The Devil – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of the Devil Gilded Tarot

Attractive, powerful, and convincing – the character image in the Devil Gilded Tarot card is charming but also potentially dangerous. This mask is mysteriously appealing, but at the same time, it also warns us that the person is hiding something. He wears a pentacle, an image that reminds us of the Devil’s mundane pleasures and carnal gratification. However, because the Devil’s eyes are blind, he pursues pleasures blindly without regard to other things. He symbolizes obsessive, dependent, and destructive behaviors. He is what happens—what we can become—when our lives lose their balance.

Meaning of the Devil Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Devil Gilded Tarot

The message of the Devil Gilded Tarot is a warning – a story worth noting. If Temperance symbolizes the pursuit of perfect balance, the Devil represents the reckless pursuit of imperfect balance. Anything in excess, including eating, working, having sex, exercising, will lead to an unbalanced life. So you should pay attention and balance your actions. Be careful with the obsessions in life. Don’t let your beliefs overshadow every aspect of your life or your responsibility to yourself and others. Notice how being afraid of euphoria due to the fear of addiction can lead you to deny all needs, including healthy desires.

III. Interpretation of the Devil Gilded Tarot in a spread

The first rule of the Devil Gilded Tarot is to find out which aspect of life the card is trying to warn you about. It is also very important to see the position of the Devil on the Tarot spread along with the surrounding cards to understand where you need to change.

The Devil Gilded Tarot is not a terrible card to interpret as depicted on most Tarot decks. This is a card about slavery that has a metaphorical meaning and belongs to the inner part of the mind. With this card, you are called to look further inside the appearance and need to dig deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation. You are also asked to remember that when you feel in control, you almost always hold the key to your own freedom. Don’t give up hope, no matter how the circumstances.

It is important to remember that in any situation, you always have a choice. First of all, don’t let others tell you that your options are limited. If you stumble upon that conclusion, make sure it comes from you. It is also very important to remember that you can free yourself from whatever limitations are holding you back. And you should choose to do so at any given time. Right now, you may have the feeling that you have no control over your life. Sometimes this happens as a result of your own actions but often the stagnation. So take action and step into whatever you can to give yourself a sense of control. Taking every small step gradually is also important.

In the past position, the Devil indicates a toxic environment from which you have escaped. This is a good place for the Devil to appear as it means that you have shown that you can overcome bad situations. No matter what happened, your experiences set the tone for your present and future and influence your attitude toward your life. When the Devil appears in your current position, you may be doubted that things are over, but the most important thing is that you heed this card’s warnings. Something in your life is holding you back, and you may not even realize it. Look back at the position of the past as well as the future indicator to determine what exactly that shackle is. And of course, get out before it is too late. The toxicity in your life can, and will, ruin your future. Try to get out while you still can.

As a future indicator, the Devil Gilded Tarot still carries the same bad news as above, but there is still plenty of time to change. At this point, the Devil carries the message that the path you are on will lead to a happy ending unless you make some serious changes. Maybe people around you are holding you back or drawing you into harmful activities like drinking or gambling, and you are slowly getting caught up in that path. In that case, it is important that you re-examine everything in your life and find out which activities and people you need to get rid of in order to have a better future.

In terms of work, often the Devil Gilded Tarot is indicative of someone you work with who is not trustworthy. This person may be making false promises about competence, helping you on your career path, or ensuring you an exceptional position. Do not easily believe and enter easy paths. Good things come to those who wait and give effort. So focus on your work and ignore those who are trying to use you for their own career gain.

In terms of love, the Devil Gilded Tarot definitely is not a positive sign. While it sometimes speaks of cheating and shady motives in a relationship, it also refers to the fact that the relationship is simply unhealthy and will not last. If you are having a bad time in your current relationship, the Devil says that is enough. This is when you get to the root of each person’s problems and find a solution, perhaps on your own.

In terms of finance, the Devil Gilded Tarot offers a warning of immediate difficulties. This is the time to be frugal and clear with any expenses that are not on the essentials list.

