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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Peace, love, a woman of the water zodiac sign, dedication, a loving wife and mother, a Natural Witch or gifted psychic, reflection, emotional healing, intellectual capacity and empathy.
  • Related elements: Water, Water is the natural element associated with the Cups suit, while all four Queen cards are related to the element of water.
  • Astrology: Cancer.
  • Reversed keywords: Vanity, live in fantasy and ignore the real world, arrogance, selfishness, a spiritual vampire.

II. Meaning of the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot

The glamorous Queen of Cups Witches Tarot sits on a seashell and coral throne by the ocean. The mischievous ocean breeze sends her platinum blonde hair flying back behind her beautiful and peaceful face. The gentle waves in the background, the splendid clouds, and the blue sky set the tone for her calm and peaceful mind. The Queen of Cups is mysterious and relaxed. She wears a silver crown studded with pearls with seven peaks, representing the seven seas. Her dress is dark royal blue with seashell and water patterns and is edged with pearls and silver. The queen holds the silver cup with both hands and raises them high as if peering into the liquid surface inside the cup.

Meaning of the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot

On her neck of Queen of Cups Witches Tarot, there is a royal necklace studded with many sapphires, silver, and pearls. Pearls are associated with the element of water and prophetic dreams. Silver is metal representing reception. Sapphires are naturally associated with the element of water. Their presence on the queen’s silver crown and necklace further enhances her spiritual awareness and is associated with love and tranquility. A small bunch of wood violets, white roses, and purple foxgloves lay on her bodice. These flowers correspond to the element of water. The pink and white flowers scattering at her feet are offerings to the sea from where she gathers her elemental powers.

III. Message of the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot

The Queen of Cups Witches Tarot represents a mature woman full of mystery, empathy, sensuality, affection, and emotion. She is of a water sign, a faithful wife and mother, and a good friend. As a Witch of Nature, she loves nature, animals, and her children and spouse to the same extent. This is a card that represents a talented psychic and a woman with strong intuition and mystical powers. Physically, this card can describe a beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue or green eyes. It is also associated with the High Priestess as both are cards about female strength and intuition.

When the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot appears in your Tarot spread, remember that all psychic powers are influenced by your emotions. The message of the Queen of Cups is a reflection. Be gentle with your emotions. Allow the healing and miracle of the water element to cleanse you and bring vision into your world.

The Queen of Cups personality connects the Water elemental energy of the Cups suit with the inward focus of a Queen. Because Queen of Cups Witches Tarot exudes a sweet, lovable, and sensitive personality, she is always kind to everyone and never reacts with anger or shows impatience. She is gentle and calm. Compassion is her virtue. Her reactions to the world are guided by her feelings. In every matter, she always let her heart lead the way. She feels the flow of emotions and knows what others are going through without asking. She never shows depression, but she understands this state and its effects. She trusts her intuition and is, therefore, more open to knowledge that comes from within and beyond her reach. She is often touched by the beauty and tragedy of life. The Queen of Cups deeply feels and respects all of God’s works. Her love is for all people and all species.

In a Tarot spread, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot asks you to think and feel like her. For example, are you aware of emotional tendencies? Do you feel loved? Do you believe in your heart? Are you getting messages from intuition? Are you touched by the pain of others?

This Queen can also represent a man or woman like her or an atmosphere of tender love, acceptance, and respect for emotions. The Queen of Cups Witches Tarot tells you that her special energy means a lot to you at this time. Let yourself be inspired by this Queen in whatever form appears in your life.

IV. The Queen of Cups Witches in a Tarot spread

The Queen of Cups Witches Tarot looks full of majesty. She holds a silver cup in her hands. While the other cards in the Cups suit represent a free-flowing stream of emotions, the Queen of Cups hides it. The queen on the card represents the repression of her emotions. This Queen represents traits associated with women, such as love, care, and emotional attachment. The covered cup represents the above characteristics, which are concealed and controlled, but not freely diffused. This queen usually refers to someone in your life, but sometimes it represents an emotional state.

In general, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot indicates the feminine energy that is already there in the corner of your soul. And that the women who appear in your life are greatly supporting you when you need it. The Queen of Cups also reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. Whoever you are and where you are, there are things in you that are deserving of love and respect.

When combined with the Ace of Wands, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot means a hobby that can turn into a smooth business. It is worth a try, especially if you are unhappy with your current job. The High Priestess and the Queen of Cups make an interesting combination. it is not only the knowledge and intelligence of the High Priestess but also the emotional intelligence of the Queen of Cups. This is a wonderful combination of logic and emotion. You will make decisions with great ease, and progress in all areas of your life is within your power.

In terms of work, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot usually refers to a woman who will always help you. This Queen reminds us to apply common love and compassion to our work and possibly even when we work in a factory full of machines instead of people. Things are probably better than you think in your workplace when this card appears. Keep thinking positive!

In terms of love, the card usually implies a very positive outlook on a relationship. If you are single, then this is a good sign encouraging you to go out and make friends. The Queen says that a very positive new romantic relationship is within reach. It is easy to be drawn into love matters. Stay balanced and stand your ground. Even if you are excited about your new love, it is important to make sure other things continue as normal in your life.

In terms of finances, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot indicates good news related to your economy. Whatever happens in your financial life, give yourself a break and know that you can make a positive difference. This Queen implies creativity and encourages you to ask for help from others right now (especially from women). Also, let’s expect positive changes in the upcoming time.

In terms of health, this card implies comfort and affection. If you need healing, look to women or someone with strong feminine energy. The card also speaks of the need to love and support yourself, especially if you are facing fitness challenges. If you are in the process of healing from some kind of illness, the Queen of Cups Witches Tarot conveys the message that you need to forgive and treat yourself with love. Regardless of the circumstances, your body and wellness will certainly be very healthy in many ways. Think positive and trust the healing energy of the universe.

In terms of spirituality, you have almost touched your deep connection in the present moment. The Queen of Cups Witches Tarot can also mark growths in the experience of predicting the future. Be open to the magical energy of life and feel the love flowing in everything around you. There is a woman who can be your spiritual leader right now. Whether you are male or female, consider these feminine archetypes and energies right now. They will lead you to new and deeper spiritual insights.

The Queen of Cups Witches Tarot in reverse remains one of the most loving archetypes in the Tarot deck. She carries the connotation of compassion, love, and concern for ourselves and those around us. Often when Court cards appear in a spread, they usually refer to a real person, in this case, it refers to a woman in our lives. However, in reverse, it can imply that this woman may be feeling hurt, mistreated, and may gradually become untrustworthy. Watch carefully for relevant signs.

The reversed Queen of Cups reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. Regardless of your past or your circumstances, you are still worthy of love and respect. However, there may also be a woman in your life whose passionate love is turning to hatred. Look to see how you can help this woman understand what is going on in her life?

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