Nine Of Wands – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Endurance, courage, protection, be wary of trouble, protect yourself and your reputation, stand up strong, always be cautious, magical protection might be the thing to do.
  • Reversed keywords: Paranoia, fear of failure, lack of courage, you look to others for help when you should be counting on yourself in the first place.

II. Meaning of the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot

On the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot, we can see a strong and determined young woman in a red dress with a large dragon emblem embroidered on the front of her tunic. She wears a silver pentagram around her neck for protection. She has dark red hair and holds a blooming hawthorn wand that crossed her body like a linden with ease. With the appearance of a Witch and a warrior, she wears sturdy brown pants and leather boots as she stands firmly to defend her domain. Eight other wands are planted in the green grass behind the woman as if they are creating a barrier. In the background, the sun is shining brightly over the mountains and covering great shadows on the grass and flowers.

Meaning of the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot

The setting sun symbolizes that the warrior’s trial is coming to a successful end. And that her diligence has paid off. In the grass under the wands, flowers are blooming. St. John’s-wort is related to the element of fire and the summer solstice sabbat. It also symbolizes physical and magical protection.

III. Message of the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot

When the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot appears in a spread, it warns against trouble, mischief, gossip, and harmful spells. Now is the time to be on the lookout for trouble and carefully protect yourself, your profession, or your magical reputation. You may need to protect yourself so stay alert and cautious. Endurance, courage, and trust are certainly needed at this time. Magical protection might be the thing to do. You may feel powerless for any more tragedy, but stay calm and strong. Defend your territory and reputation skillfully and vigorously. The Wands suit is all about creativity and ambition. You can do this. Draw some boundaries, summon your inner resources, and show steadfastness.

The image of the character in the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot is very clear and persistent in the face of adversity. This soldier has been through a few wars, but she persists! She was in pain, but she did not fall. When we have had a bad experience, we feel tired and afraid of conflicts. Even if we don’t feel pain physically, more or less we are hurt mentally. Our openness, naivety, and beliefs are gone. What left us after the battle is defense and wariness.

The Nine of Wands Witches Tarot can be a warning that you must work carefully. Pay attention because there is a chance you will get hurt. If you have ever been burned, you know the feeling of the warrior in this card. The lessons life has to offer can be difficult at times, especially when hope is cut off. It is human nature to trigger defensive thoughts in such times, but don’t let yourself sink into despair. What you went through will hurt you, but it also makes you stronger.

Strength is another aspect of the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot. This soldier is so resilient! She has a healthy body and inner spirit that is extremely persistent even when everything is against her. This card urges you to keep going no matter what. Even if everyone and everything seems to be against you right now, don’t give up. Inside you is hiding a resource that you need to unleash.

IV. The Nine of Wands Witches in a Tarot spread

The Nine of Wands Witches Tarot is associated with the element of Fire as well as determination, strength, and ambition. When it appears on your spread, be prepared to defend. You need to be on high alert because you may encounter trouble. If those problems arise from the past, you need to think hard and stand your ground even if you feel tired and stifled. Deal with those things immediately. The Nine of Wands is about certainty, trying again, and not agreeing with withholding from others. You need to keep going even though your fatigue, endurance, stamina, and strength have declined.

Most of the Wands cards are very active, however, as you get to the highest cards in the deck, you will probably find them becoming more complex and difficult. The Nine of Wands Witches Tarot is the card that marks the beginning of this level. This card can contain anxiety and tension – being suppressed and worried about related issues.

When the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot appears, the first and best thing that you should do is take a deep and calm breath. Don’t let the things you are worried about take control of you. Spend only once a day or once an hour thinking about that concern if you must. At least one of your worries is really just your imagination. Be specific about what is frightening you and put it aside. What is the real possibility of the problem you are worrying about if it does happen? Comfort yourself. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. The person who is not afraid to ask for help in time is the strongest one.

In terms of work, there may be some stress in your work when this card appears. Don’t make the situation worse. Think carefully before you speak and remain as calm as possible on the surface. Clarify the things you can and cannot control and then try to clear your mind. Do your best to deal with issues that you can control. Everything will be fine again. If you are wondering whether you may lose your job, the answer may be yes. It is a warning in advance, so you are better prepared. Once that happens, what will you do?

In terms of love, it is very important to remember that there is not any relationship in the world that can be “settled” invariably. Try giving your lover more space. And if you do not have a lover and are longing to love and be loved, understand that this is not the right time for you. Is there something about yourself that you would like to change? It is important to know that this is a good time to take full control of your emotions so that when you are ready for a new relationship, the person you are attracting into your life will also be fully emotionally blessed with his/her new love – that is you. Don’t be too hasty!

In terms of finances, the Nine of Wands Witches Tarot tells you that worrying will not solve the problem. Try to stay calm and deal with the situation and take potential courses of action in a calculated way. Let’s go one small step at a time. Consider ways you can increase your income, even if it is only a little.

In terms of health, anxiety, stress, and anxiety can create a negative impact on your life right now. Make sure you are treating yourself in the best possible way. Find the right balance in your life base on moderate exercise, eating, and rest. Breathing exercises and meditation will be especially helpful for you at this time. If you are waiting for the results of your medical test, don’t worry too much. Remember that you still have a lot of other things to care about. Focus on the positive things. If necessary, write down what you feel you are blessed to have. Create relationships with bright people around you. You will soon get the answers you seek.

In terms of spirituality, you may not be ready to be rigorous and self-disciplined. However, this is the time when staying disciplined will help you achieve your spiritual goals. Stay focused, sketch a plan, and set higher expectations for yourself in terms of research and spiritual commitment. You have the power within you to accomplish anything you want.

The reversed Nine of Wands Witches Tarot implies a need to show gentleness, both to yourself and to others. Embrace your abilities. Remember that kindness and weakness are not the same. Also, you should show as much compassion as possible. When the Nine of Wands in reverse appears, it is important not to be harsh on yourself if you feel your physical, mental or emotional strength is weakening. None of us can be perfectly healthy all the time. Allow yourself to rely on someone else or something positive. That is the best way to let your vitality recover. Everything has a cycle.

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