In terms of health, the Devil Gilded Tarot suggests getting checked out, even if you still feel well. Since this card represents something false and unclear, going for a checkup will help you worry less. In addition, the Devil also indicates greed and addiction in your life. If you have bad eating habits or are dependent on certain substances, this is a sign to cut them out and change your lifestyle.

In terms of spirituality, it is extremely necessary to keep a positive mindset at this time. Positive affirmations are essential and will benefit you. Look at the people around you to see whether they are optimistic and positive people or are overly critical ones who only see flaws in others that make you upset. Sow thought and reap an action. 

When the reversed Devil Gilded Tarot appears, chances are you have made a decision but you are not sure if it is correct. It is quite surprising that the Devil is an active card when in reverse and it says that you will dodge obstacles. The card reminds us that any circumstances or situations that make us feel like traps are actually an illusion. We always have a choice as help is always available.

When the Devil Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, it becomes a cue to take a closer look at a situation without necessarily matching its appearance. Things may not be as bad as they appear on the outside. In particular, the reversed Devil suggests that we are reminded to clarify the fact that life can turn quickly, sometimes in a very positive direction. You may feel yourself losing control at this point. The first step is to always breathe deeply and calmly, and then you need to take action. Do whatever makes you feel in control no matter how fragile. Don’t see this as a negative card, especially when it appears in reverse.

In terms of work, this is an important time to realize that any job that affirms “long-term” is actually true or not when you draw the Devil Gilded Tarot in reverse. And guarantees, in this day and age, are unlikely to last forever. This is not necessarily a bad thing as your information and knowledge is the power. And knowing that you have a choice is a powerful morale booster instead of feeling like you have to stay in the same situation forever just because you think it is protected and guaranteed. Too many people in recent years are seeing promised bonuses and benefits stripped away quickly. Therefore, you have to be a part of yourself. Assurance comes from within, not from the outside world. If you are in a situation that makes you feel unsatisfied with your job because of the security and safety it provides, realize that this is a choice you are making, not anyone or anything is pushing you. If you feel that the trade-off is not worth your feelings of dissatisfaction, start to quell these feelings and think about what you can do to change the situation. You will not be bound unless you allow yourself to be so. 

In terms of love, the reversed Devil Gilded Tarot can be a friendly reminder that problems may be brewing vaguely if you now are in a long-term relationship. One side or both of you may be starting to feel trapped in the situation. This time will come soon when you have the need to mention if you want to save the relationship. However, the reversed meaning of this card does not refer to a long-term relationship compared to the upright meaning. If you are looking for love, give some considerations to see if you feel too trapped in a lonely situation and want to do your best to bring serenity to your state or not. Impulsive action may ruin everything you have built so far. Clingy and reckless people are often unattractive. Make sure you are not like that. Take a close look and reevaluate everything before taking any action.

In terms of finance, similar to the upright meaning, the Devil Gilded Tarot in reverse indicates that your economic state can be very tightened in the future. You need to control your anger or irritation with your situation, and instead, deal with it calmly and wisely. Let’s proceed step by step. No matter what situation you are in, one thing is for sure, it will not last forever. If you need financial help, don’t be shy to make an offer. When you draw this card while your money problems are still forming a good flow, this is still a time to warn you about monetary problems. Accumulate your savings in case something goes wrong!

In terms of health, the potential stress level implied by the upright Devil Gilded Tarot is not quite as severe as when this card is drawn in reverse. Even so, it is time to check if you are overworked or stressed. Let’s exercise regularly or do anything that helps you get out of the boredom instead of obsessing over your own problems. Like the other signs of this card, you are only hurt by health problems, at least in terms of mentality and emotions, when you allow yourself to be so. Boost yourself for improvement, but don’t beat yourself up about the physical limitations you have. Everything was arranged.

In terms of spirituality, with the reversed Devil Gilded Tarot, your attitude and positive outlook are still very important. Especially if you are having trouble keeping a moderate approach. Consider the people around you and ask who is really your friend? Do you keep bright-minded people around you or are you surrounded by overly critical people who complain and scoff at you where you don’t do well? This reversed card once again reminds you that it does not matter what it looks like. You are not really tied. Even if you are indeed imprisoned, they cannot force and limit your spirit, soul, or mind. Use the freedom you already have within.

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