to help them get where your ideas come from and see the big picture.

In terms of love, the Fool Gilded Tarot can represent a spontaneous and exhilarating love. If you are currently in a relationship, the Fool suggests that you can act a little impulsively and do something unexpected such as running away with your lover or getting married all of a sudden. Everything is possible at this moment because you are happy and enthusiastic. If you are lost, the appearance of The Fool can mean starting over in love and betting your luck one more time. Good times are coming for you.

In terms of finance, the Fool Gilded Tarot is an extremely positive card. You can expect good things in this area, either a raise or a beneficial business awaits you.

In terms of health, you can expect that your health will take a positive turn. If your physical condition is poor before, the Fool Gilded Tarot implies the beginning of recovery

When the Fool Gilded Tarot is in reverse, at this point, it again says that this is not the time to act spontaneously and freely. This is also not the time to start a new project as you already carry all kinds of responsibilities on your shoulders. You have to finish what you left undone, and then you can start something else. The dynamic attitude of the Fool in the upright now has turned into impatience and irresponsibility. You can make bad decisions at this point which causes you to look like a fool. Think carefully before you plan to do anything in the future. This is not the time to take action instinctively and unconsciously. You also want to consult more experienced people before doing so. Regarding your romantic relationship, the appearance of the Fool in reverse suggests that your need for freedom and independence can affect both of you. Be careful what you really want.

In terms of work, you may have brilliant ideas and plans for your work that you seem a little bit hesitant to bring out. Just believe in yourself and let your ideas speak for themselves. It can be more effective than you ever imagined. You may feel eager to start a new position. Or even if it is time for you to go out and start a new business. You should at least think about these potential changes a bit.

In terms of love, the reversed card indicates that you are in conflict with your partner because your need for freedom and independence is too high. If you have not made a commitment yet, it means you will continue to be in that situation. If you are single and want to be in love, just open your heart.

In terms of finances, the Fool Gilded Tarot in reverse may sound like a warning. You will find an opportunity that is so valuable that it can turn your financial situation upside down. However, before you sign any contract or document, it is best to calculate the loss and make sure you analyze the problem fully and correctly. Things may not be as they appear on the surface.

In terms of health, chances are your health will suddenly deteriorate a bit. You should pay attention to the present and don’t do anything silly. With the Fool Gilded in reverse, if you are having health problems, this is a sign to consider a different treatment or even a different doctor. Positive thinking is very important. Be careful with our thoughts and attitudes as they can have a very strong influence on our health in terms of both physical and mental.

In terms of spirituality, you may be considering leaving a religious/spiritual tradition that has been a part of your life for quite some time. You are kind of having a desire to try other spiritual approaches to see how they “fit” you. There is nothing wrong with this exploration, but don’t let anything take you too far during the short experience. The Fool Gilded Tarot in reverse can represent a strong need and requirement of a deeper knowledge of the Spirit. Perhaps, your friends and family will not understand where it comes from. You have to do what is best for you anyway, no matter what they think. Remember that this discovery is not the same as a contractual bond.

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