The Lovers – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of the Lovers Gilded Tarot

A perfect and passionate match emerges romantically and ideally from within our subconscious and dream streams. More than romance, more than a man or a woman, we can see here that these are the necessary elements to form an entity. Surrounding this couple is water, showing their close emotional attachment. The angel’s red outfit and the deep orange of the sunset surround the scene with endless passion. The woman’s beauty and renunciation reveal her primal sexual desire. The dolphin, although originally a creature of the sea, embodies intelligence and conveys the message of the element Air. This couple’s gaze upward and the woman’s gaze towards heaven exemplify intense focus on the spiritual realm.

Meaning of the Lovers Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Lovers Gilded Tarot

The Lovers Gilded Tarot tells us how to make good and fair choices. Indeed, the original meaning of this card is called choice and gives the man the choice between two women. You should consider all aspects before making a decision. Make your choice and build a good foundation so that you can achieve your dreams.

Pay careful attention that choosing one element may overshadow all others. A relationship of a purely materialistic nature, a career decision made solely by intellectual attraction, or a housing opportunity with decadent conveniences will not be a success and the best choice in the long run.

III. Interpretation of the Lovers Gilded Tarot in a spread

The position of the Lovers Gilded Tarot along with the surrounding cards will determine what the specific message of it is to you. In the past position, the Lovers indicates a strong relationship that has helped you become the best you can be. This is the foundation through which you can interpret the present and future cards in the spread. Whatever the omen of the other two cards, you will be backed by someone who will face the future together with you. In the current position, the Lovers talks about how your love life is helping you grow. If you are slacking off, this is a sign that you are in a rush to fall in love for the wrong reasons. And this is a good time to find out what you really want from a relationship and then adjust your behavior. In the future position, the Lovers helps you decide what the outcome of your actions will be. When this card is in the position of the future, this is a sign of harmony and peace that will be the overall outcome of the spread. If you are single, the message here is to keep your heart and mind ready for love.

In terms of work, it is more about the connection between you and your job. If you have been considering a career change, then this is the sign to do it. This is the best time to find new opportunities in your chosen field or even start your own business.

In terms of love, the Lovers Gilded Tarot is like an explosion! You will have a happy love life. If you have ever wondered if your love story has a happy ending, this is a good sign! If you are single, this card tells you to listen to your heart’s feelings because your significant other is closer to you than you think.

In terms of finance, the Lovers Gilded Tarot suggests that you are at a point where your financial decisions will affect your future. This is not the time to think about spending big. Take extra care of your financial security, for maybe something better and bigger is to come, and you need to be ready. If you have been considering putting your home on the market, now is the best time to do it.

In terms of health, it is rarely about physical illness, but more about recognizing the support systems you must go through to recover. Usually, the Lovers Gilded Tarot is easy to appear when someone experiences some loss. This is a good sign that time will heal the wound.

In terms of spirituality, working with someone special like a mentor or leader can help you in many ways on your Spiritual journey. However, do not follow blindly, question everything, follow your heart and intuition, listen only to what is useful and ignore the rest. A guiding hand may come. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

When the Lovers Gilded Tarot is in reverse, irresponsibility is the general message of it. It is possible that you or your partner enter the relationship for the wrong reasons. This can also be an indicator of bad financial decisions. If that is the case, take a few steps back and find ways to bring harmony and balance into your life.

In terms of work, you may be strongly attracted to a coworker. This is not bad, it is just that the reversed Lovers Gilded Tarot card warns you to set a clear boundary between work and love. Know what you are getting into. Is it possible that you will lose your job? Can you bear that? Do not be too arrogant, think carefully about the worst-case scenario before making hasty decisions.

In terms of love, even if this card is in reverse, the coming time will still be a blessing for your love. It simply adds a little bit of the wholeness that love gives you. Or maybe you will feel the wholeness and happiness a little later than the upright card. You should keep a positive attitude. This is the time to go out and meet people.

In terms of finance, you seem to be so focused on love that you forget about other important aspects like friendships, finances, and personal life. If you need help, just ask. Losing control over your finances is a mistake no matter what is going on in your life. Don’t take your eyes off the things you have to pay attention to.

In terms of health, if you are having health problems, the Lovers Gilded Tarot in reverse means that you must focus entirely on this issue. Even if your body condition is not good and is causing you pain, it still tries its best to serve you. If you need help with this process, look outside. Self-esteem and self-care are the most important right now.

In terms of spirituality, the appearance of the Lovers Gilded Tarot in reverse can mean that if you are not careful, you may fall in love with a pastor, a mentor, or your teacher. Be wary of incoming emotions. These kinds of feelings can prevent you from learning everything you should learn from that person. If your teacher or mentor suggests a relationship with you, think twice. Maybe your trust is being taken advantage of. Always be careful.

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