The Death – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of Death Gilded Tarot

Everyone has to face death. Here, we are talking about the death of the soul rather than the death of the body. In this card, the skull is facing irreversible difficulties. The message of the Death Gilded Tarot can be chilling: if you want to pass this milestone, you need to overcome death. Why would anyone want that? What is motivation? The image of Death in the card is holding the awards in his trophy. A white flower symbolizes pure desires while the white horse is a symbol of great will. Those who are looking to continue their spiritual journey need these things. They point to the death of the ego and that long-held beliefs are no longer useful. This needs to happen to clear the way for new sources of energy and vitality.

Meaning of Death Gilded Tarot

II. Message of Death Gilded Tarot

The message of the Death Gilded Tarot says that growth will also bring with it pain. It is not easy to let go of certain behaviors and beliefs as well as to admit mistakes in thinking and in practice. Symbols of great spiritual strength remind us that effort is never in vain without denying the importance of ego death.

The more you learn to accept and let go of your desire to control, the easier this time will be for you. Often, the things that you need to let go of are beliefs and attitudes that limit yourself. Sometimes you don’t know how much your perspective has hurt you. And if that is the case, then this is the wake-up call. The dominant energy of the Death Gilded Tarot at this time is not only change or destruction, but following it, is revival. Even if one door closes, another door opens. But are you brave enough to step through?

III. Interpretation of Death Gilded Tarot in a spread

Let’s notice the fear of change or the fear of escaping stereotyped thoughts. The fear of change leads to stagnation, which can last much longer than traumatic “death”. As with all Major Arcana cards, the meaning of the Death Gilded Tarot will be interpreted differently based on the position it presents and based on the cards that appear with it. In the past position, Death is indicative of the beginning of a new chapter in your life and expresses how the past chapter has led you to your present situation. In the current indicator position, Death implies that you are at a crossroads in the current situation. It says that there is nothing wrong with leaving the burdens behind and moving on. At this point, the cards signifying the future position will be a strong factor to see what the next step should be. When Death appears in the position indicating the future, it hints that the end of the present situation is inevitable. This can be bittersweet, but remember that one door closed at this point means something else is coming for you.

In terms of work, the Death Gilded Tarot means it is time to re-evaluate whether the work you are doing really makes you happy or not. If you are thinking about making a change, this is a good time to consider the possibilities as well as find out if there is still room for you to grow on your current path. You may find that this is the best time to sever your ties and start a new career that fuels your passion.

In terms of love, the Death Gilded Tarot is a warning. Maybe it is about ending the relationship or just talking about the current relationship not going in a positive direction. Depending on the cards that appear together with it, you will know whether your situation can be saved before it is too late. Death refers to things that need to be fixed and things that need to end. If you are single, Death has a slightly different message. Not seeing happiness in love, but having the same approach to different situations is very unintelligent and tiresome. If you refresh yourself and your tactics, you will find that changing your attitude in love is exactly what you need to maintain a happy atmosphere.

In terms of finance, Death Gilded Tarot says that attachment to temporary things is unrealistic. When it comes to financial readings, this is no exception. This is not the time to make a big investment that is uncertain about the return on investment. The card also advises you to stop spending your blood and sweat on frivolous things. Material possessions can make you happy at the moment, but they won’t bring comfort in the long run.

In terms of health, the message of the Death Gilded Tarot can be quite heavy. The most important thing to remember is not to take this card literally by its name. In this case, Death is often understood to mean that you need to change your lifestyle in order to achieve a healthier state. It also indicates that you end your battle with a particular disease.

In terms of spirituality, Death Gilded Tarot advises you to cultivate positive attitudes. Understand that even if you are lost in the midst of your soul, everything will pass. Don’t resist change. Allow yourself to feel what it really feels like, but don’t wallow in despair. If you need help pulling yourself out of any pain or loss, step out of your comfort zone first. There is always someone out there willing to share with you your pain and joy. No matter how lonely you may feel, the truth is that there are more people who care about you than you think.

If you are having a hard time letting go of the past or feel like there is no end to something, chances are you draw the Death Gilded Tarot card in reverse in your reading. Perhaps you need to accept the loss more and move away from the situation that is keeping you trapped. One of the hardest lessons in life is accepting that you will not always be satisfied with the outcome of an event. This card says that you must learn to move on. In the reversed position, the change in the querent’s life is usually milder and less severe than when the card is in the upright position. Again, it must be emphasized that the energy of the moment is not merely change and destruction, but change and destruction will come with revival. In almost every situation in life, when one door closes, another opens. It is all about whether you have the courage to step through or not.

In terms of work, it sounds like you are silently suffering from dissatisfaction at work. The reversed Death Gilded Tarot does not mean you should ignore these feelings, but you should seriously consider exactly how you are feeling and why that is. And what can you do with it? Don’t try to put the blame on others. As with the upright meaning, it is best to change the field of work. If that is what you want, have the courage to take a leap and believe you can.

In terms of love, just like the upright card, if you are clinging to a relationship where you are extremely unhappy simply because you are not used to being alone or don’t want to let go of the familiar, you are not bringing any benefit to yourself or your partner. However, the reversed Death Gilded Tarot shows that the problem is not as big as the upright card. If your current situation is too troublesome, you need to talk frankly with each other to work it out. If your partner cannot give the effort to make a change (and neither can you), it may be the time to let go. If you are brave enough to end a serious relationship, chances are you will move forwards to a better new one. But first, you have to face it to find a solution. Not every relationship can be “fixed”. Don’t bang your head against the wall for too long. If you are alone and looking for love, you need to change the way you view yourself as well as gain more confidence to accept the love that comes to you.

In terms of finance, there are some issues threatening. Don’t be afraid, just make sure how, when, and where you spend your money. If your economic status is declining, rest assured that this situation will not last forever. Just do what you need to do and everything will be fine. However, don’t expect money to grow on the tree.

In terms of health, the reversed Death Gilded Tarot suggests that you need to control your stress levels. If you are having a health problem and trying to self-medicate, it is time to get help from a medical professional. Don’t hesitate. It is no big deal, sometimes you even wonder why you don’t go to the doctor sooner.

In terms of spirituality, Death Gilded Tarot in reverse warns that you must pay particular attention to cultivating positive attitudes towards life. Even if you are lost in your negative emotions, tell yourself that everything will pass. Things will go faster and less painfully if you allow yourself to seek outside help. Don’t try to resist change. If you need support to pull yourself out of the mess, step outside, perceive the world and try to reconnect with your surroundings. We were not sent to this life to endure forever. Even if it seems that we really have nothing but this physical body, there is always a step forward waiting for us to go. Let’s walk away and help others go their way. You have more to give than you think.

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