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I. Meaning of the World Gilded Tarot

The woman stands in a balanced position, in which she shows self-respect and certainty. She stands facing the world and is surrounded by a laurel wreath, which depicts her mastery and control. In her hand, she holds a magic wand, the representation of her will. Unlike other characters in Major Arcana, the woman in the World Gilded Tarot shows her complete control over her will. She has a balance between the conscious and the unconscious. She appreciates her successes. Because of this, she is recognized by the world, and more importantly, by herself.

Meaning of the World Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the World Gilded Tarot

The meaning of the World Gilded Tarot is fulfillment and success. You feel one with the universe, and in control of yourself – that is your nature and your endeavors. You follow the call of nature and your heart. They have become one. 

III. Interpretation of the World Gilded Tarot in a spread

The World card can signal that you are really feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Which means it is not a comfortable position. This is the best time to see how well you can get help when you really need it. Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. This card can be considered a card of completion. You have worked hard and are close to the finish line in a sense. You are almost done, so don’t give up! You almost certainly need a well-deserved vacation. You are also getting closer to your “true self” at the highest levels.

Be carefully aware of the feeling of security. In theory, the World Gilded Tarot card represents completion. However, in real life, this is not really achievable. We are still human, so we can achieve partial or temporary oneness. Temporary or personal experiences will encourage us to keep moving forward. If there is no other reason to experience a moment of freedom and understanding. As mentioned, the World indicates achievement and fulfillment.

It is true that you have encountered obstacles, but you have also defeated every enemy, and overcome every difficulty. In the end, the important thing here is that your project was a success. Nothing is considered an accomplishment if it is easy. This card is about having more understanding of your role in the big picture. Maybe that picture is a big project and is the community you are in. The general meaning is that you are more attuned to the world around you. Here is a nice loop: the more successful you become, the more connected you feel to others and the more motivated to give back. In terms of travel, the World Gilded Tarot can indicate having to go around the world or maybe you have to go somewhere far away. You may be receiving a message from the universe now about being open to other external factors around you. Try to be receptive and broaden your horizons.

The World Gilded Tarot in the upright position indicates a positive change in your love life. Maybe you are after someone and are about to reap the rewards of your efforts. In the reversed position, the World is about you being stuck in emotional problems. If you are in a long-term relationship, you need to think about rekindling the flame of love between the two of you. If you are single, then you need to act now and look out into the world more.

In terms of work, when the World Gilded Tarot is in the upright position, you can directly apply the common meaning of the card. When the reversed card appears, take some time to reflect on whether you are operating below your potential. Are your current actions leading to the achievement of your long-term goals?

In terms of finance, let’s enjoy the good times when your financial condition is better than before. But don’t waste your money. While your financial situation gradually improves, cultivate a moderate spending guide to ensure long-term prosperity.

In terms of health, a new opportunity will appear and you take it to solve the problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Keep an open mind and keep an eye on what is coming your way.

In terms of spirituality, it is likely that during this time you will be enlightened with important spiritual insights. Always keep a notebook on hand and take notes. Share them with others. We are all on a spiritual journey and your insights may help others as well. The presence of the World Gilded Tarot in reverse in your Tarot spread indicates that you are having difficulty completing a major project or fulfillment in your life in general. Take the time to figure out why this is happening. Is it because you are not trying your best? Or are you taking a shortcut? Make sure your goal is meaningful, not to anyone else, but to yourself. The correspondence between your values ​​and your goals will make it easier for you to commit to achieving your goals and to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them. The other meaning of the card is unending. Maybe something has ended in your life leaving a big empty hole. Without a perfect ending, you find it difficult to let go. However, you need to continue to make conscious efforts to end it. It is an important step to help you move forward. The reversed World also indicates a delay in the project and calls for more work to be put into it in order to achieve success.

When the World Gilded Tarot is in reverse, you can understand that despite so much potential and promise, you can still get stuck. Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Whether in the upright or reversed position, this is usually a card that implies completion. You have worked hard and are almost done, so don’t give up! If you still have not seen this when you draw this reversed card, then think twice. What is stopping you? Where are you stuck?

In terms of work, when you draw the World Gilded Tarot in reverse, think hard about where your true achievements are relative to your potential. Have you given yourself enough confidence? Do you even notice how high you are capable of reaching? If you have and you don’t feel like the people you work for or work with are interested in your abilities, it is important that you make sure people don’t accidentally overlook your positive achievements. If you are not sure what you are best at or where your true talents are, then this is the time to get help. Take career, talent, and personality assessments. Ask around, investigate what people do, why they do it, and how they do it. There is a whole table full of food out there, but you have to know what is on the menu so you can make your order!

In terms of love, when you have been in a serious relationship for a while, you and/or your other half may feel a bit stuck or a little hindered when it comes to the reversed World Gilded Tarot card. If you try and be honest with yourself and with each other, you will probably find that the relationship has stepped up to a whole new level. All emotional factors when drawing this card will be very interesting, of course in a good way. If you are looking for love, go find it. Don’t be shy about joining a crowd or talking to strangers. But if you stay closed out of fear, nothing will change! Open your heart. This will make all the difference.

In terms of finance, if money has always been a barrier for you, then this is a good sign that this blockage will soon disappear and you will find yourself abundant again. However, don’t go into a shopping frenzy when the barrier disappears. This is an important time for you to start saving and shielding yourself so that when the hard times come, you are prepared. But right now, you can be more comfortable thinking about money.

In terms of health, with the World Gilded Tarot in reverse, it is possible that something is “stuck” in your head or body and affecting your health. Similar to interpreting the upright card, you may be helped by a non-medical practitioner such as an acupuncturist or yoga practitioner. This is not to replace your medication therapy, but to combine it with new treatment modalities. Your doctor may not be happy about this, if he or she tells you that you cannot do yoga because it could “interfere” with your arthritis treatment, it is best to find another doctor. Follow your “intuition” about what you think is best for your health. Look for teachers who have more knowledge than you and learn your best.

In terms of spirituality, as with the meaning of the upright card, the World Gilded Tarot in reverse means that during this time you will be illuminated with important spiritual insights. Always keep a notebook on hand and share what you discover with others. As we are all on a spiritual journey, your insights can help others as well.

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