The Wheel of The Year – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Wheel of The Year Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: Cycle of the Year, sabbat, and esbat celebration; luck, the use of energy and the magic of each season.
  • Divinity: Goddess of fortune, Fortuna; Goddess of the Moon, Arianrod.
  • Astrology: Jupiter.
  • Reversed keywords: Unlucky times, the feeling of being separate from the seasons and the rhythms of nature, seasonal affective disorder (SAD or winter blue).

II. Meaning of the Wheel of The Year Witches Tarot

The silver pentagram is surrounded by the golden eight spokes Wheel of the Year. In the background, we see a clear blue sky and soft clouds. The card evokes the magic and mystery of the Wheel of the Year – the eight sabbats, the four seasons, and the cycles of nature.

Meaning of the Wheel of The Year Witches Tarot

The four seasons and four corresponding suits of the Tarot are illustrated together. The earth element is represented by the Pentacles suit and the winter solstice is the holly tree, the classical Yuletide plant. In herbal medicine, holly is used to attract luck and protect. In the lower right corner, we see the cherry blossom in the spring equinox corresponding to the Swords suit, related to the element of Air. The cherry blossom, the classic flower of spring, represents nobility and a chivalrous spirit.

The lower-left corner is the green oak leaves in the summer solstice and the camellia blooming stick (Wands suit). Both the stick and summer correspond gracefully to the element of Fire. Here, midsummer oak leaves represent health, wisdom, virtue, and longevity. Finally, in the upper left corner of the Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot, we see an enchanting blend of beautiful orange maple leaves in autumn combined with acorns in the harvest. The Cups suit corresponds to autumn as autumn is associated with the element of Water. The maple leaves represent elegance, beauty, and energy while the acorns bring prosperity and wisdom.

III. Message of the Wheel of The Year Witches Tarot

This Witches Tarot card represents the magic of the four seasons and the energies of the Wheel of the Year. When this card appears in a Tarot spread, it is a message that signals cooperation with the energies and natural cycles present around you, so do not oppose them. This means taking a break and contemplation in winter; new beginnings, growth, and opportunities in spring; the energy, excitement, generosity, and vibrancy of summer; and abundance and reminders to prepare, gather, and remember in fall. Let’s hope for change, for the whole of life is constantly changing and evolving. This card, basically, represents luck, chance, and random events.

The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot is one of the very few cards in the Major Arcana that does not have a human figure. That is because the focus of this card is beyond the human realm – it is on a higher level (the clouds), where the destinies of all men and women are intertwined to form a carpet of life. The Tarot determines that each person will choose his or her own path, but still implies being in a larger overall circle. We encounter events, opportunities, events that we think of as “accidents,” but are actually part of a planned whole.

In a spread, the Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot can refer to a vision or perception that has a strong impact on you. If you are stuck with a difficult problem or a situation, this card may indicate that you will find the answer if you take a step back and see things from a broader perspective.

The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot also symbolizes surprises and sudden turns of fate. You don’t anticipate the unexpected, you only know when it is coming. In fact, all 10 cards all carry that kind of meaning, wheel-like operations – turning, spinning, and even at a fast speed. As the energy of the Wheel arrives, you will feel your life speed up. You will be grabbed by a tornado and it can drop you anywhere.

IV. The Wheel of The Year Witches in a Tarot spread

As the 10th card of the Major Arcana, although Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot can be seen as a good omen, it is sometimes taken as a warning. It is a symbol of how life is always changing. Life is a big wheel that is always spinning, whether you are ready to change or not. It is important to remember that everything that goes up must go down, so an unpleasant situation can turn into a positive one and vice versa.

The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot tells you that, in general, it looks like things are turning around. In most cases, these are positive and necessary changes. But for some people, these changes can be difficult, even uncomfortable. This is the time to believe in the law of cause and effect. Change is part of a natural cycle.

This card always reminds us that “everything will pass” whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. If all of a sudden you feel like you are on top of the world, remember that like everything else, that will change. Live in the present moment, appreciate what you have been given, and understand that there are many things in life that are not under your control. Surround yourself with change and positive thinking.

The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot is closely related to both Justice and The Fool. When appearing with Justice, it speaks of inevitable change while the Fool promises that this change will not have any negative effects on you. Heed the Shadow’s warning in a spread. This is a sign of trouble: bad karma will emerge from your greed. When this duo appears, it is time to pause and focus on your experience.

In terms of work, there is a good chance you will quit if you are working because your heart is no longer devoted to the organization. You are driven by your dream, whatever it is. If you have a desire to do something different, but don’t know anyone who understands what you want to do – have the courage to find someone, ask if they can have lunch with you or spend a couple of hours with you to confide. You would be surprised how often a request can be approved.

In terms of love, maybe you need to talk honestly with your partner if the relationship no longer fulfills your desires. This does not literally mean a break up. It is just that you need to take serious action to make sure everything is okay. Talk about your feelings and your deepest desires. If you are looking for your significant other, be clear about the type of person you want to be with, then go out and give yourself a chance – dating apps or your friend setting you up with someone is also a good idea.

In terms of finance, this card is a good omen for anyone who has been struggling financially recently. The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot means that your circumstances are dramatically changing for the better. However, if you are in a good state, consider the opposite, maybe the amount of money you earn will decrease a bit. If this is the case, be prepared for tough coming days. In the long run, of course, things will reverse again.

In terms of health, reluctance to change will affect you negatively. Do whatever it takes to manage stress. Procrastinating or preventing changes will trouble you. Do whatever it takes to manage stress. When you have problems, return to the basics: proper nutrition, moderate rest, and regular exercise. Meditation and Yoga would be perfect choices.

In terms of spirituality, it is important for us to understand that we contribute to making things happen in life. It is rare that things “just happen” and we are just “poor victims” of circumstances. Take your fair share of the blame and move on. Sometimes it is true that things just come naturally, if so, remember that you are never alone and seek help from outside.

The Wheel of the Year Witches Tarot in reverse means that there will be a change in things, events, or circumstances. In most cases, these are positive and necessary changes, but for some people, change can be difficult or even unpleasant. If you need help dealing with change, ask for help. Do not force yourself to be alone, do not confront the wave, instead, be flexible with it and accept that change is an inevitable law of life.

There is no point in going against it. The change will not happen quickly, forcefully, and inevitably, but it will certainly come. ”Everything, either good or bad, will pass”. It is important that you think positively and try to practice the law of attraction. Don’t assume that existing changes are permanent.

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