The Hermit – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of the Hermit Gilded Tarot

The mysterious man walks alone on a narrow path with a bright lantern in his hand representing wisdom and knowledge and a staff symbolizing his willpower. His red belt shows his passion. This passion guides him on the path he is choosing. Although he has a vast knowledge base about the world and a steadfast will, there are still things that he has yet to resolve. He went out to contemplate and compare common knowledge with what he felt in his heart.

Meaning of the Hermit Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Hermit Gilded Tarot

The Hermit Gilded Tarot represents self-knowledge. This is a time to step back and reflect on what you know and make sure your beliefs guide your heart. Now you need to know who you are and what you believe in. From there, you can believe in yourself without depending on the opinions of others.

Be careful that you may back off for too long or for the wrong reasons. Withdrawing from life to avoid fear or turning away from personal responsibility are completely different things from self-reflection.

III. Interpretation of the Hermit Gilded Tarot in a spread

When the Hermit Gilded Tarot appears in a Tarot spread, it suggests that this is a time when you need to be alone. You may be yearning for a deeper understanding of your personal values, motivations, and principles. The Hermit advises you that retreat is appropriate at this time because the truth you are looking for lies within yourself, not from the outside source. This is the time to deeply examine your emotional state, as well as make a breakthrough to the current stagnation. The best way to do that is through meditation and contemplation. As a result of the aforementioned process, you may need to change something in your life, rearrange your priorities, even your lifestyle.

The Hermit Gilded Tarot is a particularly sacred card and is often associated with large institutions and organizations, from banks to the Catholic church. This card is boldly idealistic, even if you are an atheist. It is any aspect that the word “Spirit” means to you, even if to you, “Spirit” is no different from “emotion”. Maybe you are trying to find out the “truth” about someone (or something important). Don’t feel you have to do everything alone, seek help if it gives you a different perspective and information. Just like the Strength card, you may sink deep into your own mind and need some alone time, don’t worry but just do it. Let’s try more than the best to find the truth. You just need to make sure that doing the right thing means it is true for you too, and don’t just focus on other people’s wants and desires.

In terms of work, when the Hermit Gilded Tarot appears, it indicates that you need a break from work and to take time to focus on yourself. In the past, you have done the right thing. Therefore, you can expect people to recognize both your work and your efforts. Time alone can help clear your mind about your work priorities.

In terms of love, the presence of the Hermit Gilded Tarot can imply that you need time to think about the future of your current relationship. Is he or she really the one for you? Are you happy with this relationship? If you are not in a relationship, the appearance of the Hermit may indicate that now being alone and focusing on yourself is more suitable for you.

In terms of finance, the Hermit Gilded Tarot means that your priority is now spiritual rather than the material aspect. Be careful not to make any hasty decisions in investing during this time. Focus on your inner self, find your true worth, and find the answer in it.

In terms of health, the Hermit Gilded Tarot says that this is a great time to invest in your health. Meditation, stress-reducing measures, or simply pampering yourself will also help you a lot. If you are having some health problems, try to investigate the root cause. If your back hurts, you are probably “carrying” too much, for example. The Hermit advises you to take care of yourself.

In terms of spirituality, there is a high chance that someone will appear as a teacher or guide to you, even though that person will not “teach” you directly. You will learn a lot from that person on many levels. You can consider prioritizing the need to withdraw from everyday life for a while, don’t worry because this state will not last forever. You will soon feel like you are back in society, but don’t force yourself to be around a lot of people right now unless it is absolutely necessary. This month you will feel much more restored and alert, especially on the mental side.

In the reversed position, the Hermit Gilded Tarot implies that you either spend too much time introspecting or spend no time at all. If the time you spend contemplating and meditating makes you truly a recluse, then you need to reconsider. Being alone and isolated can bring about negative effects for family and friends. The reversed Hermit can also indicate that you are actively avoiding getting involved in mind meditation because you are afraid you might discover something scary or realize you have to change something. When the Hermit in reverse appears in a relationship spread, it suggests that one of you needs time alone and separate from the other. However, you need to be aware of the level of separation or things will fall apart. If you are lonely, the Hermit in reverse means that you are tired of being alone and now it is time to start looking for a potential lover.

When appearing in reverse, the card wants to warn you that you are too focused on looking at the “truth” behind that it is likely that it is better to let it go and continue living. The Hermit Gilded Tarot suggests there is nothing wrong with needing some alone time sometimes. Do not be afraid! Problems may occur. However, when a person needs too much time alone or is afraid to be around other people, or easily feels attacked when around others, that is the problem. Life is not always easy to hurt us.

In terms of work, maybe you have finally reached the bottom of the problem that has been bothering you at work. Don’t hesitate to ask yourself and those around you to better understand what is going on and how it should be. Be aware of the fact that if something goes wrong at work, you may be part of the situation.

In terms of love, the Hermit Gilded Tarot in reverse says that there is still the possibility that your old lover still has feelings for you. You should ask yourself is this really what you want? Are you looking to meet someone, get out, get yourself ready for a relationship? If you are already in a serious relationship, then it is important that you should give each other enough time, energy, and attention, no matter how busy you are.

In terms of finances, the Hermit Gilded Tarot in reverse means it is time to seek advice and insight into your financial endeavors. This is not the time to do big and to assume that everything will be fine in the end. If you don’t understand how your cash flows come and go (or how to invest), this is the perfect and decisive time to train and level up yourself.

In terms of health, the reversed Hermit Gilded Tarot indicates that the things you are currently doing for your health are not working, and/or you should start forming better habits. You can consider practicing each small step to improve.

In terms of spirituality, when the Hermit Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, you seem too isolated from your surroundings. Being tranquil is important, however, building friendships with like-minded people is just as important. Let’s go out and explore the world. You will be glad you did.

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