The Chariot – Gilded Tarot Deck

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I. Meaning of the Chariot Gilded Tarot

The Chariot Gilded Tarot is the card of victory. The sun medal on the head represents limitless power and concentration in the mind of a woman. Although the victory is understandable, the card is full of contradictions. The woman in purple-blue sitting in a horse-drawn carriage. Instead of horses pulling carts forward, we see two sphinxes. The sphinx symbolizes mystery while gold and silver represent opposite ideas. The woman appears to be driving this non-motorized vehicle without the reins; indeed, she is looking the other way. This is truly the card of victory. She has control and holds seemingly by willpower. But she does not address questions in opposing ideas. She has success, but no understanding.

Meaning of the Chariot Gilded Tarot

II. Message of the Chariot Gilded Tarot

The Chariot Gilded Tarot is a symbol of willpower and control. Let’s recognize your strengths and your ability to maintain order in the chaos. Besides, you should know that you can do more than you think. Celebrate your achievements.

Pay attention to ignoring problems, or avoiding problems that are difficult to solve. Once you achieve your goals, don’t stop completely and think you have nothing else to do. There is so much more to learn and do.

III. Interpretation of the Chariot Gilded Tarot in a spread

In a Tarot spread, if the Chariot Gilded Tarot appears in the past position, it indicates that you have gone through a major life event that is considered to be the cause of your present and future situation. Perhaps this is a reminder of what you have been through, as well as an indication that you still have the potential to become that unconquerable person again. In its current directive position, the Chariot gives a strong message of keeping a cool head and staying firmly on the path to your ultimate goal. This card says that you can, as long as you are not discouraged. In the position of indicating the future, the Chariot indicates that the querent will overcome the current situation and become a better person. You have overcome any obstacles that the past and present cards represent.

In terms of work, the Chariot Gilded Tarot shows a change. If you have been thinking about starting your own company or running your own business, now is a perfect time! It is also possible that you are about to receive an offer of a better job and the message of the Chariot is to take it. One of the meanings of this card, when it appears in a career spread, is that an unexpected trip related to your work can result in a raise in salary, or more, a promotion at the current company.

In terms of love, the Chariot Gilded Tarot will often appear if the querent has just ended a relationship or is about to meet a new partner. Whether you are single or taken, the Chariot foretells that you will get through this situation. No matter the difficulties you face in love, you will become stronger and better because of it. This card is also about taking advantage of your past experiences to make things better for the next time.

In terms of finance, when this card appears in a Tarot spread related to finances or the question is related to a person’s financial situation, the summary is that now is not the time to spend. Although the Chariot Gilded Tarot sometimes indicates that money is coming your way, it would be foolish for you to start spending it profligately. This card also implies shortcoming unexpected events that may cause terrible financial losses if you are not prepared.

In terms of health, for those of you who are already feeling insecure, the Chariot Gilded Tarot emphasizes that just keep fighting before you start to get healthy again. Even though it sounds cheesy, remember that the most basic meaning of the Chariot is overcoming obstacles. Even if you face illness, the Chariot means that you are strong enough to endure it.

In terms of spirituality, you will probably go somewhere (nearly) to help increase your awareness of the Spirit world. Besides, you are in a state where you can learn very quickly on the topic of Spirit. You can consider attending seminars and sharing about spiritual issues that are unfamiliar to you and beyond the scope of your study before. You will get more in return than you ever thought if you try these new things, which can be a time to ruminate.

When appearing in reverse, the Chariot Gilded Tarot indicates a lack of control in your life. It also suggests that you take the time to figure out what is causing the feeling, as well as take to turn the situation. Of course, easier said than done, but remember that the Chariot is all about your inner strength. When it appears in reverse, you are still strong enough to put everything on schedule, even if everything seems hopeless. If you feel you are being left behind by everything in life, the reversed Chariot brings about the difficult yet necessary lesson: life is just like that and everything will change whether you like it or not.

In terms of work, the reversed Chariot Gilded Tarot implies that you seem to be going too far and too fast. Maybe your idea is good and you have reason to be super excited about it. However, you cannot expect others to be like you. Be careful, wisely arrange your ideas so that others can hear you.

In terms of love, when the Chariot Gilded Tarot appears in reverse, you may have met someone you believe is your significant other. However, you may push things too fast, or conversely, you are bored and tired of your current relationship. This reversed card signals that you should not push yourself too hard, especially in a new relationship. Good things come to those who wait. So don’t be afraid of the wait!

In terms of finance, maybe you are feeling energetic when you get things done and improve your financial situation a lot. There is nothing wrong with that. However, the reversed Chariot Gilded Tarot suggests that you should slow down and consider other options for your action plan. Remember that if something is too good to be true, it is properly the case. Be careful!

In terms of health, you are very determined to improve your physical condition. But don’t over-exercise to the point of causing side effects. You cannot and absolutely should not run from zero to 120 mph in one night, don’t risk getting injured or at least not accomplishing your goals. Let’s improve gradually.

In terms of spirituality, you are believing that you have found the answer to the spiritual questions that have been around for a long time. There is certainly some truth in that, but when the Chariot Gilded Tarot is reversed, there is a bit of warning here. You should think thoroughly when approaching a new direction of spiritual inquiry, at least twice before placing your spiritual trust in someone or an organization for the rest of your life. Believe in yourself first!

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