Six Of Cups – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Six of Cups Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Happy memories, old friends, childhood, family reunion, let your imagination raise its voice, believe in miracles again.
  • Reversed keywords: Unpleasant memory, feeling sad that the ended relationship, lose the joy in the miracle.

II. Meaning of the Six of Cups Witches Tarot

On the Six of Cups Witches Tarot, there are two blond children, possibly brother and sister, sitting happily on green grass and clover on a bright summer afternoon. They are arranging the carnations in six silver cups. Both children are dressed in water-blue clothes which are quite convenient and durable for playing outdoors. The pump is tapping water to drink if the kids want it. A quiet little stream is flowing gently through the landscape. The small stream is deep enough for wading and safe enough for the children to play in.

Meaning of the Six of Cups Witches Tarot

The blue sky is peaceful and the thatched roof can be clearly seen in the background. This is simply a time of peace, indulgence, and innocence. Two siblings are creating happy memories together. Life is not complicated yet and the children are very close to miracles. Children never wonder about miracles because to them, it is simply as it is. In this card, imagination rules their world. The memories they are creating are fun and sweet. In the language of flowers, carnations represent childhood and sweet memories.

III. Message of the Six of Cups Witches Tarot

The Six of Cups Witches Tarot represents happy memories from your childhood, old friends, family, and your past. It can be about a reunion, a surprise visit from a family member or classmate you have not seen in years, a forgotten friend from the day before, a former member who has moved away, or a childhood lover returns to your life. The Six of Cups can be an announcement that you need a more childlike type of miracle for the world around you. Let your imagination lead you into a fresh and creative project. Believe in miracles again.

In the movie Parenthood, there is a scene in which all the members of a large family come together to witness the birth of a baby. As the camera moves from one person to another, we feel as if it is the first time each of us has witnessed such a wonderful event in our lives. Everyone laughed and talked to each other, but suddenly their actions changed. The space becomes full of sweetness created by the newborn baby. This is the spirit of the Six of Cups card.

It is an obvious fact that there is violence, anger, and malice everywhere in the world. The world certainly does not lack such negative elements, but at the same time, there is still much good and care. A mother gives a drink to her child. A friend lends his car for the weekend. An employee works on behalf of a sick colleague. Such gestures are so small that almost no one notices, but they are very important. The Six of Cups Witches Tarot is a card of kindness and simple goodness. The card encourages you to be kind, generous, and selfless.

The Six of Cups Witches Tarot also represents innocence/foolishness which is a word with many shades of meaning. You can be a fool in the sense of strict laws when you do not realize the crimes you have committed. You can be indifferent to the truth when you don’t know a secret. You may also dislike deception or vandalism, or in other words, you are not self-interested. Finally, you can be virtuous or possess a pure spirit. These are all possibilities that could apply to the Six of Cups, depending on the context or situation where it suits.

Note that the two figures on the Six of Cups Witches Tarot are usually two children. This card often represents a baby or small child. When viewed in a larger sense, the card also includes our childhood as well as the feelings associated with our youth (ideally). Those are feelings of carefreeness, playfulness, safety, and full of love. Children are our treasure, therefore, the sweetness of the Six of Cups deserves to be cherished.

IV. The Six of Cups Witches in a Tarot spread

In the traditional tarot deck, the Six of Cups Witches Tarot depicts two children with strange costumes sharing a cup next to five other ones. The scene in the card is so cheery. Compared to the rest of the Cups suit, the Six of Cups has a pleasant and childlike nuance. This card also directly refers to a time when we are not reeling from stress and other emotional events that are common in adult life. In some cases, the card points to our childhood. In other cases, it indicates that we are approaching the things life brings innocently and joyfully. Sometimes the Six of Cups shows that we are not taking life seriously, but for those who have just experienced emotional traumas, this is a good sign.

The Six of Cups Witches Tarot is usually a card of nostalgia, evoking reminiscences of the past. The card can (but is not always) connect the reader with their children or childhood. It is important not to spend too much time and energy thinking about the good old days. We all have happy memories to cherish from time to time. However, if we start to think that the best years have passed, then that will most likely come true.

When appearing with the Lovers, the Six of Cups Witches Tarot tells you that you can expect a happy relationship. It may not last forever, but you will enjoy every moment you two are together. The Tower card, when pairing with the Six of Cups, is a sign that you are playing around too much and working too little. There is nothing wrong with having a good time in life and enjoying all that life has to offer. Though you cannot sacrifice everything else you have worked so hard to build.

In terms of work, this is a very good time for a job related to creativity. If your work is not about creative applications, make sure you spend some personal time painting, writing, creating a photo album, or practicing any hobby related to the creative field. You will find that your normal daily work will reap more positive results.

In terms of love, if you are in a romantic relationship, the appearance of the Six of Cups Witches Tarot can indicate that it needs to be “refocused” towards the future. Talk about your goals and dreams. Explore and experiment with new things. It is important not to get stuck in the past. Sometimes this card will imply the reappearance of an old lover in your life. Think twice before getting back together with them. Remember the reason why he/she became your ex.

In terms of finances, if you are looking for a way to invest your money or make a little extra, pay special attention to vintage, retro, or attractive investment options for children. Money can come to you from someone from your past or through inheritance.

In terms of health, if you are having health-related problems, then the appearance of the Six of Cups Witches Tarot may mean that you need to really go back to your childhood to examine the root cause of your physical problems. The emotional element is very frequently associated with the physical. Conversational therapy can be very helpful at the time. You should consider arranging to talk to family members about physical problems they have or are experiencing. Additionally, make sure you have a clear understanding of your family’s medical history.

In terms of spirituality, any kind of ritual can be helpful to you spiritually at the present time. You can find beauty and meaning in recreating some of the sacred rituals you knew as a child. This does not mean that you have to go back to your first spiritual traditions and follow them in a stereotypical fashion. Instead, update, improve, and transform old traditional rituals. That will bring many benefits to you later.

The Six of Cups Witches Tarot in reverse is usually a card that implies reminiscence about the past. This flashback is sometimes associated with children or childhood imagery. This reversed card suggests that you should start paying more attention to the future for your own sake. It also reminds us that we must stay focused on the present and the future instead of letting ourselves become or continue to be lost in the good old days. Live for the present.

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