The Hanged Man – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Hanged Man Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: The beginning, the transition period in life, relax and embrace the changes, a new outlook on life, the magic of Runes, a new perspective on the current situation.
  • Divinity: Odin.
  • Astrology: Neptune.
  • Reversed keywords: Deadlock, dilemma.

II. Meaning of the Hanged Man Witches Tarot

The young man is quietly hanging his right foot upside down on the ash tree. While hanging there, he is either in a transitional state or undergoing the onset of some kind. The halo around the Hanged Man’s head indicates that he is experiencing an epiphany of God. The peaceful sky in the background of the card shows you that this period is not a terrifying time. You need to let go of old and painful things to gain this new wisdom. Enjoy this new perspective and the next chapter of your life, and see what you discover.

Meaning of the Hanged Man Witches Tarot

According to Norwegian Pagan legend, the world tree Yggdrasil supports the entire universe. The crow is Odin’s summoned beast and the bird represents beginnings, secrets, and prophecy. Just as Odin hung himself on the world tree to receive the knowledge of the Runes, the Hanged Man Witches Tarot also found his answer in the ash tree during this transitional period of life.

The crow takes in the glittering golden pentagram and looks down at the Hanged Man Witches Tarot as if to ask what he is doing there. Maybe this is his totem and it is befriending the Hanged Man in this transition. Crows are magical, intelligent, and cheerful birds. They are attracted to shiny objects and will hide them. Classic colors like red, green, yellow, and blue speak of a balance between the four elements of nature, and these colors make up Hanged Man’s outfit. Rune alphabets embroidered around his collar and decorated with ash branches remind of Odin, the world tree, and the wisdom discovered there.

III. Message of the Hanged Man Witches Tarot

When the Hanged Man Witches Tarot appears in a spread, it is a message that you should see things from a different point of view. Embrace the idea of ​​initiation as a means to greater knowledge and a clearer spiritual path. Let go of the illusion of control, turn things around, and focus on the lessons in front of you. Relax and persevere; It is not easy, but fighting the changes in your life only creates more tragedy. Solve the symbols carefully, whether it is a Tarot card or a Rune. Reflect on their lessons as you allow yourself to go through this transition or initiation period calmly and with excitement. By doing so, you will uncover mysteries.

The Hanged Man Witches Tarot is one of the most mysterious cards in the deck – simple yet complex, attractive yet disturbing. It is quite self-contradictory. The Hanged Man turns perspective upside down because it symbolizes paradoxical actions in life – paradoxical, unfamiliar, but true. The Hanged Man contains truths behind the exact opposite.

The biggest lesson of the Hanged Man Witches Tarot is that we “control” when we know how to let go, we “win” when we know how to admit defeat. The image on the 12th card created a complete surrender – death on the cross – and radiated a perfect aura of victory. Sacrifice yourself and become the winner. The Hanged Man also tells us that we move forward by knowing how to stand still. By stopping, we get the time of the whole universe.

The Hanged Man Witches Tarot reminds us that the approach we see is not necessarily the best way. When we most want to force others to do what we want, that is when we should let go. When we want to do our own thing, that is when we should make sacrifices. When we most want to act, that is when we should wait. The paradox is that in doing so, we are seeing what we are looking for.

IV. The Hanged Man Witches in a Tarot spread

At a glance, the Hanged Man Witches Tarot looks ominous, but what is interesting is that he looks comfortable in that state. In the standard Tarot deck, the Hanged Man depicts a young man hanging from a tree, with his arms tied behind his back and a halo above his head – like the saints depicted in medieval books. His expression is not sad or angry, but relaxed. Arms tied behind his back are a symbol of his ability to control the situation he is in. In the end, the Hanged Man accepted that it is him who put himself in the position of hanging from the tree.

When the Hanged Man Witches Tarot appears in a spread, it is important to know if the card indicates the querent or someone else in the querent’s life. If the card represents you, it says that surrender may be the best thing for the situation at this time. If the card represents someone in your life, it is a sign that that person is not who you think they are and that they can cause big problems in your life.

The Hanged Man Witches Tarot generally shows you at a crossroads – just choose either up or down, or off or on, yes or no. You may find yourself wanting to do “something,” but not knowing how to do it. If so, then obviously you should stop, relax, and let go of your desire to control your life/situation/people. It is time to let unhelpful attitudes and desires disappear from your life. Sacrifice will bring more positive changes than the things you hold on to. Above all, this is a time for reflection. Especially when you are looking forward to seeing what is useful for you.

In a spread with multiple Cups cards, the Hanged Man represents your love life. This is not the time for you to be engaged in love because it will bring trouble. When combined with the Emperor or the Empress, this is a sign that a bossy person in your life is best handled with a non-violent approach. A clever diplomatic strategy is the best course of action. Destroy the enemy with your kindness.

In terms of work, maybe you are bored. If so, see if there is anything you can do to change it. If not, don’t blame yourself for everything progressing slowly. Things will change. It is just not the way you want it to be. Relax, or else, find another job.

In terms of love, the main theme of the Hanged Man Witches Tarot is “letting go”. For example, letting go of someone you cannot reach may open the door for the more suitable one to appear to you. But that is just an example. Chances are you need to let go of the way you view a relationship where you think you cannot be happy without that person. If you are in a long-term relationship, the two of you may be at a crossroads. If everything feels great, find out if your partner feels the same way.

In terms of finances, if you are in need, it is time to learn how to give. Give to widen the flow, even if all you have is a piece of bread. Understand that there is always someone around ready to reach out and share that rare piece of bread with you. Simple things like this can turn the wheel and bring your prosperity to a better stage.

In terms of health, you can radically change your perspective if you think your physical condition is not good. That is not to say you have to ignore all of your doctor’s advice. Just study it more deeply. Chances are there are things you think you already know, but that is not the case, so it is better to do it differently. Your health will improve, but it is a process.

In terms of spirituality, it is important to let go of negative thoughts and beliefs that limit yourself. You still remember the principle of autosuggestion, so be careful what you allow yourself to say and think about life. Make sure the “suggestions” you give are at least similar to what you want.

When in the reversed position, the Hanged Man Witches Tarot generally still means that your life is approaching a turning point – you can only choose one of two. This is not the time to control everything or the situation.

The important thing is to have a serious and correct view of yourself and options to consider every move. If you really don’t know what to do now, that is a clear signal: Don’t do anything! Chances are it is time to let go of opinions, situations, or relationships that are no longer needed. Think about the past and understand that sacrificing things is no longer useful. The present will most likely bring better things. The reversed Hanged Man especially encourages you not to resist the change.

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