The Lovers – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Lovers Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: Sexual love, beauty, romantic relationship, decisions and commitments, selection must be made, your choices today will affect your future, love heals all.
  • Divinity: Eros and Psyche, Isis and Osirus.
  • Astrology: Gemini.
  • Reversed keywords: problems in the relationship, making bad choices, ignoring the problems, quarrels and disagreements.

II. Meaning of the Lovers Witches Tarot

A young couple shares an intimate moment in a beautiful spring garden filled with trees, flowers, and a stream. Above and behind the young couple, coming out of the cloud, an angel is watching them. The sun shines on the winged angel, and the angel reaches out and blesses their bond in a beautiful, sparkling light. Representing harmony and messages, the angel gently reminds us that love enlightens and heals all.

Meaning of the Lovers Witches Tarot

The couple is about to kiss. The air is filled with romance, and if they really kiss, it will begin their emotional commitment and their fates will be bonded forever. They are about to discover whether they made the right choice.

The Lovers Witches Tarot is a card about choice and romance. It is a wonderful illustration of the balance of opposites and the power of attraction. Classically, men represent reason and women represent emotions. The lady wears a pink dress, the color of love, happiness, naive emotions. She puts six roses in her red hair; The six roses correspond to the number of the card, symbolizing the balance of opposites.

Pink roses, in particular, represent romantic love. Blooming at the feet of the lovers are daffodils and hyacinths. These mystical flowers add a passionate state of pomp and new love to the card’s meaning.

III. Message of the Lovers Witches Tarot

The Lovers Witches Tarot is a card about relationships and choices. This card describes the power of love, longing, fate, romance, and attraction. It celebrates the challenges that have been overcome so that two lovers can come together. The Angel in this Major Arcana card can be seen as a matchmaker, but she can also be a protective force for a couple. Angels are symbols of fate. She is there to show us that every choice affects our future. The angel reminds us to choose wisely.

The Lovers Witches Tarot is an easy card to interpret and remember. Love and sex are always engaging topics, and as you would expect, this card represents both. The urge to harmonize is very powerful and in its highest form, pushes us beyond ourselves. That is why the angel is blessing the bond between man and woman.

In a Tarot spread, card numbered 6 often symbolizes deep love – great human motivation. The relationship may not be sexual, though often in that direction and possibly in that direction. More often, The Lovers Witches Tarot also shows two people strongly drawn to form a relationship – be it people, ideas, transitions, or groups.

The number 6th Tarot card also symbolizes difficult choices in value and the questions that come with it. In some spreads, The Lovers also shows a man caught between two women, a virgin and a jester. This triangle can become a dilemma if you are having to choose between right and wrong.

The Lovers Witches Tarot can lead to a crossroads where you have to choose between morality and conscience – a moment where you have to pick one of the two. This card also shows your personal worth, because to make a decision like this you have to know yourself very well. Going your own way can mean fighting those who are pushing you in the wrong direction.

IV. The Lovers Witches in a Tarot spread

As the sixth card in the Major Arcana, the Lovers Witches Tarot is a positive card and is associated with one of the most anticipated experiences, which is love. In the standard Rider-Smith-Waite Tarot deck, the Lovers are depicted as a naked man and woman beneath an angel. The idea that this is Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is widely accepted. But the more obvious idea of The Lovers card is about romantic relationships and a source of motivation between men and women. The relationship that this card indicates is the type of relationship that has developed and passed the new stage of love. The less obvious meaning of The Lovers is a blessing, as well as positive changes in your life that bring harmony and luck.

When the Lovers Witches Tarot appears with the Tower, this is a sign that your relationship is about to change in a direction you did not expect. Chances are the relationship will end unexpectedly. When paired with the Two of Cups, the Lovers’ positivity about the relationship will be amplified, and this is a good sign of marriage in the future. The Shadow Side and the Lovers appearing together is a red flag that your relationship will not work out no matter how hard you try and bear it. In this case, separation is necessary.

The Lovers Witches Tarot is associated with Gemini in astrology, the “Twins”. The card is almost always directed towards a relationship with only one other person. In general, not surprisingly, usually a romantic relationship, but not always. In less common cases, it addresses the dual aspects that are always present in each of us – masculine/feminine, yin/yang, forward/backward, etc. Maybe you are feeling confused about a relationship or a situation in your life. It is possible that the heart tells one way but the mind tells another, the right thing to do (within the moral sphere) is to follow your heart. Some people say that there are really only two types of existence within you: “fear” and “love”. When possible, definitely choose “love”.

In terms of work, you need to make a decision. Analyze all the information you have, then make the best choice. You may at first feel that something bad is about to happen. Be careful not to incorporate work and love. So before making a decision, make sure you know the factors involved.

In terms of love, it is coming to you and running right into the center of your life. It could be a new relationship or an event that created a strong bond with the current/ex-lover. Either way, you will be very happy and even those around you can see the aura of happiness surrounding you. This is completely serious. Chances are, even if it is a promising relationship, the two of you can already think about meeting each other’s family and talking about the future. Again, share your happiness with those in need. Your life will be filled with pleasure.

In terms of finances, a romantic relationship that is too perfect can cause you to lose control of your finances. Make sure you give it the right attention at the right time.

In terms of health, if you are having health problems, someone who can help you is coming. Be it a doctor, a nurse, a therapist depending on your choices in life. Again, face the challenge, think about your understanding of the current situation, be grateful for what you have, and implement therapy/healing if necessary.

In terms of spirituality, working with someone special, like a mentor or leader can help you in many ways on your spiritual journey. However, do not obey blindly, question everything, follow your heart and intuition, listen selectively. A guide may appear soon. Remember the old saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”.

Even in the reversed position, The Lovers Witches Tarot is still a good omen, especially for romantic relationships and other relationships in life. Pay attention to your intuition to see what it is trying to say to analyze and clarify the reason. Feelings and emotions are there for a reason, don’t deny them.

This can also be an indicator of bad financial decisions – if that is the case, take a few steps back and find ways to bring harmony and balance into your life.

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