The Star – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of Star Gilded Tarot

This card speaks of peace, calm, and hope. The woman represents absolute trust. The star in front of the woman has a connection with the stars in the sky which shows the unity of thought and spirit. The woman knows that the laws of heaven are being fulfilled perfectly and that everything will happen in its due time. Contrasting with The Temperance card, the Star Gilded Tarot shows the naturalness with the image of a naked woman and the closeness to the ancestor when she kneels in the water. Instead of controlling and protecting the water flow, the woman pours water from the pot onto the ground with the belief that the water will be full again.

Meaning of Star Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Star Gilded Tarot

The Star Gilded Tarot is about complementarity and trust. Always know that the cycle of nature is completely legal and natural and after a difficult period, there will be the time to enjoy happiness. When this time comes, pause to relax in the cool waters of trust and the eternal light of the stars. Your heart will be renewed and your beliefs will change. Don’t let the lack of faith, despair, and renunciation reign. The Star promises glimmers of hope. Don’t lose your faith in those promises.

III. Interpretation of the Star Gilded Tarot in a spread

The Star Gilded Tarot indicates that you are indeed being blessed by the universe. It symbolizes faith and hope. Courage, fullness, inspiration will also appear. You are entering a new era with calm energy. This is a time for love and a better understanding of yourself and those around you. This card also says that you should have faith and believe in the universe. In the long run, a better future awaits you. This is the time to believe that anything is possible.

When the Star Gilded Tarot appears, you are more likely to find yourself feeling than being inspired. You will feel more hopeful about the future and more confident that your needs – whether emotional or financial or both – will be met. This is also a card of the spirit. You can find yourself feeling about someone with all your creativity. Enjoy this feeling. You are probably ready to think positively. This is the time to do something special. What changes would you like to make or see in your life? You can write down a list and work to accomplish almost anything if you start doing it now. Let’s think big.

In terms of work, your promotion, as well as your relationships with colleagues, are all going well. If you are thinking of trying new opportunities, this is a good time to start. If you are open to a career change, this is when you see opportunities everywhere. You should be prepared for change when it comes. Let’s learn more about the field you are looking to get into. If you still want to stick with your current job, be prepared for positive changes to come to your workplace. Open your eyes to observe, as well as accept new opportunities as they arise.

In terms of love, this is a great time for you to meet someone. If you are ready to start a new relationship, go out and connect with people. Love may be looking for you, so you just have to be in the right place at the right time. If you are in a long-term relationship, it is time to refresh it. Remember why it became important to you and plan your romantic adventure. You can elevate things to a higher level of satisfaction if you put effort into it.

In terms of finance, the Star Gilded Tarot is a strongly positive omen. You will do things financially in a much better way than you think. This is the right time to ask for a raise because you deserve it. You can consider trading and investing. Although money and material values ​​are important, other gifts will also appear at this time. Remember to take note of other positive things coming your way at this time. Those things will have a direct impact on you, as well as stabilize your emotions and generally increase your happiness quotient. Prosperity will reveal itself to you at this time. You will get everything you need. Let’s enjoy this moment.

In terms of health, when the Star Gilded Tarot appears, it will be a wonderful time. You will feel calm, self-conscious, and self-controlled. You will notice an invigorating boost and a feeling of lightness. Overall, you feel healthy. The Star is about clarity from the inside out. It also speaks of serenity and a sense of peace you have not felt for a long time. Be grateful for the good things that appear in this moment. Please try to be active in taking care of your health and well-being in the future.

In terms of spirituality, you are getting very close to your substance right now. So this will be a great time for you to get in touch with others and share your experiences and joys. Your efforts will be rewarded many times over. The world needs your light and happiness. Always shine for everyone.

When the reversed Star Gilded Tarot appears, something is being blocked. It is like a night cloud that obstructs the light of the stars from reaching your eyes. The reversed Star means that the querent is feeling hopeless. It does not necessarily mean there is really no hope, you just don’t see it at the moment. It suggests that you should pay more attention to something in your life and the things that are preventing you from achieving a more positive outcome.

When you see the Star Gilded Tarot in reverse on your Tarot spread, you are more likely to get yourself together rather than inspired. In many ways, this card shows the calm after the storm, whether it is in the upright or in reverse. In the reversed position, you will still feel full of hope for the future, though the level may be less compared to the upright card. You will also find that you have good reason to feel optimistic and that your outlook is bright. Moreover, you should honestly consider how you are feeling and see if you could see more reasons to be more optimistic and more productive if you dig deeper. When this card appears in reverse, you tend to see matters in a more adverse light.

In terms of work, the reversed Star Gilded Tarot shows that you may have a lot of positive opportunities ahead that you have not seen. Don’t just think about how to make the best out of this situation, but also about your ideal situation. For example, where do you want to work stably in the next five years from now? Visualize your “perfect” concept and then make it a reality step by step.

In terms of love, the Star Gilded Tarot in reverse still portends very good things for your romantic relationship, especially if you are with your special one now. However, there may be an impediment ​​on one or both sides that will need to be resolved before the truly good possibilities for the relationship can emerge. Think about what obstacles exist on your partner’s side (the only side you can really change) and overcome them. If you are single and feel like you are ready to fall in love, consider what might be attractive in the relationship you desire. Is your self-esteem getting too low or too high reaching the threshold of arrogance? First, think clearly and then go out and mingle with people. A new relationship may emerge soon but you need to experiment and/or remove existing barriers.

In terms of finance, this is still a positive sign when the Star Gilded Tarot appears in reverse. But as with other situations, it is important to consider what might need to be done in order for you to achieve your goals. You may discover that you are ready on the right path. But also check if your goals have changed since you started creating your plan. If you don’t have a financial plan yet, then get one!

In terms of health, even if the Star Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, this is still a very good time for your vitality. If you are waiting for test results for certain diseases, rest assured that they are almost always pleasant to the ears. You will stay calm and inspired. Trust in the strength and sanity of your body.

In terms of spirituality, this will be a great time for you to interact with others and share your experiences and joys. Your efforts will be rewarded many times over. Even in the reversed position, the numerical interpretation of the Star Gilded Tarot card is still on par with the concept of “strength”. Your spiritual energy is strong when this card appears. Believe in yourself!

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