The Justice – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to Justice Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: Justice, legal issues, the fair outcome of the case, the law of cause and effect, let God decide the outcome, sincerity, balance, integrity, equality.
  • Divinity: Athena, Ma’at, Themis.
  • Astrology: Libra.
  • Reversed keyword: Prejudice, injustice, procrastination, unjust results.

II. Meaning of Justice Witches Tarot

The Greek goddess of justice, Themis, is sitting in her temple. She looks at you warily with a straight and considerate expression. Themis holds a double-edged sword in his right hand. The sword symbolizes balance that must be preserved even when force is required. In her left hand, she holds a stable balance. The emerald in her crown and cloak brooch enhances emotional stability and encourages wisdom. No one can see through the purple curtain behind her, for it conceals the mysteries and inner workings of the universe.

Meaning of Justice Witches Tarot

This is the center card of the twenty-two Major Arcana because Justice Witches Tarot is also the center of our lives and she will give fair decisions. Themis treats all with integrity and reverence, for she is, by nature, a neutral force. Justice reminds us of karma and the law of cause and effect. What we have done in the past and are doing in the present will affect our future.

The Justice Witches Tarot depicts balance, stability, and fairness. It is time to weigh your options and evaluate your actions in life. In the language of flowers, the black-eyed Susan growing in Greek vases symbolizes justice. The Justice is related to the High Priestess and the Major Arcana, which are the cards of Karma. Like the High Priestess, Justice is a neutral force, and its connection with the card of Karma reminds us that, in the end, karma always has its own way.

III. Message of Justice Witches Tarot

When the Justice Witches Tarot appears in your Tarot spread, you need to ask yourself what is out of balance and what kind of justice are you looking for. What seems unfair in your life? What action brought you to this point? This card can represent legal issues. It can also symbolize the restoration of balance. It turns out that fair play, honesty, harmony, and fairness will come. Situations will resolve them on their own. Trust and put this justice in the hands of God.

This card can remind us that: Judgment is necessary. And sometimes you have to judge yourself too. At that point, it would be best to consider things carefully. And then commit not to blame yourself, but to learn from what you have done. Take in what is worthwhile and fix what needs fixing but never lose your own worth.

The Justice Witches Tarot also represents the feeling of salvation. When the above calls, you will be born again – cleansed from all your sins and burdens. The past and the mistakes stay in the past. And you are ready to start over. You may even feel a calling – a personal urge to do the things you were born to do. If you are going through difficult times, in need of hope and salvation, this card can show you that renewal is at hand.

IV. Justice Witches in a Tarot spread

The Justice Witches Tarot belongs to Major Arcana and is the 11th card of the suit. This card is about making judgments about the current situation or making an honest assessment of what is going on in your life. The appearance of Justice suggests that it is time to stand up, even if it means making some difficult changes. At this point, your judgment is flawless, so you can be completely confident.

When the Justice Witches Tarot appears in a spread, it indicates clarity in your judgment as well as confidence in decision making. The appearance of this card means that it is time for you to evaluate yourself and bring your attention back to the current situation. It also signifies a crossroads in your life, a time to revive and renew yourself. You have realized that you need to change your life completely. Maybe this is the time when you start listening to your needs and doing something for yourself. You can also review and evaluate past experiences and see what you have learned from them which will help you in the future.

The Justice Witches Tarot is a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions, and judgments too hastily. If you are stuck, this is a clear sign to slow down, think more, and give others more opportunities. This could be a time of spiritual awakening. In general, if you are likely to jump to a conclusion, you should stop. If others do the same to you or to the people you love, there is not much you can do.

If The Fool or The Wheel of the Year appears in a spread with the Justice, the path you choose will be filled with positive things for a long time. When the Lovers appear with Justice at the top of your spread, you can expect marriage or a long-term commitment to you in the future. However, when Justice appears with the Hermit, your current concern in life is stillness and introspection.

In terms of work, your efforts are being observed by others. This is an important time to invest your efforts in the details of the job. This can be a good thing after all. If you have been working as hard as you can, your efforts are likely to pay off. If you are working lazily, it is time to get serious before you have to take any other permanent loss to your career.

In terms of love, if you are in a relationship, this is a win-or-lose period. This is the time to make it clear what you want from your life or relationship and then get down to the business. If you are looking for love, a new relationship is likely to come in the future. However, you need to be careful to make sure that you are not jumping to conclusions too hastily (whether positive or negative) about your new love and/or vice versa.

In terms of finance, money and contracts are coming your way. Things will move in a very important and positive direction. Do not rush to break the rules or you may pay a heavy price. Prudence will save you from paying a hefty price

In terms of health, this is an important time for you to leave the past and the mistakes that others have made for you, especially when you are struggling with a chronic illness. Leaving behind the conservatism that what you do is right will make you feel better. Besides, if someone does something wrong to you, that is their problem, you don’t need to get angry and prove them wrong. Think positively.

In terms of spirituality, you may find yourself searching for spiritual ideas and directions that you never even thought of. Moreover, you can find more truth and wisdom there that you never dreamed of before. Be open to new ideas and experiences. They can help you in ways you never expected. You will never know until you actually experience it.

In the reversed position, the Justice Witches Tarot is also often a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions, and judgments too hastily. If this is the case, you should slow down, think more carefully, and give others more chances. This card, in any position (either upright or reverse), does not mean that you need to judge someone or something. In general, it tells you that you should carefully consider your decision-making. Sometimes, even judgments that seem unfair at first, turn out to be in your best interest in the end. Take control of what is at hand and ignore the rest. If you have made a mistake in the past, you need to treat it as an experience, not a failure.

The appearance of the reversed Justice can also indicate that you are not willing to let an old relationship, friend, or job go, even if that is holding you back. Change is inevitable, so what you can do is look to the future and think positively.

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