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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Three of Cups Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Fun event; a gathering of friends, family, or a group of members to celebrate, the power of triads and magic miracles, observe the sabbath, share experiences, magical progress, spiritual growth, wonderful healthy friendships, growth, success, creativity.
  • Reversed keywords: Self-centered, conflict within the group, your miracle hit the roadblocks.

II. Meaning of the Three of Cups Witches Tarot

On the Three of Cups Witches Tarot, there is a group of three women gathering together and facing each other. Each person holds a silver cup as if they are celebrating and congratulating their group’s success. To further strengthen the water element and its miracles, we see a cascade and flowing stream in the background. The three women wear soft, multicolored dresses with many mystical symbols on them. Their magical silver jewelries glitter in the sun because they appear to be quietly performing a sabbath right in the garden, perhaps at the summer solstice.

Meaning of the Three of Cups Witches Tarot

This trio is surrounded by many mysterious flowers. Each type of flower in this card is related to the element of water. The lilac foxgloves stand tall representing the magic and patronage of the Fairies. Irises whisper mystical messages and communication spreads among group members. The gloxinia is considered a flower of calmness, showing that they both think well of each other while violet is a blessing from the Goddess and the fairies. Finally, the rose declares a lasting and true friendship. This card depicts the power of three people. It can be seen that there are three trios in the card: three women, three cups, and three mysterious tall foxgloves.

III. Message of the Three of Cups Witches Tarot

 When Three of Cups Witches Tarot appears in a Tarot spread, it is a reminder of the link between magic and friendship and a picture of the power of the trio. Your spells are active at the moment, whether you chant alone or with loved ones and party members. Miracles are everywhere, and it is manifesting. Let’s hope for growth, success, and creativity. Your goals are bearing fruit. This card represents a magical friendship that brings joy and zest to your life. It can also signify mental or spiritual growth, gaining a new position on your team or progress in your magical studies course.

There are three cards in the Tarot that imply a focus on the collective element – ​​each with a different point of view. With the High Priest, it is a form-and-frame approach. With the Three of Pentacles, it is about teamwork. With the Three of Cups Witches Tarot, it is about emotions. How does it feel to engage with others? What are friendship and community? Those are the questions that will be answered by the Three of Cups.

On this card, we see three women gathering together in a circle. Their arms reach out and touch each other to connect their feelings (Cups). In many periods or regimes, women are the creators and nurturers of the social glue that holds people together. The women are a symbol of coming together in love and friendship.

In a spread, the Three of Cups Witches Tarot can represent a friend or an emotion associated with friendship. This card can represent the community which is the support network that is created when we interact with others. A community can be any group in which members feel connected. When you see the Three of Cups, check your attachment to the groups in your life from an emotional point of view. Consider reaching out to give or receive help. This card represents all forms of support, including formal aid such as counseling and other social services.

The women on the Three of Cups Witches Tarot also express joy and high spirits. Such feelings are not limited to their own group but can be especially strong anywhere, spreading outward. Celebration is the setting that will arise naturally when people feel like they are lovingly connected to each other and feel safe. The Three of Cups can represent a certain type of mood or experience that makes you feel like dancing and singing.

IV. The Three of Cups Witches in a Tarot spread

The Three of Cups Witches Tarot indicates the joy of human attachment. It specifically refers to close friendship, blood relations, and love between couples. In the traditional Tarot deck, the card depicts three women, each raising their cup high and emptying it. This card is a celebration of the relationships we have maintained with the people around us. It tells us to take the opportunities in life and worry as little as possible. Happy times are happening, and you are the epicenter of that happiness.

The Three of Cups Witches Tarots is often considered a card of “reunion”. But remember that a reunion here is not always a reunion between two people in love. It is exactly a reunion in the broadest sense, like seeing (or meeting, depending on the purpose) someone or something that has been away from you for a while. It is usually considered a happy reunion – an optimistic card. Overall, things will go well. You can expect at least an enjoyable reunion with someone or something. It can also mean a celebration of your own or someone you care about, such as a baby shower, a wedding, or another joyful occasion.

When the Three of Cups Witches Tarot appears as the focus of a spread as with many other Cups cards, you can expect to build a deep and meaningful relationship with someone new, whether the relationship is romantic or is more spiritual. The Empress and Death cards of the Major Arcana are also closely related to the Three of Cups. While the Empress emphasizes the gratification of being in a close-knit group, Death says that group has the power to change who you are. It is up to you to decide whether the change is good or bad. When the Three of Cups appears with many Wands cards around it, it says it is time to use your imagination. As this combination emerges and as you bring your imagination to life, you can expect to see your ideas come to fruition.

In terms of work, the Three of Cups Witches Tarot is also a good omen. You can earn more money. Likewise, you may find a new job and/or get promoted. The mood in your workplace is generally relatively pleasant. If you are looking for work, there is a pretty good chance you will succeed (perhaps surprisingly high). Things will work out for you. Therefore, don’t give up on things you have intended to.

In terms of love, the Three of Cups Witches Tarot is not always meant to announce a reunion with a lost love. You must carefully consider the rest of the spread in that context to decide if the solution is relevant. If you are single, the chances are that you will soon meet someone who really meets the “standard” you are setting. The card also hints that this person is definitely not your ex.

In terms of finance, this is an important time to not depend too much on the property. Your funds will probably decrease quickly. This is a cosmic world full of abundance and that your needs (financial and otherwise) will be finally met, as long as you do your part well.

In terms of health, this is a great time to consider what you are doing and perhaps need to be doing to boost your energy and vitality. Consider whether you should eat properly or rest moderately. Think about that and come up with a plan. You can do better than you are doing right now.

In terms of spirituality, it can be important to reach out to others during this time, especially if you often pay attention to your spiritual life in solitude. This approach can lead to a spiritual awakening. Think about whether or not you have a need for a spiritual teacher! This can be any trusted mentor, not necessarily someone with the actual title of a spiritual leader.

The Three of Cups Witches Tarot in reverse is an optimistic card that often refers to building and enhancing one’s sense of community. When this card appears, you need to know that this is not the time to work alone. It also tells you that this is the time to let go of the things you don’t have and find the things you are truly grateful for in your life. Besides, don’t isolate yourself from your loved ones. This is when you need them most. You will feel supported by friends and family. Make sure you stay in touch with surrounding people at all times.

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