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I. Meaning of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot

On the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot, we can see a man in a purple robe with a wealthy look clutching four coins in his arms. He feels he takes pleasure in achieving such monetary value. But money is an abstract concept, representing the things necessary for life or the thing that brings beauty and joy to life. He did not notice it and so he was alone in his cold pride, not sharing his abundance and not even really enjoying it.

Meaning of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot

This character reflects an extreme array of the IV card of Major Arcana, The Emperor Gilded Tarot. When the Emperor character gives some order to improve life, it is generally a good thing. But when he abuses the edict for the purposes it provides, then life becomes arid and barren.

II. Message of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot

The message of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot is that you own a certain amount of resources, and you become the possessor of them. You are hoarding your money, your time, your abilities. You have lost the meaning to which these things are meant and you will face a lonely, disillusioned future unless you use your resources wisely. But also be aware of the extreme opposite of giving everything you have to the point where you become exhausted and have nothing left to give.

III. Interpretation of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot in a spread

The interpretation of the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot depends on its position in a Tarot reading. In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the other cards around it to be able to decide which area of ​​life the card is pointing to.

The lesson the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot sets forth here is the need to realize that maintaining a state of control is impossible. We live in this world like lonely people in the vast ocean. Who can manage or possess the power of control? The only way to not submerge is to stand up for yourself, ride on the waves, or in other words, follow natural developments and changes. The ocean will always be your ally as long as you are still swimming with the current instead of standing still and sinking.

The Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot also implies that changes are prevented. The image of the card shows a young man who seems quite reserved and holds tight on his possessions, refusing to outside impacts and changes. Likewise, resistance can come from people who just want to maintain the status quo or from within themselves. Are you trying to avoid changes when they are needed? We often stick to the familiar even when we already know it is not the best option.

In the past position, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot represents a time when you have trouble giving up control of a situation. Since this is the foundation for reading, this power crisis from the past affects the situation you are in now. You need to recognize your past mistakes in order to learn and improve.

In the current position, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot means you can handle the current situation much better. Chances are you do not realize how your behavior affects those around you and yourself, and it can be hard to admit when you are wrong. It is important that you acknowledge your actions and honestly ask yourself whether you could have behaved better. If you don’t change, you will find yourself pushing people further away, especially those who initially wanted to follow you to the bottom of the ocean.

In the future position, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot is considered a warning. It tells that the path you are choosing will lead to melancholy and loneliness. It is time to change your attitude to the current situation, to avoid upcoming difficulties.

In terms of work, when the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot appears, ask yourself if you love your job or because it is inevitable. If you feel like your talents are not being used, this is a safe time to start looking for another position that can make you happy. If you are currently looking for a job, the Four of Pentacles tells you there is a job out there that you want. Keep searching, and beware of jobs that are too good to be true as they are just scams and wasting your time.

In terms of love, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot tells you to take a step back. If you are in a relationship and draw this card, it means that there is not enough space between the two of you right now. If you two meet each other whenever you have free time, now is the time to stop the game. A healthy relationship will avoid situations where two people have to be apart from each other from time to time. If not, the Four of Pentacles tells you that you must step out of your comfort zone in order to find the love of your life. Being overly controlling in dating will do more harm than good, so it is time to let go of your expectations.

In terms of finance, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot is a sign that you need to limit your spending. This is not a good time for you to gamble with your hard-earned money, so don’t sign any new business deals or buy any unnecessary items. Make sure the essentials are taken care of and the rest goes into a savings account. This is a good time to take a look at your monthly expenses and see what you can cut off to maximize your savings.

In terms of health, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot carries the message that you are having harmful habits. Maybe your diet is not very healthy or you are dwelling on the past so much that it affects your mental and emotional well-being. Listen to your body and make positive changes before any chronic diseases appear.

In terms of spirituality, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot says that this is the time to take a serious look at yourself about what you are worried or afraid of or what you are clinging to. Not getting involved is also a form of liberation. You can consider learning about how the energy organs in the human body reflect and meditate on how those organs in your body are working. Be open to change because change happens all the time. Let’s start from where you are.

When the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot is reversed, you need to relax. In the meantime, the important thing to do is to find peace. Sometimes, that means just minding your own business and don’t sticking your nose in someone else’s. There are times when being a little egocentric is the best we can do.

The reversed Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot often implies that you are trying to restrain and hold back too many things, people, money, or situations more than what is necessary for you to have a good life and a free mind. This is when you should consider relaxing your mind and remember that you cannot control what other people are doing or holding. We all have free will. Just focus on your own choices. The reversed Four of Pentacles predicts that the querent will suddenly move from a period of wanting control, fear, and anxiety to a stage of being more open-minded, more prejudice-free, and more aware of the fact that fear will not solve anything. Maintaining a positive mindset will bring you many benefits.

In terms of work, the reversed Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot implies that you are worrying excessively about the safety and security of your job right now. Of course, when the world economy is in a crisis like in the past, this concern is completely understandable. However, worrying too much will definitely only backfire because it will lead you to feel weighed down and anxious instead of focusing on working. Think positively and focus your energies on performing well at work.

In terms of love, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot in reverse represents fear. It also means that you are about to be able to forget this fear, anxiety, open your heart to reality and give your relationship a chance to grow. If you are looking for the love of your life and then receive the reversed Four of Pentacles, remember not to let fear stop you. Let’s go out and get to know other people. You always need to open your heart to new opportunities. If you only worry and hesitate, you will get nothing.

In terms of finance, when the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, it is a sign that your worries regarding money are about to pass mainly because you will soon realize that sitting around and worrying does not bring any benefit to you. You can make a difference in your financial situation if you let go of the fear that is weighing you down and do what is necessary.

In terms of health, the reversed Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot, although does not bring the initially comfortable feeling, is still a message that you are about to have a great emotional transition, thereby significantly improving your health. When this card appears in reverse, you must have been burdened with worries and concerns related to your health, but for now, you are starting to be able to find the confidence to think more openly (or maybe you cannot help but feel the urge to open up and think freely) about these concerns. Open your mind, relax in your thoughts, and your health will improve immediately.

In terms of spirituality, the Four of Pentacles Gilded Tarot foretells that you are about to have an important spiritual transition because after you have brought many factors together, you will now no longer hesitate to open your heart to others, allowing them to create influence on you. This will provide both them and you with joys, blessings, and opportunities to grow together.

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