The Karma – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to Karma Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Make a positive change for your future application, renewal, deeper spiritual and magical consciousness, karma and fate, reflection of past events, the consequences of your past actions.
  • Divine: Horus.
  • Astrology: Pluto.
  • Reversed keywords: Wrong judgment, regret, get a feel for the unfortunate consequences of the magical rule of three, you reap what you sow.

II. Meaning of Karma Witches Tarot

In Karma Witches Tarot, the trio holds and raises their hands in salute as they look up at the total eclipse. They are a family including a man, a woman, and their children. This family is reunited for the eclipse. They stand in front of the magic circle where the torches lit the place of worship. All three are wearing ceremonial robes with purple straps at the waist. Purple is power and is the color of spirituality and intuition – a good choice for this card. In the distance are green fields and mountains. The mountains are the classic symbol of this card and are said to represent abstract thoughts. The light is strange because during an eclipse, the day is the same as night.

Meaning of Karma Witches Tarot

The eclipse reminds us that forces stronger than ourselves are present here. According to legend, a total eclipse represents magic and witchcraft. It is also a mesmerizing reminder that the divine is present in your everyday life. Everything happens for a reason. Now you have to deal with past experiences. Ask yourself what lessons you have learned from them. By that way, you can move forward with greater understanding.

III. Message of Karma Witches Tarot

This card of Karma shows us that cycles and changes must be respected and that everything happens for a reason. Appreciate the changes in your life and grow with them. There are many spiritual forces present. It is time to make an important decision. Your destiny will be shaped by the choices you make today. Always keep in mind that the future karma will be created by you. So be aware of your deeds and miracles on a spiritual level. Karma always has its own way of working. Take conscious action to create positive change.

In the Tarot, Karma Witches Tarot symbolizes the realization that life is always fair. However, daily life with so many erratic things always makes us doubt this. This card reminds us that equilibrium is always present. Notice the similarities between Karma and the Emperor. Both represent the order in the universe. However, the Emperor is in the order of the world while Karma is in the law of cause and effect.

This 20th card appears quite serious. It addresses all matters related to the law but is not limited to just the law. The court is where judgments are made and decisions are enforced. The legal system is a formal arena in which one discovers the principles of Karma – fairness, reciprocity, impartiality, and the claim to the truth. In a Tarot spread, Karma Witches Tarot often appears when you have to consider what is the right thing to do and what you deserve. This card also arrives when you feel the impact of past mistakes or good deeds you have done. Sometimes, it is the signal that it is time to do what needs to be done and take responsibility. The past will forever haunt you until you admit your mistake and correct it. You will need to weigh everything carefully and make major determinations about the future. 

IV. Karma Witches in a Tarot spread

Karma Witches Tarot belongs to Major Arcana and is the 20th card of the suit. This card is about making judgments about the current situation or making an honest assessment of what is going on in your life. The appearance of Karma suggests that it is time to stand up, even if it means making some difficult changes. At this point, your judgment is flawless, so you can be completely confident.

Karma Witches Tarot embodies the law of cause and effect. It determines that every event and every person is interconnected. It is important to remember that not everything you face is a direct result of your actions but may be caused by someone else you care about. This can be equally difficult and challenging when you have to deal with the consequences of your own doing. Don’t blame yourself unnecessarily. This card evokes the desire to seek justice, balance, and harmony. Do your best to create balance, rationality, and the way you think and treat yourself. If you are directly involved in a decision-making situation, there is a high chance that everything will be resolved well.

Karma Witches Tarot indicates that this is a time for you to evaluate yourself and bring your attention back to the current situation. It also refers to a crossroads in your life that is a time of revitalization and renewal. You have realized that you need to change your life completely. Maybe this is the time to start listening to your needs and doing something for yourself. The appearance of Karma in a spread means that this is an appropriate time for self-reflection. You can now review and evaluate past experiences and see what you have learned from them. That will help you a great deal in the future.

If the Fool or The Wheel of the Year appears in a Tarot spread with Karma Witches Tarot, the path you choose will be filled with positive things for a long time. When the Lovers appear with Karma Witches Tarot, you can expect marriage or a long-term commitment for your relationship. In contrast, the pair of Karma and the Hermit only indicates your personal and self-contemplate state.

In terms of work, Karma Witches Tarot means that you are being observed. If you have worked hard and paid attention to detail, your efforts will pay off. If your focus has been on something other than work, then it is time to get back on track.

In terms of love, this card says that it is time for a fresh start if you have not been with someone for a while. Be clear about what you want in your love life. If you are already in a relationship, it indicates that honest, clear communication and mutual goals in life will help the two of you resolve conflicts.

In terms of finances, things are going very well when Karma Witches Tarot appears. You can expect money or good contracts in the shortcoming. Keep up the good work and don’t involve any illegal issues. An unexpected sum of money may appear which means this is a good thing and you should invest it wisely.

In terms of health, this card shows that you are being hindered by unresolved problems. This can cause all kinds of illness and pain. Let the past rest in peace, forgive those who mistreated you, and move on. It all comes down to balance in the end – are you eating enough and sleeping well? If not, you need to spend more time dealing with what is going wrong right now. Exercise, get a night of good sleep, eat well – you will feel much more refreshed. Let’s be positive!

In terms of spirituality, living in the present and being down-to-earth are the key points. Do you feel connected to the earth and the people around you? Do you feel like you belong in this world? Balance is again something to keep in mind here. Adopting a holistic sense of life will help you take control of everything.

In the reversed position, Karma Witches Tarot signifies that you are feeling that something is not right in this life. Maybe you are right. However, there may not be much you can do to change that. If that is the case, it is better to learn to accept the truth and cut yourself some slack. The reversed Karma speaks of self-doubt. You may be refusing to listen to your inner self, thereby leading to poor judgment. While the upright Karma tells you to learn from old experiences, the reversed card means that you are not spending enough time absorbing those old experiences. 

When Karma Witches Tarot appears in reverse, it means that you are being dishonest with others and with yourself. You are not taking responsibility for your actions and may try to blame others. In this case, you must take account of what you have done as well as accept the current situation. It is possible that the conclusions of the court and the law are working against you. Sometimes reversed Karma can refer to unfairness.

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