The High Priestess – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the High Priestess Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: The Virgin Aspect of the Goddess, the neutral state, the beginning, the wisdom, inner intelligence, intuition, lunar energy and magic, full moon magic, the feminine mysteries of Freemasonry.
  • Divinity: Artemis/Diana, Persephone, Virgin Goddess.
  • Astrology: The Moon.
  • Reversed keywords: Unbalanced, repressed emotions, refusal to learn and grow, hidden potential.

II. Meaning of the High Priestess Witches Tarot

The High Priestess Witches Tarot in front of you is a powerful, mysterious, wise, and fascinating figure. She is serious, kind, fair, and compassionate. This is the Virgin aspect of the Goddess, and her wisdom is all-encompassing. The High Priestess wore an elegant silver dress and blue hooded cloak as she sat contemplatively on her throne, beside her is the familiar lynx. The blue sky and nature are her background, and the moon and stars of the universe are at her feet. Pomegranates sprouted around her, and she sat neatly between two pillars of the moon. The High Priestess is calm and in control of the mystical powers she wields. She does not rely on the full or waning power of the moon, as she is not favored towards light or darkness. The High Priestess is central and neutral.

Meaning of the High Priestess Witches Tarot

The High Priestess Witches Tarot wears the crown of the Three Goddesses and a necklace of coal and amber crystals to demonstrate her status. Amber enhances mental strength while coal enhances psychic powers – two important qualities for the High Priestess. In her hand is a scroll of knowledge and a blooming sage branch, representing wisdom. Pomegranates are sacred to the goddess Persephone, and they represent royalty and elegance. The young black cat, the familiar animal of the Old Wizards, represents the feminine mysteries of Freemasonry.

II. Message of the High Priestess Witches Tarot

When the High Priestess Witches Tarot appears in a Tarot spread, it usually marks a time of initiation and learning. The Virgin Goddess is testing you. Be wise and listen to her thoughtful words. This card is a reminder to quietly and modestly seek occult knowledge and turn inward. Use your intuition and trust your instincts. Now is not the time to let your emotions rule you; instead, it is an opportunity to grow and to gain real insight and understanding. The High Priestess teaches you to be strong, wise, and steadfast. She silently shows you that to gain true wisdom, you must remember to always use your magic carefully and from a neutral point.

The High Priestess Witches Tarot is the guardian of the unconscious who sits in front of the thin veil of indeterminacy – the only thing that separates us as humans from our inner world. Hidden inside her is the secret of all things. She is the gentle feminine element to balance with the masculinity from The Magician. The archetype for the feminine element in the Tarot is divided equally between The High Priestess and The Empress. The High Priestess is an unpredictable mysterious element that women often show, especially in societies that focus on materialism and traditional customs. Meanwhile, The Empress card symbolizes the absolute role of women in society.

In a Tarot spread, The High Priestess Witches Tarot challenges you to dig deeper, look for things far and beyond what the current evidence offers, to dissect matters that are just the surface to find things covered in mist. She also asks you to rethink your unlimited potential and remember the limitless possibilities within you. The High Priestess can symbolize a silence that requires waiting and accepting everything. To achieve a goal does not necessarily require action. Sometimes silence is just what it takes for things to flourish when the time comes.

The High Priestess Witches in a Tarot spread

This card is numbered 2 in the Major Arcana. A woman is sitting on a throne, holding a Torah in one hand and a crown of Isis on her head. The High Priestess Witches Tarot card represents intuition, subconsciousness, mystery, and passivity. This card suggests that at this time it is best to be passive, calm, and receptive to outside influences.

In terms of work, chances are a pleasant surprise will soon come your way. There could also be a new job opportunity. You may also find new systems or processes that make your life less stressful and simpler. Stay away from gossip at work, don’t get caught up in it.

In terms of love, this can be a magical and mysterious time for your romantic adventure. If you are dating someone, that person is probably the one who is far away from you and out of your league. Trust your instincts. If you are a girl, it is possible that someone is constantly giving you hints and wanting to be in a relationship with you. Make your decisions wisely – this is very promising!

In terms of finances, someone is not being completely honest with you about your financial situation. You are missing information. Dig deep and investigate things for yourself. Make sure when doing things related to financial transactions, only give the necessary information and nothing else.

In terms of health, there are many things about your health that you do not know. If you feel like something is wrong with your body, trust your intuition and take care of yourself. You will need to see many doctors to know the current situation. If any exercise or therapy makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it. Listen to your body. Make sure you are providing your body with the right nutrients and exercising regularly.

In terms of spirituality, messages can come to you from anywhere. See the world of Spirit in a way that you have never done before. Talk to people whose experiences and beliefs are different from yours. Get out of your comfort zone and it will make you feel like you are getting a lot out of it.

When many cards from the Pentacles suit appear with The High Priestess Witches Tarot, your hunch about some new business is right. There will be a lot of money pouring into your pocket if you listen to your instinct. The Cups cards when appearing with The High Priestess warn of a relationship going in a bad direction. You may get hurt and have someone pulling the string behind your back, so be careful and watch closely for irregularities. The High Priestess, when combined with the Wands cards, speaks of the great creative opportunity that is coming your way. Keep your mind open and trust your gut. That creative vision will keep you focused on the task. When the Swords suit appears with this card in a spread, they speak of a growing conflict. Ensuring inner peace and not reacting to aggression is the best way to handle the situation.

Even with the reversed meaning, The High Priestess Witches Tarot is still a card that favors Spirit – often with lustful implications. When in the reversed position, maybe in some form, the energies of power, charisma and intuition that The High Priestess brings will be more difficult to grasp. But the energy is still there, find it, feel it and let it guide you. You may have a hard time listening to what your intuition is saying. In that case, it is a clear sign that you need to slow down, take time for reflection, meditate, be alone and reflect. Look for other approaches, like journaling or yoga. What you are looking for is still there, believe in yourself and listen more.

The High Priestess in reverse may show that you have missed the message that the Spirit world brings (both when awake and asleep). Think of recent unusual events, or even a dream that left a strong impression and vivid feeling in you. What are they trying to tell you? Take time to meditate to find the message.

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