Five Of Swords – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Five of Swords Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Confusion, deception, falsehood, learn to laugh at yourself and keep moving forward.
  • Reversed keywords: Humiliation, grudge, conflict with authoritarian people.

II. Meaning of the Five of Swords Witches Tarot

On the Five of Swords Witches Tarot, we can see five swords spreading out in the beautiful clear light blue sky. The pearly white clouds are illuminated. Just below the five sword points gathered, there is a splendid iridescent dragonfly which is a symbol of the elemental air, the world of fairies, and illusions. The five fairies hovered happily around the swords, not worrying about the sharp blade and any danger. But what do you think is the most dangerous aspect of this card, the sharp edges of the sword or the trickery of the fairies? 

Meaning of the Five of Swords Witches Tarot

The Five of Swords Witches Tarot shows that your pride has been hurt, but not fatal. You may feel confused at the moment, but most of what you find humiliating is an illusion. Dragonflies represent the need to gain fresh perspectives and create change. The fairies encourage you to learn to laugh at yourself a little to see through other people’s tricks and to keep moving forward.

III. Message of the Five of Swords Witches Tarot

When the Five of Swords Witches Tarot appears in a Tarot spread, it is a sign that the querent is feeling humiliated and confused. This is only a partial failure, and you are still in control. Do not give up! Switch things up and look for more possibilities. Let the air element bring some fresh breeze and a new perspective into your life. Take note of the dragonfly’s message and see through the deceptions of others. Transform your life into something bright and wonderful.

The Five of Swords Witches Tarot is a card about personal gain. Society gives us the idea that we must think for others, but we resist that idea. How can we ignore our concerns while still living and existing? This dilemma in thinking comes from our definition of the self. If we consider our ego to be like our personality or body, our interests will become factors related to our own ego. Do you have enough food? Are you happy? Do you have everything you want or not?

We can extend our interest to the people or things we love, but how can we stop there? We are connected to each other in the long run. But in reality, our ego is the world. What we do to the world we do to ourselves. This understanding is very basic, but the crazy fact is that we easily forget them every day.

The Five of Swords Witches Tarot can imply that you or someone else is letting go of a perspective, a larger view of the self – the ego. You are defining your interests too narrowly. If you keep trying to do things alone, your actions will come back to haunt you later, one way or another. Sometimes, this card implies a need to put our concerns first. If you are being abused or taken advantage of, you must find a way to free yourself. If you are tired of needs, take good care of yourself. If it is your turn to act, then step up and demand fairness. Realize that if you hurt others in any way, your victory will not be perfect.

The Five of Swords Witches Tarot card also represents the opposition. It can be as simple as an argument to something more serious like a war. When the strings that connect us are broken, we experience discord. This card can imply that the loss of honor is quite large. There may be scams, lies, cheats, tricks, even crimes. You can be the one who suffers from the above or the culprit that causes them. Either way, keep a broader perspective of who you are. Let’s go find the best solution for everyone including yourself.

IV. The Five of Swords Witches in a Tarot spread

The meaning of the Five of Swords Witches Tarot mainly revolves around the issue of conflict. Like every other card in the Minor Arcana, this card also carries change, conflict, trial, and battle messages. To make matters more difficult, this card is also associated with failure. In fact, it is very possible that conflicts arise and you fail. Plus, you don’t have the most pleasant time of your life. However, you have only lost one battle. You always have the opportunity to step back, learn from experience, and take appropriate action to lead to success. So, the advice here is to look for constructive suggestions when interpreting this card.

When the Five of Swords Witches Tarot appears in your spread, you may find yourself experiencing some mixed feelings about life in general and about certain people in particular. Don’t ignore these things. At the same time, don’t feel like you have to say word by word what you are thinking or feeling. Because if you do so, you may ruin what you have worked so hard for, such as intimate and strong relationships with friends and loved ones. Think twice before you actually talk or confide in someone, even if you feel that is who you should be talking to. 

The Five of Swords Witches Tarot can mean that someone you care about may be leaving you for a while. If that is the case, don’t act like you want to hold on to that person at all costs. Think that he/she/they will come back to you. This card can also imply conflicts, both external and internal. Do not unnecessarily escalate existing disagreements. Think before you act.

When the Empress or the Fool appears together with the Five of Swords Witches Tarot, the negative effects of conflicts in your life are mitigated. You make fewer grudges and negative things that come from conflict. However, the negative meaning of the Five of Swords will be increased if you get the High Priest or the Shadow Side in your spread. Let’s take the time to think about whether or not you should change your attitude. Your current actions are not bringing you closer to what is truly important in life.

In terms of work, the Five of Swords Witches Tarot is a warning that your biggest enemy at work is yourself. Don’t expect the entire system to change just because you believe it needs to be. How you think is just as important as what you say. While you may be experiencing some injustice at work, make sure you behave and act appropriately.

In terms of love, the card means that conflict in love is an almost certain prospect. Things may not work out as you expect in your current relationship. Think calmly and carefully about what is causing the breakdown between you and your partner. Let’s learn to accept reality.

In terms of finance, caution and restraint should be applied when it comes to money. Show your ingenuity when necessary. Are there any unnecessary items that you might consider selling? Can you cut costs further? Most importantly, don’t give up. Just ask for help if you really need it. Know that there will be people ready to support you.

In terms of health, you may be stressed due to various factors. When the Five of Swords Witches Tarot appears, you need to be gentle and pay more attention to yourself. Rest is essential. Any other feelings like anxiety or guilt are useless at the moment.

In terms of spirituality, even if you suddenly find the answers to the mental problems you have been searching for, remember that they are just the right answers for you. You don’t have to try to convert anyone else to your way of thinking. The Five of Swords card can also imply a break in the spiritual aspect that is no longer working for you. Give yourself time and space to find new answers.

When the reversed Five of Swords Witches Tarot appears, you may be tempted to prove to someone that you are right about something. And that could be a serious waste of your time and energy. If you are right, it does not matter if other people believe you or not. Spend your health and energy on more profitable and useful things. Overall, the reversed Five of Swords is a sign that you may be hurting yourself. Know how to choose and consider. Not everything is worth diving into and arguing. Likewise, not everyone is worth fighting for. Consider your priorities and what is most important to you.

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