Four Of Pentacles – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot

  • Upright keywords: Resistance to change, loneliness, unhealthy boundaries, achieving a goal but still feel unhappiness, stubbornness, the need to relax and accept change is graceful.
  •  Reversed keywords: Selfishness, greed, saving, overwhelming fear of money.

II. Meaning of the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot

On the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot, we can see an old man with grey hair and small round glasses sitting alone. He wears polite clothes in blue and yellow colors. He sits on the stone steps in front of the pretty house. The intricately carved wooden arched front door is closing behind him. A garland hangs gracefully on the door of the house. The man looks a bit doubtful as he holds a gold coin to his chest. He hunches over another coin while two more are carefully placed under his feet. His expression is as if he is afraid someone will touch or tries to take them away from him. His body language clearly wants to scream: ” They are mine!”. It makes us wonder whether the man is a penniless old guy? Can it be that he just feels insecure and scared? Or has he sacrificed many personal relationships to succeed and is now alone?

Meaning of the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot

Interestingly, hanging on the main door of his house is a lovely honeysuckle wreath. This herb is often used in spells for prosperity. The wreath itself is a symbol of the changing seasons and the cycle of life. It contrasts directly with the man’s resistance to change. Why does he keep clinging to those coins? What is he really protecting? His boundaries are set. He does not want to go off those steps and comes into contact with anyone. Perhaps he should have listened more closely to the message of the honeysuckle on his wreath because, in the language of flowers, honeysuckle represents generosity.

III. Message of the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot

  When the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot appears in a Tarot spread, it indicates that someone is clinging to something in an unhealthy way. Perhaps they are miserly or greedy and are keeping their money tight. Maybe they are stubborn and deny their feelings (maybe this example is also the case in which the Hermit card shows up in the spread).

The Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot warns against resistance to change. So now you have confirmation and know that change is good. So let’s embrace the changes in your world. Let’s relax and take a breath. You may have achieved your goals, but you are not enjoying them. Remember that nothing is fixed but moves. You should accept this and move on. It is time to lower your boundaries a bit. Let’s reconnect with friends and family and find joy in life again.

The desire to stay in control is also the hallmark of the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot. Some form of control is sometimes necessary. In turbulent times, a firm hand is a prerequisite for creating a new structure, regime, as well as a sustainable organization. But many times the will to control is unmanageable, stifling the creativity and personal expression. In a Tarot spread, this card requires you to carefully consider the level of control in the current situation.

The Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot can represent matters related to sovereignty and ownership. You may be taking on the role of a recipient, fiduciary, or owner. Maybe you are having trouble with ownership or are feeling jealous when someone else has something you don’t have. Rely on the energy of this card for maintenance and defense instead of making complaints. Everyone needs the freedom to define their own life.

The Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot also implies that changes are prevented. The image of the card shows a young man who seems quite stubborn trying to prevent all actions. Opposition can come from people who just want to maintain the status quo or from within themselves. Are you trying to avoid changes when they are necessary? We often just stick to the familiar even when we know it is not the best option.

The lesson the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot teaches us here is the need to realize that maintaining control is impossible. We live in this world like a lonely person in the vast ocean. Who can manage or possess the power of control? The only way to not be submerged is to stand up for yourself, ride on the waves, or in other words, follow natural developments and changes. The ocean will always be your ally as long as you are still swimming with the current instead of standing still and sinking.

IV. The Four of Pentacles Witches in a Tarot spread

The Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot represents the need to control the situation and the need to have power. Although these characteristics are often associated with negativity, the Four of Pentacles is not necessarily interpreted in a bad way. It acts as a red light, reminding us that we are holding on to everything and losing sight of the whole. It talks about the basic human need which is survival at all costs. When this card appears, it is important to seriously evaluate your life and see if there is anything we can let go of or any power we can give up, thereby making life easier and happier.

The Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot can be a card that represents the will to keep things, people, money, or circumstances longer than what reality requires. When this card appears in your spread, it is a sure sign that you need to be very careful to consider whether you are constantly clinging to something or if you are holding on to something unhealthy.

Overall, the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot can be a sign that the querent is having worries/fears about money and/or is involved in something that makes them feel insecure. The key point to realize in this case is that anxiety and fear do not give you security. If there is a card in your spread that reminds you of the old saying “If you love someone, set him/her free”, then that is exactly what you should do: forget about your fears and worries.

When the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot appears with the Hermit, the message is that your stubbornness is the biggest cause of your separation from the people you love. Take this as a warning that you need to change your attitude. When the Four of Pentacles appears with the Wheel of the Year, in contrast to the above case, this is the time for you to be a little headstrong. This can be a difficult option for many people. You may also run the risk of losing the people you care about, but it is really the best course of action you can take.

In terms of work, the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot shows that you are doing something that you do not like just because the job provides a source of income for you to live on. Work and situation are complementary in this case. However, to improve the situation, you need to weigh your own mental thoughts and beliefs. Let’s analyze from your thoughts about what you want. What do you need to do to achieve that goal(s)? Believe that you can do it, and get on with what you need to do.

In terms of love, the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot is a card of fear, hesitation. These feelings are basically related to love. It could be that you or your partner is trying to control one another too much. Or it could be that someone else is trying to control you (in emotional matters). In true love, every couple must always give each other enough personal space and freedom. If you are still single and think you are ready for a serious relationship, you need to step out of your comfort zone in order to make the new relationship work. Remember that true love never appears if you keep isolating yourself from others.

In terms of finance, you may be having some confusing feelings, worried about money, and trying to save every penny. This feeling is completely understandable. Remember, though, there is always a fine line between feeling scared of running out of money or calculating your spending and being overly cautious about spending. You can eliminate unnecessary worry about money by keeping in mind that you are in better financial condition than most people anyway. Try giving away some of the money you have with an open heart. Usually, when you give, you will experience a comfortable feeling of abundance because you are luckier and richer than the people you give money to. Thereby, you can recreate a sense of secure finance.

In terms of health, the Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot can be a sign that reminds you to let go of your wrong and vulnerable habits so that you can move forward. The card can also be a warning that there are others who are trying to hold you back and harm your health in ways that do not benefit you or themselves. Help your loved ones understand the fact that not everything can be controlled. Meditation and contemplation around the themes of freedom and relaxation is a powerful antidote at this time.

In terms of spirituality, this is the time to take yourself seriously about what you are worried about or afraid of, or what you are clinging to. Not getting involved is also a form of liberation. Learn about the energy organs in the human body, reflect and meditate on how those organs in your body are working. Be open to change because it surely happens all the time. Let’s start from where you are.

The reversed Four of Pentacles Witches Tarot often implies that you are trying to hold back too many things, people, or money, circumstances more than necessary. This is when you should consider relaxing your mind. Also, remember that you cannot control what other people are doing or holding. We all have free will. Just focus on your own choices. The reversed Four of Pentacles predicts that the querent will suddenly move from a period of wanting control and fear and anxiety to a stage of being more open-minded, more freehearted, and more aware of the fact that fear solves nothing. Maintaining a positive mindset will bring you many benefits.

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